10 Best Special Event Liability Insurance Companies in Calgary

Exploring the 10 best special event liability insurance companies in Calgary is crucial if you want the perfect coverage at the best price. 

There are no two ways to it, special event liability insurance is something that every event organizer or host should consider.

And while every company provides the same obligatory coverage, not all event liability insurance firms are created the same.

The average Calgarian spends $2000 a year or at least $200 a month on event insurance. 

When you’re spending that much, you want to ensure you’re getting the best value for your hard-earned money and that you’re taking advantage of all the discounts available to you.

There are several pointers to take note of when selecting the best special event liability insurance company. 

Some of these include customer service, how premiums are deducted, and what discounts and additional coverage options they provide. 

In this post, we’ll explore the top 10 best special event liability insurance companies in Calgary.

Understanding Special Event Liability Insurance in Calgary 

Before we start to analyze event liability insurance companies, it’s crucial to understand how special event insurance in Calgary works. 

Firstly, event insurance is something every event organizer should consider to avoid potential risks from the unexpected.

What is Special Event Liability Insurance?

Special event insurance is created to offer financial security if you have to cancel or postpone an event due to adverse situations that are beyond your capability.

Event Liability insurance can be used to cover anniversary parties, weddings, graduation ceremonies, corporate parties, or any event that might require huge financial security.

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What Does it Cover?

Special event insurance covers cancellations necessitated by adverse weather and natural disasters, such as hurricanes or storms.

Most policies also give coverage for postponement due to the illness severe injury/ accident or even death of a key participant in the event, such as the groom or bride or a member of the immediate family.

Additional special event liability insurance coverage includes event wear (usually gowns or tuxedos), military service, gift items, honeymoon, professional counseling, and liability.

10 Best Special Event Liability Insurance Companies in Calgary

How Much Does Special Event Liability Insurance Cost in Calgary

The amount you pay for any insurance product is called a premium. When you select more coverage and add-ons, your premium rate increases. 

Your premium also rises if you have a greater likelihood of making a claim.

To know whether there’s a probability of you making a claim, event insurers evaluate all kinds of data. 

The biggest factors that affect your premium are the number of guests, coverage limits, and serving liquor at your event.

Having heard all these, you are probably thinking about how you can reduce your insurance premium. 

That is where the company’s unique discount comes into play. Usually, insurance firms will provide an awesome discount when you bundle two insurance packages. 

For instance, you take out both business and event insurance from the same firm.

10 Best Special Event Liability Insurance Companies in Calgary 


Sharp Insurance is another rapidly expanding brokerage in Canada that provides clients with national support from its Calgary-based headquarters.

The company collaborated with some insurance companies to provide an array of satisfied services. 

Owing to this connection, Sharp Insurance offers extensive coverage at a low cost for your special event.

Why Choose Sharp?

  • Their digital quoting system facilitates online policy management for clients.
  • Broad coverage for event liability

Rogers Insurance Limited

Rogers Insurance is one of Canada’s most reputable and largest independent special event insurers. 

With more than four decades of experience, the company has become a highly desirable expert in the field. 

They offer economically viable estimates for special event insurance while maintaining excellent customer service and a hands-on strategy.

The professional and experienced teams at Rogers are always available to locate the best insurance resources that are designed for your specific needs and financial situation.

Why Choose Rogers?

  • Personalized insurance coverage well fitted to your needs and budget
  • Exceptional customer service


Leibel Insurance Group is an independent insurance brokerage that provides coverage for a variety of hazards, including those associated with unique events. 

Since its founding more than three decades ago, the company has provided clients with the finest coverage at an affordable price. 

This was made possible by their partnership with several reputable insurance providers.

Why Choose Liebel?

  • Availability of event cancellation options 
  • Same-day event insurance coverage and approval
  • Security from any form of event liability threats


PAL Insurance is a unique insurance broker, well-known for its special event insurance with integrated party alcohol liability coverage. 

The organization has offered event protection throughout Canada ever since it was founded in 1989. 

In addition to providing excellent services for providing property coverage and general liability insurance, 

The average cost for a day’s worth of coverage from the firm is $75.

Additionally, PAL is exceptional in that it is adept at understanding the unique requirements of any sort of event.

Why Choose PAL?

  • Offers comprehensive coverage for contests and other ticket events/performances.
  • Their general liability insurance comprises party alcohol coverage
10 Best Special Event Liability Insurance Companies in Calgary

Fuse Insurance

Although Fuse Insurance is just over 6 years old, the quality of their services seems like they have been in the insurance marketplace for centuries. 

The company happens to be the first provider to create a digital commercial insurance brokerage in Calgary, Canada. 

Due to their remarkable service, Fuse was nominated by the Insurance Business Canada Awards 2019 and 2022  as the best brokerage of the year.

The company has helped thousands of clients get the best coverage using revolutionary technology. 

To ensure high-quality services are delivered at all times, Fuse partners with several leading insurers. 

And maintains the best organization standard approach of only offering coverage with insurance firms awarded an A.M. Best “A” credit rating.

Why Choose Fuse Insurance?

  • Easy and swift online application process coupled with giving necessary information to get your insurance policy in record time.
  • Dedicated customer support services

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Collis Insurance

Collis Insurance has decades of experience in offering top-notch insurance services to clients. 

They balance price with high quality and also offer you an array of affordable quotes and coverage options. 

Collis’s team of professional brokers committed their time to understanding your specific coverage demands and recommending the best policy tailored to your financial capacity.

Why Choose Collis?

  • Customized and budget-friendly coverage
  • A broad range of affordable quotes and insurance options to choose from.

Dejong’s Insurance

Dejong’s Insurance is a non-corporate-owned and operated firm with over 60 years of serving clients. 

The company specializes in all insurance matters, event liability inclusive, and partners with several credible insurers. 

This is to offer the most competitive price to clients and still ensure you are well-insured. 

Irrespective of whether you seek a review of your present policy or a free open-ended quote, Lakeview is ever ready to support your demands and worries. 

Krywolt Insurance

Krywolt Insurance operates privately, and works solely for you – their customers. 

With a history of extending exceptional services, they make sure you get well-tailored and customized insurance coverage using a data-driven analytical approach.

By partnering with many top insurers, krywolt research and evaluate their policies. 

This is to make sure you get the most thorough coverage possible for your event or business insurance needs.

Lakeview Insurance Brokers Ltd 

Lakeview is an independent insurance broker with a highly experienced and dedicated team that ensures you get the ideal insurance coverage that fits your demands. 

The company was founded in 1979 by John Dicey and later, his son Jonathan Dicey joined the team in 1988.

Lakeview is committed to offering high quality well personalized and comprehensive insurance coverage at the most competitive price.

Their team of professional advisors is committed to helping you make an informed decision and ensure you are properly insured against all eventualities. 

In addition, Lakeview Insurance’s remarkable performance earned them an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau (BBB).

10 Best Special Event Liability Insurance Companies in Calgary

Jones & Salt

Jones & Salt Insurance is an independent brokerage firm with passage to a wide range of insurance products from a broad marketplace. 

The company works hard to ensure customers receive the best options and recommendations well-suited to their unique insurance needs.

Jones & Salt gives the best customer service and is committed to creating long-term connections with their clients 

Why Choose Jones & Salt?

  • Expert advice coupled with the fairest possible price
  • Unique and well-tailored insurance needs 


So there you have it! A comprehensive overview of the top 10 companies offering liability insurance for special events in Calgary. 

We hope that this list will be of use to you in reducing the number of possibilities available to you and selecting insurance companies that are suitable for your needs. 

If you are interested in further information regarding coverage, discounts, and service options, please visit the company’s website or contact them directly. 

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