Choosing the best wedding insurance company in Manitoba shouldn’t be a challenge, whether you just met the love of your life or you plan to celebrate your wedding in a place dear to your heart.

But, amid the joy of selecting your special wear, venue, and decor, one often overlooked hero is wedding insurance

Manitoba offers numerous opportunities for exceptional careers that are favorable for business startups, education, and standard of living. This unique province also holds one of Canada’s most powerful and well-structured economies.

By the end of this guide, you will be able to make an informed decision in picking the best event insurance companies in Manitoba that will help secure your big day from unforeseen mishaps.

Understanding The Significance Of  Wedding Insurance

The average wedding budget these days is going around $20,000, making your ceremony the most pricey thing you and your partner will plan.

With so much money at stake, purchasing wedding insurance could be a clever idea. However, it is vital to be aware of what the policy entails and will cover before getting it. 

In a nutshell, wedding insurance is a form of event insurance that gives financial protection to rising issues regarding your event.

Best Wedding Insurance Company In Manitoba
Best Wedding Insurance Company In Manitoba

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Why Choosing The Best Wedding Insurance Company Matters

It is vital to do in-depth research and analysis on companies offering wedding insurance, this is because deciding on wedding coverage isn’t a straightforward task. 

Some factors like the company’s reputation, referral from credible people and even online reviews will help in choosing the best insurance company.

It is important to pay attention to reasonably priced companies because the amount you spend on your wedding insurance shouldn’t affect your budget.

One way to do this is to find out the level of coverage the company offers and go for ones that have coverage for both cancellation policy and liability.

List Of The Best Wedding Insurance Company In Manitoba

1. Winnipeg Insurance Brokers Ltd.

Winnipeg Wedding Insurance offers a great insurance policy that will help you plan for unforeseen bumps and setbacks that might occur in your wedding. Regardless of whether your wedding will take place in Manitoba, the company also offers plans for a jet or seafaring setting for your honeymoon and traveling expenses to a foreign country.

Winnipeg Wedding Insurance Key Features

1. Event Liability Coverage

This policy covers property damage, accident, or bodily injury, should any occur.

However, it is important to inquire about this form of coverage at your venue, this is because some venues include this as part of your rental while some might charge separately for it to host your wedding.

The same applies to Liquor Liability Coverage, many venues ask couples to cater for this in situations when the venue does not. In essence, ask questions about all you need to know before purchasing.

2. There Is Coverage For Suppliers

This comes in handy when the supposed supplier doesn’t show up and there is a need for last-minute services – like special attire fix among others. However, it is vital to inquire from the insurance consultant if this package is a good fit for you.

3. Wedding Gifts Coverage

Although this might not be necessary. However,  if you desire, this coverage offers you and your partner financial protection over damaged or stolen gifts. 

Note: This coverage holds 24 hours before or after the event, it covers even while the present is at the reception venue or your home.

4. Wedding Cancellation Insurance Coverage

This coverage allows you to postpone or cancel the event as a result of unfavorable situations or mishaps such as severe weather conditions, or venue damage among others. But doesn’t cover cancellation as a result of a change of heart or any voluntary decisions.

Therefore, all payments or deposits made will be covered in full due to the unplanned cancellation.

Best Wedding Insurance Company In Manitoba
Best Wedding Insurance Company In Manitoba

2. MILNCO Insurance 

MILNCO in collaboration with the United States Liability Insurance offers outstanding wedding insurance services. They provide exceptional customer service which is believed to be the key to their success. See website for more information.

MILNCO Wedding Insurance Key Features

Comprehensive Wedding Coverage on General Liability and Liquor Liability, that entails the  following:

  • Wedding wear damage
  • Cancellation/postponement Coverage, 
  • misplaced deposit coverage, 
  • Formal dinner, and brunch party a day after the wedding.

Other Extras Include:

  • Different limits for general liability and liquor liability
  • No deductible for general liability
  • Up to $5,000 to $5 million general liability limits
  • Up to $3 million liquor liability limit
  • Availability of takedown and setup coverage 

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3. Marsh

Marsh is one of the world’s leading wedding insurance brokers and risk consultants. Aside from operating in 130 different countries, they have offices in 13 cities in Canada, of which Manitoba is one. See website for more.

 Marsh Wedding Insurance Key Features 

  • Offers both cancellation policy and liability insurance policy (must be bought differently if required).
  • Covers liquor liability issues
  • Marsh covers the following activities: reception, rehearsal dinner, gift presentation, and the main ceremony.
  • People and property protection are guaranteed 
  • Theft or property damage coverage

4. Western Financial Group

Western Financial Group is a multifaceted insurance products company that is centered on giving protection to events such as weddings and has offered security to over 1 million Canadians in more than a decade. See website for more information. See website for more information.

Western Financial Group Wedding Insurance Key Features 

  • Cancellation Insurance 
  • Liability insurance
  • PAL insurance (Party Alcohol Liability): This Insurance protects against lawsuits charged against the wedding host for serving liquor at their wedding. A liquor license is also presented.
  • Travel Insurance: Since couples are prone to disburse a lot on their honeymoon, this insurance tends to cover travel cancellation and medicals in case the unplanned happens. 
  • Other extras like ruined wedding cakes, misplaced or stolen photos, wedding rings, damage to wedding attire, and vendor insolvency are covered.

5. Westland Insurance

Westland goes the extra mile to connect couples with the best coverage that fits their needs and budget, with amazing rates and options.

Key Features

  • Protection over physical items
  • Westland understands how expensive wedding items are be it rings, the bridal wear, or the groom’s tuxedo, there is coverage for all.
  • Other physical items covered include:
  • Wedding cake
  • Photographs & videos
  • Wedding flowers and stationery.
  • Wedding photos and videos
  • Loss Deposits or vendor bankruptcy: Although many couples don’t think or consider this, in situations when the vendors you already hired and paid disappoint or don’t show up at all. Westland offers insurance that caters for all of that. 
  • Damaged Rented Property: As a result of the huge number of honorees, there might be a need to rent a huge number of properties for your wedding such as tables, chairs, or even large tents. But what if there are damages to those items, not to worry, there is coverage for all.
  • Liquor Liability Coverage
  • Affordable Coverage Benefits 
  • Cancellation Of Wedding or Honeymoon: There is coverage for canceled weddings or honeymoons in situations when emergencies or mishaps happen and there might not be a budget for extra thousands to spend on your wedding. You will be given a full refund for both the travel plan fee and cancellation fee.
Best Wedding Insurance Company In Manitoba

 Wedding Insurance FAQs

Why Do I Need Wedding Insurance 

The simple answer to this is because we don’t have control over mother nature, mishaps happen and to avoid unnecessary regrets it is advised to get insurance for your wedding.

Therefore, there is this level of protection you get with wedding insurance and most companies offer coverage for things such as

  • Postponement coverage
  • Disappointment from vendors
  • Wedding attire coverage
  • Wedding cars/transport
  • Wedding cakes, rings, and flower 

In the above situations, your wedding insurance company will protect you from any money lost in the process of last-minute arrangements or even when there is a need for cancellation as a result of unforeseen circumstances.

What Are The Things Wedding Insurance Covers?

It is important to note that the policy covered by every wedding insurance company differs, but generally, the policy includes: 

1. Wedding Liability Insurance: things like bodily injury, accident, and property damage that you could have been held responsible for are taken care of. 

2. Wedding Postponement/Cancellation Option: This policy protects your wedding if things like the following go wrong: a no-show supplier, vendor insolvency, or natural disasters like heavy storms, hurricanes, tornadoes, etc. Under this policy, couples have to be aware that voluntary decisions like a change of heart from one of them is not an effective reason for cancellation.

How Much Does Wedding Insurance Cost?

Generally, for wedding liability insurance policies, the price is around $150, and up to $125 for cancellation insurance policy 

However, the country or state where your wedding is taking place or where you reside are factors that will influence the cost.

Is There A  Yardstick To Know How Much Wedding Insurance I Will Need?

Usually, for wedding postponement or cancellation insurance, you will have to go for the limit that caters to the total amount you have spent on the wedding. while for wedding liability insurance, call the venue to inquire about the amount needed to be covered.

How Much Wedding Insurance Do I Need?

There is no one answer to this. But if you are on a close budget, at least, subscribe for wedding cancellation and liability insurance. 


Selecting the best wedding insurance company in Manitoba is a safe sanctuary for having a secure celebration. Many couples don’t want to have that thought of things going wrong on their big day. Even if your budget is limited, purchasing only a cancellation and liability policy is enough to cover any form of unfavorable circumstances. However, with the best wedding advisor, your great day is set to be secured and highly valued with the amazing settings of Manitoba’s attractions.

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