Wedding Insurance Brokers

This post breaks down who Wedding Insurance Brokers are, what they do, their benefits, and whether you should consider hiring them for your wedding.

Simply put, wedding insurance brokers help you acquire an insurance policy that best suits your needs.

However, it is a good practice to obtain quotes from several insurers to get the ideal contract. 

Of course, nearly anyone can evaluate prices online, but at times it is okay to allow an expert to do the hurdles for you. 

Thereby, walking you through the options of getting the right wedding insurance cover at the perfect bargain.

Who Are Wedding Insurance Brokers?

Marriage Insurance Brokers serve as an intermediary between you (the client) and one or several wedding insurance companies. 

Furthermore, a broker deals on commission or fee and may be working individually, or for a brokerage company that hires multiple brokers.

Their job is to help find a policy that best fits your demands and recommend the cover they perceive most appropriate for your budget.

Aside from the wedding insurance industries, Brokers, in a wider scope, function in numerous organizations such as real estate, securities, home mortgages, etc.

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Who Does Wedding Insurance Brokers Act For?

A wedding insurance broker allows the couple or client to choose a policy that meets their needs at a reasonable cost.

In some situations, the event insurance company might have offered the broker a representative power to perform on their interest and that of the couples.

In an instance where this occurs, it is incumbent on the broker to keep you informed.

Should there be any colliding interest such as the policy approval criteria or processing claims.

wedding insurance brokers

Reasons To Use Wedding Insurance Brokers

There are several reasons to consider using wedding insurance intermediaries. 

Some of these are:

Expert/Professional Advice: Wedding insurance can be difficult, due to the broad range of coverage policies available. 

Even some, you might not know. However, with the help of a broker, you will be walked through every step of the way. 

They also evaluate your primary risks and make sure you get the best coverage options. 

Going through experts also enables you to take legal action should the broker’s recommendations go south (this you can’t do if you choose the coverage yourself).

Broader Marketplace: Wedding insurance brokers offer you a broad range of insurer options instead of the options provided by just a single wedding insurance company.

Help Saves Time: Accessing several wedding insurance companies yourself is quite time-consuming. Hiring a broker to do the work for you, will give you ample time to focus on other vital things for your wedding 

Saves Money: Wedding Insurance Brokers have a lot of experience and connections to bargain good prices with insurers. They also provide you with standard coverage that saves you money. 

This you might not get if you walk the process yourself. Albeit, it is crucial to note that brokers don’t always guarantee lowness of price. 

But they do well to help you balance costs at the same time get you the best of cover.

Handling Of Claims: Aside from helping you get quality coverage, many wedding insurance brokers handle every one of your claims to make sure everything goes well. And as well as make sure every process runs without difficulty.

How Much Do Hiring Brokers Cost?

In actuality, there is no fixed price. However, before agreeing to any agreements from brokers, it is vital to know how much they charge. 

Though, the price charged differs from broker to broker. And, the majority of brokers are always direct about what they charge. 

For instance, you might be required to pay an initial consultation fee as well as payments for any new development you create to your policy, halfway. 

Wedding insurance brokers also earn a commission should you purchase a policy sourced by them, this, you are free to inquire how much.

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wedding insurance brokers

Overview Of What Brokers Do?

Step 1

Wedding Insurance Brokers give you a detailed analysis of your particular situation, researching thoroughly your wedding insurance needs. 

They delve deep into areas you may not have thought of insuring then make sure you understand what coverage options are available.

Step 2

Brokers evaluate the market and reach out to several wedding insurance companies to get quotes based on cover suited to your needs.

Step 3

Afterward, you will be given recommendations of which wedding insurance company to consider taking a policy with, including their terms of coverage, deposits, and payment options.

Step 4

In a situation where your broker is giving you no-advice service, rather than giving recommendations, you will be given all the required information to decide on what policy to take out.

Step 5

As soon as your policy has been finalized, the broker will be at your beckon to give advice and execute any modifications required during the process.

Step 6

Lastly, provided there is a need for cancellation or postponement due to unforeseen circumstances, your broker will be the one to negotiate with the insurer as well as handle your claim process and other situations that arise.

How Do Brokers Deal With Wedding Insurers?

Wedding insurance brokers create great relationships with a series of wedding insurers they deal with for specific wedding insurance policies. 

They thereby act as the middle voice in connecting clients or couples with the best wedding insurer.

For instance, a broker may associate with multiple wedding insurance companies who each offer an event insurance policy, and they evaluate which policy is a perfect fit for each couple.

The broker in most cases presents more than one option to the couple, allowing them to make an informed decision with all the information provided.

Are There Regulations Or Any Governing Bodies For Brokers?

Every insurance organization including wedding insurance is regulated. Therefore, any company that offers, organizes, or promotes insurance must be permitted by the FCA (Financial Conduct Authority).

To know if the wedding insurance company recommended by your broker is authorized, check the FCA’s Financial Services Register. 

The service is free to check. With this, you can be guaranteed the broker you hired is working on the principles put forth by the FCA.

For peace of mind, you can also confirm if the broker is registered by checking the CII (Chartered Institute Of Insurance Brokers). 

The Institute is a professional body, although companies don’t necessarily need to join but those who do hold dear quality standards and value customer satisfaction.

Note: If the broker is not registered under the body, there is a need to tread cautiously to avoid being swindled.

wedding insurance brokers

Pros And Cons Of Wedding Insurance Brokers


Access to a broad range of wedding insurance policies or products and prices from different insurers.

Wedding Insurance Brokers save you time and stress by doing the research and analysis for you.

Helps you locate the best fit for your needs and budget.


Attracts fee or commission for their services.

Restricted access to some wedding insurance firms or policies that are outside their network or umbrella.

Wedding Insurance Brokers FAQs

Do Wedding Insurance Brokers Offer Advice?

Not all the time, albeit most clients perceive offering advice as a primary role of an independent wedding insurance broker. 

While some brokers operate on a no-advice term, some give a mixture of both.

The no-advice term implies that a broker will collect all your details, help you complete the application process, and then educate you on the coverage options. 

But they won’t offer any advice or suggestions. 

On the contrary, brokers who operate on the “advice basis” present you with exceptional and purpose-built advice that befits your situation.

Moreover, be it an advised or no-advised term, the key goal is that you are offered enough information to make your informed choice or judgment.

Do Brokers Have A Duty Of Care?

Absolutely! Wedding Insurance Brokers do possess a duty of care to their clients and must work with your best concerns at heart.

According to the FCA, it is stated that brokers must abide by the following rules and obligations:

  • Perform exceptionally to ensure clients get quality and expected outcomes 
  • Wedding Insurance Brokers must act in great faith with clients.
  • Brokers must keep clear of foreseen misfortune or damage to clients.
  • They must at all times assist and support clients to get quality coverage.
  • Brokers must enable and support customers to get the best and attain their financial motives.

Do Brokers Handle Claims?

This is based on the broker and the insurance policy as a whole. 

However, some wedding insurance brokers handle your claims for you or at the minimum serve as a middle voice between you and the wedding insurance provider. 

In other instances, some brokers might possess authorized power implying that they can take judgment acting for some wedding insurance companies. This hastens the claims process.

Is It Necessary For Brokers To Be FCA Registered?

It is vital for any individual who promotes, advises, or sets up wedding insurance policies or products to be authorized by the FCA. It doesn’t matter if this is only a fraction of the business.

Is There a Difference Between Wedding Insurance Brokers and Wedding Insurance Agents?

Brokers are oftentimes not associated with any of the Insurers. As a result of this, they can navigate a series of policies or products available from each wedding insurer. Thus giving you specific recommendations or advice.

Although, some brokers do operate on behalf of wedding insurers. If so, they must let you know.

On the other hand, Advisors represent a specific insurer. And they offer guidance on the firm’s wedding insurance policies.

What Kind Of Questions Must You Ask Your Broker?

Firstly, go for brokers who you believe you can build a solid and prolonged relationship with.

Below are some vital things to inquire about:

  • Broker’s qualifications and portfolios
  • Services provided
  • Their level of experience, because you won’t want to hire someone incompetent to handle your special day.
  • How they charge for the service rendered
  • Testimonials from fulfilled clients.

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