Wedding cancellation insurance in Canada

This post will explore Wedding Cancellation Insurance in Canada. And provide about-to-wed couples with all they need to know to safeguard their special day from liable catastrophe.

Planning a wedding is indeed a fascinating and delightful moment, but having the unexpected happen might call for uncalled and painful cancellation or postponement of the beloved day.

However, with wedding cancellation insurance, you can be guaranteed financial security and inner peace. You will also be given compensation for losses or damages incurred as a result of the mishaps.

Understanding The Full Significance Of Wedding Cancellation Insurance

Wedding postponement or cancellation cover policy gives protection to couples’ investment from situations beyond their control. And also imburses them against all the losses encountered.

There are various forms of wedding cancellation insurance policy but the perfect one will give coverage for postponement resulting from any of the following:

  • Adverse weather
  • Vendor insolvency or no-shows
  • Damage or loss of wedding videos and photography
  • Stolen or damaged bridal wear or groom’s tuxedos
  • Stolen or damaged gift items, and so on.

Additionally, some insurers provide coverage for venue-related issues because getting reliable venues needs insurance. 

This is to avoid being held responsible for paying for damages or havoc caused to any properties.

There are a lot of liable dangers in hosting hundreds of individuals during a wedding or event. Numerous casualties like someone injured or involved in an accident due to excessive drrinking which you might be liable or sued for. 

Also, it is important to be aware that many event venues are either parks, individual-owned estates, or notable properties. Not getting insurance will make you responsible for all legal fees and any penalties.

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What Is Covered By Wedding Insurance

The impact of wedding insurance can’t be overstated. Frantically speaking, making preparations for a wedding either big or small requires adequate time and money.

From wedding attire to food service, every part of your big day is accompanied by a fortune. And every couple would never wish their hard-earned fortune wash down the drain should things go south.

Below are things covered by wedding insurance:

General liability such as honoree liquor liability: 

This gives protection for situations such as third-party injury or accident. And usually cover for the wedding and reception only. But can be extended to cover some after-parties (Brunch party, rehearsal dinner, or gift Opening party).

Rented Items or Properties: 

This provides coverage for damages or losses caused by honorees, guests to the rented equipment (such as temporary outdoor tents or marquees, visual and audio instruments, hall tables and chairs, etc.)

Vendor insolvency: 

You will be financially compensated for deposits loss made to suppliers for services like venue, videos and photography, and DJ.

Wedding cancellation or postponement: 

Compensation or reimbursement of all payments made or documented to be paid will all be covered. Note, it is important to check the insurance company exclusions section for what is not covered under this policy.

Other things that might be covered include:

  • Honeymoon expenses if the wedding is called off due to unforeseen situations.
  • Damage, loss, or stolen wedding attire, rings, gift items, cakes, flowers, and stationery.
  • Coverage for videos or photos reshoot provided the original digital media got corrupted or misplaced by the photo/videographer.

What Wedding Insurance Doesn’t Cover?

Before taking out wedding insurance, ensure to go through the list of their exclusions. Below are some common exclusions to the wedding postponement segment of the policy:

There is no coverage for reasons such as Either of the partners opting out of the wedding getting cold feet, or self-inflicted injuries (Usually drug abuse, sexually transmitted disease, alcoholism, etc.).

Cancellation due to pre-existing medical conditions before getting insurance like pregnancy close to EDD, terminal prognosis.

Precautions To Take Before Getting Wedding Insurance

Aside from the aforementioned listed conditions that could lead to the possible cancellation of the event. Most wedding insurers request couples to take necessary steps to avoid a claim and challenges that could easily be avoided.

Some Trusted Canadians Wedding Cancellation Policy Providers

Before listing some of the reputable wedding cancellation insurers, it is wise for couples to add wedding postponement/cancellation cover.

Also, note that there is no coverage for pre-existing medical condition, rescheduling due to cold feet, or risk such as the COVID-19 pandemic.

List Of Trusted Canadian Insurers:

PAL Insurance



Rogers Insurance



Front Row Insurance

Wedding Cancellation And COVID-19

COVID-19 has been causing a lot of turmoil globally, resulting in travel restrictions and rescheduling or cancellation of significant events – such as weddings.

Almost every couple has the major concern of whether the wedding cancellation insurance policy will cover them should they need to postpone or reschedule the event as a result of the pandemic.

With big occasions being delayed, now and then, as a means to stop the spread of COVID-19. 

Governmental bodies have instructed citizens to cancel all travel plans, also, many Canadian couples planning their wedding are all freaking out. Not because of the pandemic itself but for all the preparations already in place such as already booked venues, vendors, and even honorees that will grace the special day.

Will There Be Coverage If I Cancel/Postpone My Wedding Due To COVID-19? 

Here is a straightforward answer about COVID-19 and event cancellation/postponement insurance.  Your wedding will be covered if you made your insurance purchase before the pandemic started (which was 2019). But if you are looking for wedding cancellation insurance now, there is no coverage for COVID-19. However, some insurers have reviewed their policy coverage by adding an optional COVID-19 package. But it comes with a premium fee.

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Wedding Cancellation Insurance In Canada FAQS 

1) What Does Wedding Cancellation Insurance entail?

It gives coverage or compensation resulting from unfavorable circumstances that give rise to cancellation or rescheduling of a wedding. Such as venue mishaps, supplier cancellation, unrecoverable fees or deposits, and wedding wear and accessories, among others. However, endeavor to evaluate and read through the policy documents to have a full grasp of coverage limits, and specific details or exclusions.

2) Are there any wedding cancellation insurance coverage restrictions or limitations?

Yes, there are usually restrictions and exclusions to the level of coverage or protection offered by a wedding cancellation policy. The most typical ones are Cancellations due to the bride or groom having cold feet or voluntary decisions to postpone, already existing medical situations, pandemic or epidemic, etc.

Although, some coverage might have specific limits, deductibles attached to additional or optional policy segments. Ensure you understand each policy’s terms, restrictions, or limitations before taking it out.

3) How Much Does Wedding Cancellation Cost?

The price for this isn’t fixed and ranges from provider to provider. It also depend on your pocket, the coverage options, and of course the insurer.

Generally, in Canada, wedding insurance policies start as low as $105 and can reach or exceed $2,000 depending on how big the wedding is and the coverages you want to take out. 

However, for a wedding cancellation fee, it takes 1-2% of the overall wedding expenses. 

Note: to make an informed decision and also keep your expenses as affordable as possible, get quotes from several different insurers and evaluate their prices to discover the perfect option tailored to your needs and budget.

4) When is it ideal to take out wedding insurance and cancellation insurance?

It’s advised to take out wedding insurance as soon as possible. Usually, 6 months before your special day or immediately any payments or deposits have been made for the wedding. 

This will protect you from mishaps that might happen before the wedding date. Also note that the timeframe given by each insurer differs, the only way to know is by inquiring before making your purchase.


Note that every wedding cancellation insurance policy and every wedding celebration differs. Make sure you understand every detail of the various policies offered before taking it out. 

With wedding cancellation insurance put in place, the tranquility you envisaged for your wedding is guaranteed. However, take adequate time to research before choosing any wedding insurance provider. May your special day be delightful, fun-galore, and havoc-free.

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