5 Most affordable special event liability insurance companies in Alberta

This post will explore the 5 Most affordable special event liability insurance companies in Alberta.

Planning a special event anywhere in the world comes with its equitable share of risk. Even the best party organizer in the globe can’t foretell the fate of all event activities occurring under their supervision.

From property loss to injury or accident, unfortunate circumstances can arise and possibly result in financial setbacks and legal responsibilities.

However, with special event liability insurance, financial protection, and peacefulness is guaranteed by giving the ideal coverage and security for your occasion.

By thoroughly evaluating factors like policy coverage options, Insurers’ credibility in the market, how affordable the policies are, and other extra features and advantages. 

Having a full grasp of the above will facilitate prudent decision-making while selecting the perfect special event liability insurance companies for your approaching celebration.

Understanding Special Event Liability Insurance

Special event liability insurance offers you coverage against losses resulting from third-party injuries or accidents and property damage at your event. The other few most common payments that could be covered during your event are medical fees, legal accountabilities, and property losses.

5 Most affordable special event liability insurance companies in Alberta

Different Events That Can Be Insured

Special event liability gives protection for any of the following events:

  • Weddings
  • Concerts
  • Conferences
  • Sporting occasions
  • Business meetings
  • Birthday celebration
  • Holiday part
  • And a lot more.

This policy is so vital that many venues demand that every event host organizer or vendor take out the event liability insurance before using their space.

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Losses Covered Under Event Liability Insurance 

Accident or Bodily Injury

Underwrites claims for bodily injury which features medical bills and legal bindings.

Liquor or Alcohol Liability

Accidents or injuries are liable to happen owing to the aftermath of alcohol. Thus, protection claims of attendee or guest bodily injury or property damage are provided. Instead of being held liable for all havoc caused due to the sale, distribution, or service of liquor at your party 

Property Loss or Damage

Security against claims declaring physical destruction to the event venue.

Legal Actions or Proceedings

In situations where legal matters are affirming covered loss, immunity charges, and claims, payments are incurred through general liability insurance.

Medical Bills

All medical charges about the casualties suffered would be sorted through the event liability insurance.

Additional Policyholders or Specialized Coverage

Adding an extra option to the policy will help give security to the venue director and/or local government from any form of liabilities accumulated due to the policyholder’s carelessness.

How To Select An Affordable Event Liability Insurer

The following are factors to consider when choosing a cost-effective event liability insurance company:

1) Types of Coverage and its Limits

First of all, have an understanding of the potential risks attached to your event and make sure the insurance policy you are about to take out covers them. This can be achieved by accessing the coverage limits and options provided.

Also, take note of the liability limits should be any restrictions, property loss coverage, and any extra coverage preferences that might apply to your occasion.

2) Price and Cost-effectiveness

It is important to locate an insurance company that gives budget-friendly premiums. However, price shouldn’t be the key determinant. But ensure to evaluate quotes from several insurers with the services rendered for the stipulated price. Additionally, take note of the deductible and other hidden fees that could affect the overall value of money.

3) Company’s Reputation and Customers’ Ratings

Research the credibility of the insurer you intend to take out and also study customer reviews, ratings, and testimonials. This will help you measure the level of satisfied customers and the company’s reliability.

All these will come in handy when there is a need to file a claim. Because an insurance firm with a positive track record and outstanding customer support will swiftly attend to your queries.

4) Extra Services and Benefits

Ensure to consider any extra features or services rendered by the insurer. Additional services offered by some companies such as risk management, legal protection, or event preparation resources could make your event preparation experience run well and be more time-saving.

5 Most Affordable special event liability insurance Companies in Alberta – With their Coverages and Benefits

1) DUUO ($70 Start Price)

DUUO is a top provider of affordable special event liability insurance in Alberta founded by several Co-operators General Insurance Companies.

With over 70+ years of experience in the insurance industry, the company has gained solid credibility for its trusted coverage and remarkable customer support.

DUUO Event Liability Insurance Coverage 

  • Host liquor liability
  • About $5 Million in liability coverage 
  • Bodily injury/accident and property damage/loss
  • $0 deductible
  • Medical fees coverage

Why Choose DUUO?

  • Digital and easily accessible coverage for all types of occasions (business meetings, sporting events, weddings, receptions, etc.)
  • Zero service fees or cancelation fees
  • Ability to file your claim online in minutes
5 Most affordable special event liability insurance companies in Alberta

2) ALLSTATE ( $89 Policy Starting price)

If you seek a reliable yet cost-effective special event liability insurance company, Allstate Insurance is the best bet. With their comprehensive policy services, your event is indeed in great hands. To ensure you get the best coverage, Allstate proudly partnered with PAL insurance. This is to offer your special day array of Specialty Insurance options that suit your demands.

Allstate Event Liability Insurance Coverage

  • Liability coverage ranges from $1 Million to $5 Million with a $0 deductible starting price.
  • Host alcohol liability 
  • Guest or third-party property damage and bodily injury
  • Food and drink services coverage
  • Commercial general liability coverage
  • Workers/volunteers as extra insured
  • Medical fees ranging from $2,500pp to $25,000pp. Note: pp means per person.
  • Cross liability ( this is applicable between two insured parties under the same policy).

Why Choose Allstate?

  • Very comprehensive specialty insurance packages
  • 100 percent in good hands due to their top-notch services.
  • Additional coverage such as non-owned auto and food services coverage 

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3) Easy Insure  ($75 policy starting price)

Easyinsure is Canada’s first-ever holistic Insurance company, founded in 2007 by Belyer Insurance Limited. 

The company has made acquiring insurance easy with its seamless online insurance purchasing process through the creative use of technology. 

Putting a stop to the stress of calling or locating an insurance broker. But with the customer-friendly digital process, getting the right event insurance products, and coverage at a reasonable price occurs in no time.

Easy Insure Event Liability Coverage

  • About $2,000 000 liability coverage
  • Alcohol liability coverage
  • Coverage associated with injury to entertainers and performers
  • Fireworks and pyrotechnics coverage
  • Up to three-day protection

Why Choose Easy Insure?

  • Perfect coverage for all your events at a cost-effective price.
  • Fast and simple online quoting process

4) Netsurance ($75 policy start price)

Netsurance has become a leading choice for event hosts due to its exceptional coverage and services at affordable prices.

Their swift-digit insurance solutions have made the quoting process easy and seamless for customers. 

Also, to make their services more remarkable, they have partnered with several top credible insurers such as Markel, Special Risk Insurance Managers, and Premium among others.

Netsurance Event Liability Policy Coverage

  • About $5 Million in liability coverage including general liability.
  • Third-party or guest property damage
  • Bodily injury or accident coverage 
  • Alcohol liability coverage
  • Pyrotechnics and fireworks
  • Injuries to event performers and entertainers

Why Choose Netsurance?

  • Immediate cover that ideally aligns with your event and financial capacity.
  • Credible underwriters
  • Digital policy documents
  • All forms of events 

5) AMA  ($105 policy start price)

The list isn’t complete without the Alberta Motor Association Insurance.

From their name, the company is specially established for Albertans. AMA Insurance has been offering insurance coverage for special occasions for decades. 

And has thus earned prestige for its excellent and affordable services.

If you seek a well-tailored insurance solution that guarantees inner peace without being disappointed or being under-insured, then, AMA is your call.

AMA Event Liability Coverage

  • About $5 Million liability Insurance protection
  • Coverage for any damage to property or event venue
  • Medical coverage regarding injuries or accidents to any honorees
  • Alcohol/liquor liability protection
5 Most affordable special event liability insurance companies in Alberta

Why Choose AMA?

  • Ability to customize your policy with the limit you require
  • Exceptional customer support system
  • Coverage is available for personal events, professional occasions, and public events.


The impact of special event liability insurance on the success of your occasion can’t be overstated. 

However, to get a reliable and affordable insurer, it is advised to conduct your findings and reach out to the insurance companies directly for more updated and personalized data.

Doing this will guarantee first-hand information about the policies offered and enable you to make a well-considered choice that suits your needs and budget.

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