One frequently inquired question by Canadian couples is – How Much Does Wedding Insurance Cost In Canada? 

While it is significant to know how to plan your budget well, getting the ideal coverage for your wedding will also guarantee you financial protection and tranquility should the unexpected happen.

In Canada, an average wedding amounts between $22,000 and $30,000. Yes! Weddings are expensive, which is understandable why many people may consider investing such an amount in a profitable business. 

This post will analyze the cost of wedding insurance in Canada, factors that determine its cost, and tips on how you can save up on your expenses for your wedding.

Factors That Determine The Actual Cost Of Wedding Insurance

No one wishes to have a disaster-filled wedding. But come to think of it, unfortunate circumstances can turn a happy day into one you wouldn’t love to remember.

From bad weather, and damaged attire to vendor no-shows, wedding insurance can offer you protection against any mishaps and make your day as glamorous as ever.

How Much Does Wedding Insurance Cost In Canada

The amount your wedding insurance premium will cost depends largely on several factors, some of which are: 

  • Date, length, and location of the event
  • Venue
  • Number of honorees in attendance
  • Whether alcohol will be served and 
  • Level of coverage required 

You might wonder why this is so, here are the reasons why:

Length Of Your Policy:

Usually, your insurance policy length impacts your insurance premiums. This is because the longer the coverage period, the higher the Insurers’ risk. 

However, some event insurers provide short-term Wedding Insurance, which could range from hours to days or even a week. So you can be provided coverage any moment you need it.

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The state your wedding is taking place also determines the cost of wedding insurance. Irrespective of whether you are hosting your wedding at home or at a special venue, getting insurance for it is important.

Canada has 10 distinct provinces and 3 territories, and the cost of living differs from one part to the other. 

Parts like Ontario (Toronto), British Columbia (Vancouver), and Alberta (Calgary) are the 3 most expensive places to reside. 

However, the average wedding insurance in these places is expected to be more pricey than the other parts of the region.

Alcohol Service: 

It is advised to serve non-alcoholic drinks at your wedding. But in situations where some of your honorees decide to bring alcohol to your wedding, you may be incapacitated to stop them. 

There’s a probability of them harming themselves or others due to overconsumption or being drunk. 

As the host, you would be held responsible for the havoc caused because you allowed the alcohol. 

However, taking out wedding insurance providers that offer host liquor liability coverage will indeed save you from this mess. At no extra fee.

Number Of Honorees Or Guests: 

Typically, the higher the number of attendees present at your wedding the greater the possibility of risk that could happen. 

In a nutshell, your premium will increase based on the headcount gracing your special day. 

Rather than throwing a big party, you might want to keep it low for your security.

As a yardstick: Front Row Insurance which is based in Alberta, wedding policies start at $105 (although subject to future change).

With up to $5 million for General Liability Protection which covers damages or losses to the wedding venue and injury or accident to honorees or third parties.

You are also provided unlimited additional insured certificates for your party venue and suppliers at no extra fee.

According to David Hamilton, the CEO of Front Row, the aim is to make wedding insurance very affordable, and the more reason why the online quotes process was created.

The company uses no underwriter, so, a low price and swift transaction are assured – literally two minutes and five minutes, to get a quote and buy a policy respectively.

Front Row is also available 24/7 to attend to any of your queries either via email, over the phone if needed, or by chatbot.

Different Types Of Wedding Insurance Policies

Almost all Wedding Insurance Companies provide thorough and all-encompassing bundles that render protection for all or some of the following:

  • Complete Cancellation or Postponement Of Wedding (although with exclusions)
  • General Liability Coverage: Aside from the wedding, it usually extends to give coverage for events that occur the day before the wedding (rehearsal dinner) to after-part events like brunch party.
  • Coverage for overseas weddings, in as much as one of the partners is a Canadian resident.
  • Honeymoon cancellation insurance as a result of wedding postponement.
  • Damage or loss of bridal wear before the wedding
  • Misplaced or corrupted wedding photos/videos should the photographer be disappointed or doesn’t show up.
  • Damage or loss to wedding gifts (comes with exemptions), wedding cake, bands, bouquets, or stationery.
  • Vendors no-show or suppliers insolvency (such as caterer running out of business or DJ not showing up).
How Much Does Wedding Insurance Cost In Canada

What’s Not Insured By Wedding Insurance?

  • Postponement of the wedding due to one or both partners having cold feet or a voluntary change of heart. 
  • Cancellation due to an already existing medical situation (for instance, if any of the couple’s parents has a known medical condition and is used as the sole reason for why the wedding is called off).

Evaluating Various Wedding Insurers In Canada

There are numerous trustworthy wedding insurers in Canada. 

Some of the top leading ones with exceptional services and affordable coverage costs include Front Row, Rogers Insurance, Netsurance, Marsh Insurance, Markel Canada, First Foundation, and so on. 

However, before taking out any of them, it is advised to access their policies, premiums, and limits of coverage to get the one that best fits your requirements and financial capacity.

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Pointers for Selecting the Best Wedding Insurance

Evaluate Your Coverage Needs: 

Analyze the exact aspects of your wedding that require security. 

For instance, if you will be serving alcohol for your wedding or you plan to conduct your wedding in an open space, you might want to add:

1)Host liquor liability coverage, and 

2) Weather-related concerns coverage respectively, at the top of your list.

Carefully Peruse The Policy Documents And Other Legal Jargon: 

Ensure you meticulously study the policy to have a full grasp of what is covered and what isn’t covered. 

This is because some policies have exclusions or restrictions and the only way to know is to thoroughly go through the policy exclusions section.

Ask Vital Questions: 

It is important to clear all uncertainties and seek clarity where necessary from your insurance agent or advisor about the policy before taking out the policy or sealing the deal.

Tips for Cutting Unnecessary Costs for Your Wedding

Having a loud elaborate wedding is great but a medium-sized wedding that comes with peace of mind (insurance) is better.

Low-cost weddings are possible if you are ready to put in the hard work and forget or pend the less significant.

Below are some pointers to save money:

Know Your Financial Capacity and Work Accordingly:

One way to save money is to plan your budget well and to do this, you have to know the amount you intend to spend.

Doing this will help you keep a record of your spending and also help you to be aware of your choice and set your purchases in order of preference.

Go With a Less Popular Season:

Celebrating your wedding during the off-season will help you cut prices. In some parts of Canada, this period is usually between November to April. 

Also, event planners and vendors are less occupied during this period and more available. Additionally, there is a chance to negotiate and cut down prices.

How Much Does Wedding Insurance Cost In Canada

Be Moderate:

The wider the venue the more expensive the price is, so it is advisable to settle for a more modest gathering if you want to save money.

The same applies to your list of honorees, the lesser the number of attendees, the less money you spend on food service.

Save Your Honeymoon To a Later Day

Since there is no universal rule to the exact day to celebrate your honeymoon. You and your partner might decide to delay it to a later time after the wedding.

This will give you ample time to save up and even present an opportunity to have a less expensive trip.


Weddings are significant moments in one lifetime worth all the celebration and expenses. But you will want to stay within pocket after the whole merry. Here is why it is advised to be mindful of your choices and prepare ahead.

Also investing in wedding insurance is a smart decision and will safeguard you from various mishaps that might arise. 

You can have a glamorous wedding without going bankrupt and get all the insurance coverage you need.

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