Affordable Wedding Insurance in Canada

Affordable Wedding Insurance in Canada

Wedding is one of the most momentous events in every couple’s life. It is a special day that many couples spend their time preparing and planning for. Most times it takes weeks, months, or even years to prepare for this special day. And as such, the last thing they need is something to disrupt that day.

If you are looking to protect your wedding from unforeseen situation, a wedding insurance poses to be a wise decision.

In Canada, there are lots of reputable insurance company that would provide coverage for anything that could go wrong during your wedding. Although these insurance agencies have their different policies which of course varies in prices, they all have the same purpose – “To protect you from any unforeseen losses that could occur during your wedding”.

Is Wedding Insurance Expensive?

Some people ignore the essence of having a wedding insurance as a backup for their wedding, mainly because they see it as an expensive acquisition. However, not all wedding insurance coverage comes expensive. There are affordable wedding insurance companies that you and your spouse can easily purchase to ensure that you have a relaxed and fun filled moment on your special day.

That said, in this article we have outlined some of the affordable wedding insurance in Canada. But before we dive in let us elaborate more on what a wedding insurance is and what it covers.

What is Wedding Insurance?

Wedding insurance policy protects you from several types of losses that could occur during your wedding. While you can plan everything down well enough, there are yet unforeseen circumstances that could disrupt your special day, and so, it is always a smart decision to be fully backed up by a wedding insurance plan.

Also, instead of worrying about every potential “what-if…”, wedding insurance helps you to unwind and appreciate the moments you have worked so hard to create. But what exactly could go wrong on a wedding day?

Some Unpleasant Wedding Day Scenarios?

There are lots of unexpected scenarios that could happen, and these things are covered by wedding insurance. Some of which include:

  • Third-party occurrences that cause personal injury or property damage
  • External events that prevent your wedding from happening or causes cancellation..
  • Extreme weather conditions
  • Issues with your venue or vendors
  • Other potential postponements

Things Covered by Wedding Insurance

Most wedding insurance comes with a variety of coverage types and here is a list which describes each type of wedding insurance coverage:

1. Rented Property & Equipment

Rental equipment used at the wedding reception may be covered against direct and physical damage. This includes, but is not restricted to, portable outdoor shelters like tents, marquees, tables, seats, and stages as well as speakers and other AV gear.

2. Commercial General Liability

This covers any responsibility for third-party property damage or physical harm that may occur at any of your wedding’s activities, such as the rehearsal dinner, wedding, reception, and gift-opening.

3. Honeymoon Cancellation

If the wedding is cancelled, this coverage will compensate the insured for any pre-paid loss and non-refundable travel expenses.

4. Wedding Cancellation

Your wedding insurance coverage may be used to cover all the costs associated with reserving your location, including any deposits or contractual obligations.

5. Loss of Deposits

If the suppliers of any scheduled products or services experience financial collapse, wedding insurance underwriters will reimburse any non-refundable deposits that were made to them.

6. Bridal Attire

Protection against physical loss or damage to your wedding attire while it is in the care or custody of the Insured.

7. Wedding Gifts

This covers for the direct physical damage or total loss to wedding presents while the items are at the newlyweds’ reception, home, or in transit between the two.

8. Wedding Photos & Videos

This covers any extra expenses that may be necessary to retake the photos and videos that cannot be reproduced from your wedding day for any reason including non-appearance of photographer.

9. Rings / Wedding Bands

This is a protection from the potential physical loss or damage to wedding rings / wedding bands.

10. Wedding Stationery

Any stationery items such as invitations, RSVP cards, menus, name tags, etc. are covered from physical loss or damage.

11. Wedding Cake & Flowers

This covers for any direct physical damage and / or loss to the wedding cake or flowers for up to 7 days prior to your wedding ceremony.

12. Host Liquor Liability

At your engagement party or wedding reception, if a licensed bartender is serving the alcohol, you are protected from any potential loss or damage claims surrounding alcohol use.

Affordable Wedding Insurance in Canada

1. Netsurance

Netsurance Canada aims to make the process of obtaining a wedding insurance simple. Their online solutions are primary focus with digital applications, signatures, quotes, and payments. Netsurance are insurance brokers and not agents. This means, they represent many insurance companies which enables you to get the insurance you need at the best rates available. Also, their insurance policies are backed by Lloyds of London cover holders, PAL Canada. 

Why use Netsurance?

  • They provide quality coverage at competitive prices.
  • Netsurance modernize the insurance process utilizing technology.
  • They also share professional expertise with various industries.

Price: Starting at just $250

Address: 422 Richards St. 170, Vancouver, BC V6B 2Z4, Canada

2. Front Row Insurance

Front Row Insurance is an Insurance Broker specializing in entertainment related risk. They own offices in Vancouver, Toronto, Montreal, Halifax, Los Angeles, and New York. Also, one of their specialties is creating custom insurance packages for unique events like weddings. Front Row negotiates on your behalf to obtain the best coverage at the lowest premium from the insurance companies.

Why use Front Row?

  • Front Row will put this unique knowledge and expertise to work for you by preparing the best possible insurance policy for your project at the lowest possible cost.
  • Front Row has the ability, experience, and influence with insurance companies to meet your insurance needs quickly and efficiently.

Price: Starting at $125

Toronto Office Address: 25 Adelaide St E., Suite 500 Toronto, ON M5C 3A1

3. Pal Insurance

PAL Insurance Brokers is a coverholder at Lloyd’s and was founded in 1989 by Bob Morrison, a veteran of the Canadian insurance industry with a knack for identifying specific needs in the Canadian insurance marketplace. Since 1989, PAL has insured tens of thousands of events across Canada, from small family gatherings to large fairs, weddings, and festivals. PAL had the first and only online platform in Canada designed to allow customers to apply for and obtain specialty insurance in minutes.

Why use Pal Insurance

  • They are fast and reliable.
  • Pal insurance has been in service for a long time and so they have loads of experience when it comes to ensuring your special event and providing compensation.

Address: Suite 200 – 1400 – 1 St SW, Calgary, AB T2R 0V8

4. Marsh Insurance

Marsh Canada Limited is the administrator of insurance programs for Event Liability Insurance and Non-Profit Community Group Insurance. The company is the world’s leading insurance broker and risk advisor. With over 35,000 colleagues operating in more than 130 countries, Marsh serves commercial and individual clients with data driven risk solutions and advisory services. Marsh Canada Limited also has more than 1,000 employees and offices in thirteen cities across Canada. Most importantly, their insurance coverages are quite affordable.

Why use Marsh Insurance

  • Marsh serves commercial and individual clients with data driven risk solutions and advisory services.
  • Marsh helped 490 customers manage and protect community and family events in 2019. 

Price: Minimum premiums are in some cases as low as $25 (plus a $50 policy administration fee).

Address: Canada

5. Duuo Insurance

Duuo Wedding Insurance have created a smooth and streamlined process that will get you insured in less time than it takes to order your wedding dress. Whether you are a couple or a wedding event planner looking for a trusted insurance partner, their dedicated support team is on hand to provide you with all the information you need to pull off your perfect wedding even. In addition, Duuo have worked with a range of platforms, venues, and event planners that recommend Duuo Event Insurance to their clients.

Address: Suite 1400, 1 York Street Toronto, Ontario M5J 0B6

Conclusion/Notice: Affordable Wedding Insurance in Canada

Due to insurers response to COVID-19, many insurance companies only offering event liability coverage for weddings. That is, no wedding cancellation insurance is available until further notice. As such, some of the coverages listed in this article page may not currently be applicable.

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