Affordable Wedding Insurance in Finland

As your special day approaches, most couples expect to bask in the moment, not in the “what ifs.”

A wedding is an important investment, and even though there is nothing like a perfect wedding with wedding insurance, you’re covered when things go wrong. Damaged dress? Lost ring? Lost deposits due to the unexpected? Taking out insurance has got you covered. See wedding insurance as the maid of honor you never knew you needed.

Wedding insurance policies are created to cover the vitals, including cancellation or postponement, protecting your wedding photographs and videos, special attire and jewelry, reimbursing for lost deposits, and taking care of any unforeseen extra expenses. With it, your special day turns out exactly as you have visualized – free from stress and hiccups.

Moreover, some couples see wedding insurance as additional baggage following an already piled expense of a wedding itself – but that is the lie you were told. 

No matter what part of the world you are, you can get cheap insurance packages tailored to your budget and needs without having to break the bank.

Hence, in this post, you are about to discover the best “Affordable Wedding Insurance in Finland.” With this, you can confidently say “I do”, knowing that you are covered every step of the way.

Finland – One Of The Best Wedding Destinations 

Finland is situated in northern Europe. It borders Sweden to the northwest, Norway to the north, and Russia to the east, with the Gulf of Bothnia to the west and the Gulf of Finland to the south.

If you envisage a genuine and adventurous setting for your special day, it could as well be a destination wedding, look no further than Finland.

This pleasingly beautiful country provides endless possibilities for weddings, from the most passionate events in the Finnish countryside to grand receptions in Helsinki’s historic city center. You can’t enough of the country’s wonderful imagery.

From the crystalline lakes of the southern region to the snow-capped mountains of Lapland, Finland’s natural beauty is evident in every corner of the nation. Little wonder why many couples choose it for their overseas wedding destination.

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Wedding Insurance – What’s More?

Curious about what wedding insurance covers? Let’s break it down:

General Liability:  

This coverage ensures that the event organizer is safeguarded in case someone gets hurt during the event or causes damage to the venue. Many event venues usually demand proof of liability insurance before renting out their space, emphasizing its significance in the planning process.

Host Liquor Liability: 

If you are thinking of serving liquor at your wedding, then it is a good practice to invest in alcohol liability coverage. This gives an additional security to your event.

Cancellation Insurance: 

Another essential part of wedding planning that can’t be overlooked is the possibility of cancellation. We can’t control Mother Nature. Several unforeseen circumstances such as bad weather, pandemic can result in the postponement or cancellation of the wedding. Hence, cancellation insurance is like a safety net for those unplanned events that could otherwise throw everything off balance. Thereby affecting both your plans and your finances.

Underlying facts about Wedding Insurance 

Do you know that Wedding insurance, was a  rarity until the 1990s, before it grew more popular? Its popularity was a result of how events became immoderate and more venues demanded liability coverage.

Also with the average price of weddings costing around $28,000, more people start purchasing insurance “just in case.”

Additionally, owing to the restrictions caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, more and more couples are turning to insurance covering postponements and cancellations, even though no wedding insurance offers coverage for either lockdowns or pandemics. 

Even so, few insurers have an optional package for it.

Hence, it is advised to consider postponement coverage if you’re making huge no-money-back deposits.

Affordable Wedding Insurance in Finland

Now that you have a full grasp of how wedding insurance is a crucial part of planning your wedding. It is time to enumerate some of the wedding insurance carriers present in Finland. While there are several wedding insurance providers in Finland, not all of them are cost-effective. Here are some of the most affordable wedding insurance providers in Finland:


Wedinsure has been providing insurance coverage for a few years now, and it is one of the most talked about wedding insurance firms. The company partners with White Horse Insurance to create a wedding product for customers planning a wedding in the UK and other overseas countries – Finland inclusive.

Wedinsure offers financial security in the event of a calamity, with the coverage for weddings and civil partnerships accruing up to £50,000.

Note that there are no greater cover levels, unlike some other insurance carriers.

As a result of their dedication to proffering solutions to client’s needs and excellent performance in the insurance world, wedinsure was voted as the best during the Insurance Providers Awards of 2019.  Visit Website.


OP Financial Group is one of the biggest financial companies in Finland. It consists of 180 cooperative banks and their central firm. The acronym “OP” stands for “osuuspankki” in Finnish, literally meaning “cooperative bank”. 

Moreover, the financial-based firm has over 2 million customer-owners, providing retail and commercial banking services across Finland, as well as insurance services.

In 2014, the company secured the remainder of the shares of Pohjola Bank and consolidated its services under the OP brand, abbreviating its name to OP from OP-Pohjola, a name it had used since 2007. Visit Website.


AXA’s remarkable journey was birthed out of the commitment of certain individuals led by Claude Bébéar. Claude’s dream was to transform the then-moderate mutual insurer from Normandy into a world-leading insurance organization.

This firm was, founded in the early 19th century and specialized in property and casualty insurance.

AXA is a French-operated Insurance firm that provides specialized insurance services in over 200 countries across the world. They also have an office in Helsinki, Finland.

They offer distinctive types of insurance, including policies for weddings, which entail event cancellation or postponement, public liability, contingent liability, etc.

The name “AXA” was written by the firm in upper case, which makes it seem like an acronym. The phrase was purposely chosen so it can be easily pronounced by literally anyone irrespective of the language they speak. Visit Website 


Aon is one of the leading professional services and management consulting companies that provides a wide range of risk-reduction products. Aside from insurance the firm also offers data and analytics services, strategy consulting, and investment banking advisory through its protection service

Aon has  50,000 estimated professional employees across 120 countries – Finland inclusive. More so, they are highly credible and are one of the best affordable wedding insurance in Finland having over 3 decades of industry experience.

Furthermore, the firm ensures to give solutions to meet the specific needs of clients, alongside trusted and efficient claims service to assist customers at all times.

With the help of their committed team of expert insurance brokers, clients get the support and services they most require.  Visit Website

Marsh Finland

When it comes to leaders in risk, strategy and people Marsh McLennan is impeccable. The firm is accustomed to assisting clients navigate a dynamic environment through its four worldwide businesses.

Marsh has offices in more than 130 countries and has proven over the years, as one of the world’s leading insurance brokers and risk advisors. 

They offer industry-based brokerage, consulting, and claims supporting services, and cutting-edge technology to help mitigate clients’ total cost of risk.

With over 45,000 staff globally, Marsh provides both commercial and individual customers with insights, advice, and well-tailored services.

Furthermore, they assist customers in comprehending coverage nuances, regulatory developments, and risk trends. For more than a century, clients have counted on Marsh to advise them during the most challenging and joyous times, helping them accomplish success by becoming more resilient and accomplishing the possible. Visit Website.

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Tips for finding affordable wedding insurance in Finland

  • Do your survey to compare prices from various insurers.
  • Request for discounts. Consider holding your wedding on a weekday or during the off-season to qualify for discounts from numerous service providers.
  • Increasing your deductible is advisable. A greater deductible will result in a reduced monthly premium.
  • Consider including homeowner’s or renter’s insurance in your wedding insurance bundle. This may result in reduced overall insurance premiums.
  • Inquire about payment arrangement options. Payment plans are offered by numerous providers for wedding insurance, thereby potentially reducing the overall cost.

By adhering to these guidelines, one can locate reasonably priced wedding insurance in Finland that safeguards against monetary setbacks caused by unforeseen circumstances.

How to Get a Quote for Wedding Insurance

To obtain a quote for wedding insurance, you’ll need to provide some basic information about your wedding, such as the date, location, and number of guests. You’ll also need to decide what kind of coverage you seek.

Once you’ve provided all this information, you can get quotes from numerous providers. Be sure to compare the coverage and prices of each policy to help make an informed decision.


Your wedding is a delicate mixture of several elements, and unexpected circumstances shouldn’t destroy your dreams. However, wedding insurance should be part of your wedding checklist, for it serves as an ultimate companion in safeguarding your special day.  As we have carefully analyzed some of the best affordable wedding insurance in Finland, it is advised you take your time to evaluate each of them before deciding which one to take out. Therefore, when selecting a wedding insurer, it is essential to assess the available policies and select the one that best fits your needs and budget. Also, before purchasing a policy, you should read the fine print thoroughly to determine precisely what is and is not protected.

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