AXA Event Insurance Reviews

With this AXA Event Insurance Review, you are one step closer to getting the right policy for your event or business should the unexpected happen.

The policy covers expenses or impromptu costs you might suffer should your event be canceled or cast aside.

Chances are that you could encounter some exorbitant expenses not to talk about the Patient Responsibility (PR) nightmare or terror that might be generated.

The wonderful news is that event insurance is available to efficiently farm out the risk to another party, in this case, the insurer.

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Overview Of AXA & AXA XL Insurance Company

AXA is a French-owned Insurance Organization that operates business in over 200 countries across the globe. 

It was founded in 1817 and provides numerous types of insurance, including policies for event insurance. 

These entail event cancellation or postponement, public liability, contingent liability, and a lot more.

AXA XL is a property and casualty insurance (P&C), and Specialty segment of AXA Group. They offer Re/insurance to average-sized, multinational firms, and some huge net-worth personnel.

What Is AXA Event Insurance?

Event insurance is a bundle policy that insurers like AXA offer which includes different forms of cover.

Some are contingent liability, public liability, and event re-arrangement or downsizing. This is to protect your event or several related occasions.

Irrespective of the size or type of your event, it is advised to book for insurance no matter how minimal to secure your legal obligations from damage, injury, and possible contractual needs of the premises owner.

AXA event insurance can provide coverage for a broad range of events such as sporting activities, trade fairs, conferences, performances, exhibitions, charity events, shows, and theater productions.

Discuss with one of AXA Event insurance representatives about your budget and you will be offered suitable solutions that meet your requirements.

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AXA Event Insurance Review

Various Coverage offered by AXA

Below are the distinct forms of events insurance Coverage offered:

Public Liability Insurance Cover: This is the compensation paid by the policy to third parties as a result of damage to their property, accident, or bodily injury. It is up to £5 million.

Employers’ liability insurance: This type of cover settles all payment, damages, and/or injury that happens to someone working for you at the event you booked insurance for. It is up to £10 million.

In the United Kingdom, it is an enacted requirement for employers to possess such cover for either short-time staff, full-time workers, or volunteers.

Event postponement or cancellation cover: This gives coverage for all expenses you are unable to cover as a result of your event being downsized, canceled, moved, or postponed. This is usually due to circumstances beyond your abilities such as no-shows, disease, severe weather conditions, or strikes. It is up to £5 million.

Contingency Liability Cover: This cover protects you from the costs incurred from already lost events or lost profits. Therefore, the contingency liability coverage compensates the bills you cannot regain elsewhere. Also, there is a cover for all expenses encountered and profit lost if the event is canceled, relinquished, disturbed, or postponed as a result of unforeseen mishaps.

Crisis restrainment: This cover helps to control the risk of reputational harm by hiring a public relations organization.

Property-owned coverage: There is coverage for you when your property is damaged, lost, or misplaced at the event. This could be in transit to, from, or between the venue. There is also an option for additional risk cover for highly-priced items.

Benefits And Services Of AXA Event Insurance

AXA Event Insurance is greatly experienced in the United Kingdom, North America, and Europe, and also receives questions from across the world.

AXA Event Coverage

For all occasions or events, success is possible based on certain things.

For example, favorable weather; entertainers appearing on time and in great shape; and well-equipped venues in nice condition; to mention a few depending on the specifics of the event.

In situations when things don’t run as prepared, the AXA Event insurance contingency policy cover can provide financial security for event overseers, promoters, production firms, and so on. 

AXA also gives coverage for award events, competitions, and bonus payments. This is to make sure event organizers or promoters do not need to delay payments for something that might never occur.

AXA Event Insurance offers coverage for:

1) Event cancellation and relinquishment which covers events such as  Sporting events, Music festivals, Corporate events, and Trade shows.

2) Prize indemnity or repayment which covers events like Hole in One, contractual bonuses, and Game shows.

3) No-shows or appearance coverage 

This covers events like Theater productions, Music tours, Key speakers, Death & disgrace 

4) Risks resulting from bad weather

This gives coverage for the havoc caused by rain and advertising shoots.

5) Coverage extensions for havocs not in standard wordings

This includes War, political chaos, contagious disease, terrorism, national crisis or mourning, Radioactive, chemical, biological or nuclear attacks, 

AXA Event Insurance Review

Is AXA Event Insurance Trustworthy?

AXA has been in business since the 19th century, starting as a small insurance firm with a specialty in P&C (Property and Casualty Insurance).

Since then, the firm has grown, changing names and adding other insurance brands till it became AXA in the 1980s. 

AXA is now one of the best and biggest insurance companies in the globe. 

In essence, yes, AXA is a legitimate and trustworthy event insurance provider.

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AXA Event Insurance Pros And Cons


  • There is flexibility to manage your Policy, save and retrieve quotes online
  • Phone support is available for policy management
  • Flexibility to claim email or call
  • You can book policy through a specific firm, with extra add-ons for specific risks.
  • There is an option for a yearly or monthly premium with no extra charge if paid monthly.


  • The only drawback is that you can’t reach customer services on weekends.

AXA Event Payment Options 

You can make payment for your AXA event insurance premiums either instalmentally by direct debits or annually. You can also select a choice payment date if you pay in installments.

Note that you might be asked to pay interest on some premiums should you pay monthly unless it is home insurance.

AXA Event  Online Policy Management 

There is an option to see and effect changes through an online account. Such as changing your cover option, contact details, or adding an extra.

Unlike other insurance companies where you might need to request some changes or improvements over the phone.

The inclusion of AXA’s online portal might indeed be a positive experience for many customers. The advent of web-based policy management made the 3rd most vital factor in the company’s survey.

Phone support 

AXA motivates customers to utilize their online accounts first. This is because phone details aren’t straightforward to get. Despite this, you can still call the UK-based call line on weekdays (8 a.m. to 6 p.m.). When you want to get your cover or get a quote. You can do this for other related concerns too, like your account with them. There is also the use of the life chat feature. 

From the survey conducted by AXA, the ability to reach customer services to book a policy ranked 8th in importance. Although, any perceive the self-service online option as a great choice. 

Also, the option to speak with their online representative is a best fit for some.

How To Make A New Claim

There are several methods to make a claim depending on your cover type. But regardless, you can do that either by email or call. 

The lines to make a claim are open on weekdays from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., this differs during public breaks. Albeit, there are claim handlers that attend to your calls outside the above hours.

The steps include downloading the claim form, filling it out, and then selecting the mailing address to send based on your region or country.

For claims contents insurance and legal help, the emergency call line is available 24/7.

From the survey conducted, the ability to make a claim online was quite crucial for nearly average event insurance seekers. And this is a top rating factor.

Note if you can’t claim your online account, you may as well mail it to the claim unit for processing.

AXA Event Insurance Customer reviews

As of 9th March 2023, the AXA customer rating was 1.2 out of 5 stars. Although quite not impressive this is based on just over 200 reviews.

However, note that this rating may cover both general and event insurance, and work insurance such as government contracts.

How To Know The Type Of Cover You Need

In a situation where you are skeptical about which level of cover you need. It is advised to hire an independent event broker for help. Or inquire from the company’s representative agent. Trade bodies or membership can also assist you in evaluating the minimum level of cover you require.

AXA Event Insurance Review

How To Get AXA Event Insurance

To get an event insurance policy, you can request a quote online or through a call.

If you are going through the online route, ensure to add the cover you need as you peruse the quote process. 

AXA provides you with an event insurance guru to educate you on the cover that fits your needs and budget.

You might required to provide information about your event such as 

  • Date and venue for the event
  • Number of Honorees or employees
  • Any past claims etc.

Ultimately, you may then apply for the cover about the quote, So far it fits your budget and it’s right for you. Alternatively, you may seek to compare the quote features with other insurers.

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