Affordable Wedding Insurance in London

If you are looking for affordable wedding insurance in London, then you have come to the right place! 

This guide will explore trusted and relatively cheap event/wedding insurers that not only guarantee the security of your special day but also offer peace of mind. 

And as well ensure your investment doesn’t go down the drain.

The amount of effort that goes into planning a wedding is unquantifiable – from choosing the perfect venue and attire to the decorations, the list goes on.

All of this will in the long run pile up to be one of the biggest financial investments you make as a couple.

In addition to the average price of throwing a wedding in the United Kingdom being continuously on the rise, it would be devastating for such a day to go wrong. Especially if it means you have to postpone or reschedule. 

However, with wedding insurance, you are covered against all liable unforeseen circumstances.

Affordable Wedding Insurance in London

Affordable Wedding Insurance Providers In London


Dreamsaver Wedding Insurance is one of the event companies situated in the heart of the United Kingdom. The firm has been in the risk-bearing market for over 15 years and has won several awards under its name.

Dreamsaver has insured over fifty thousand weddings in both the UK and abroad, providing nothing but absolute security for couples’ big days.

Additionally, they happen to be the first UK insurer to offer covers for coronavirus-related issues. This was achievable by providing policies that allow event postponement or cancellation, provided that either the couple or a close relative is affected by COVID-19.

Dreamsaver offers 8 distinct levels of coverage for weddings; this gives clients the option to select the best coverage tailored to their needs and financial capacity. Visit Website.

Why Choose Dreamsaver?

  • Provide both UK and Overseas Weddings and Civil Ceremonies coverage
  • Cover for deposits to wedding vendors
  • 2 years of coverage before the ceremony
  • COVID-19 Cancellation Coverage 
  • Avenue to cover 2 or 3 events 

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Emerald life

Emerald Life is an award-winning wedding insurer with worldwide coverage starting at £53.  The company offers comprehensive cover to meet clients’ budgets and protect you against unexpected circumstances on your big day. 

Whether it is something as devastating as the cancellation of your wedding or your vendor going insolvent just before the wedding day, Emerald Life Wedding Insurance plans will give you adequate security based on the level of coverage you buy.

Emerald provides four levels of covers to select from basic to platinum level. Their plans are suitable for all types of budgets and eventualities that might occur on your big day.

Note: The following countries are exceptions to Emerald Life Wedding Insurance coverage: Cuba, Iran, or North Korea. Visit Website.

Why Choose Emerald Life?

  • Affordable price with comprehensive coverage tailored to your needs and budget.
  • Seamless quoting process.


InsureMyDay is another reputable wedding insurance firm that offers premium policies. One significant highlight about this particular insurance company is that you can get up to £80,000 worth of postponement/cancellation coverage without having to pay an excess.

With this insurer, you easily forget just how pricey a wedding can be, especially considering how far in advance you begin to prepare for one ( that is everything adds up – dress, rings, venue, flowers, etc.

Right from inception, the company’s ambition has been to design the perfect wedding insurance policy and make the product as convenient and easy as possible for clients. 

Another mindblowing feature of Insure My Day is the claims process – that is, you can practically carry out everything online in minutes, so it’s hassle-free. Visit Website.

Why Choose Insuremyday?

  • Good selection of policies providing multiple levels of cover
  • Up to £80,000 cancellation cover without an excess fee
  • Optional extras
  • Simple, and hassle-free online claims process 
  • Excess on everything else is just £75
  • Convenient and easy-to-use website


Wedinsure is a brand name of Insuremore that emerged in February 2017. 

It developed rapidly to become one of the leading wedding insurance providers in the United Kingdom and abroad. 

Their exceptional performance earned them an award for Best Wedding Insurance Provider at the 2019 Insurance Choice Awards. 

Wedinsure continues to work relentlessly to ensure that every client receives the highest level of service. 

Wedinsure Event Insurance has partnered with White Horse Insurance Ireland dac to provide couples planning weddings in the United Kingdom with outstanding protection and service. 

White Horse was established in 1999 in the Republic of Ireland. The company operates as a comprehensive insurer that provides several couple security products.

However, Wedinsure’s partnership with a highly professional organization such as White Horse Insurance has not only given them credibility but also enabled them to provide clients with the best service ever. Visit Website.

Why Choose Wedinsure?

  • High level of customer satisfaction with fast and easy claims process is fast and easy.
  • With 10 levels of cover, there’s something for everyone irrespective of your budget
  • You will receive up to £2 million in personal liability as part of your policy
  • Policy start price @ £47.50.
  • WedInsure offers lots of add-ons to make your policy customizable and tailored to your needs
Affordable Wedding Insurance in London


Debenhams wedding insurance has been a popular choice for many couples with its remarkable high street brand.

Whether you’re having a moderate wedding or an elaborate full-blown affair, taking out wedding insurance with this firm will give you peace of mind. 

Debenhams has a remarkable history and has been a British icon for over 100 years. Over the years, the company has evolved by adding an online presence in both its retail offering and now personal finance, including insurance products.  This significant addition has not only made their services more convenient but also fast and efficient. Visit Website.

Why Choose Debenhams Wedding Insurance?

  • 10% online discount
  • 10% Debenhams Cardholder discount
  • Up to £60k cancellation
  •  Five (5) distinct policy levels to suit all budgets
  • Free insurance covers up to £2,000 on wedding attire bought from Debenhams.

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How To Lower Your Risk Of Claiming For Wedding Insurance in London

Now you’ve taken out a wedding insurance policy to cater for possible calamities should anything go wrong, it’s much more convenient to just have it as a contingency plan rather than have to go through the fuss of claiming on it. Below are a few things you can do that could help minimize the likelihood of having to make a claim:

1) Selecting trusted and credible vendors. 

Keep to experts and people who have received positive feedback or who have been recommended by reliable individuals. Remember to always obtain a written contract from anyone to whom you pay a deposit.

2) Ensure to frequently check in with your suppliers or vendors.

Do not relax because you have successfully booked and paid your deposit,, you’ve only just begun. Also, never assume that your vendors will understand your thoughts! Be sure to contact all vendors in the days leading up to the wedding to ascertain that they are aware of what is expected of them and when. By keeping up with your suppliers, you will know should any problem arise such as suppliers going out of business due to insolvency.

3) Have a backup plan

Keep close contact with your suppliers and venue operator, this is because they have handled myriads of weddings. And sure know what to do in case of emergency. Discuss with them about having a contingency plan, one that can easily and quickly be rolled out in case of any unexpected events.

For instance, does your video/photographer have a credible contact of an expert who can fill in a moment’s notice should something happen to them?

4) Be sure to put in place all sorts of safety measures 

There are lot of havoc that can arise from fireworks displays, naked flames, or even open water. If you will be using any of the aforementioned, ensure to employ the service of an expert who will have their insurance and whose likelihood of causing any harm will be slim.

5) Make use of a credit card.

When you deposit with your credit card, you are entitled to an extra level of cover, according to section 75 of the Consumer Credit Act.

Affordable Wedding Insurance in London

What If I Have To File A Wedding Insurance Claim?

You can be very careful and yet the need for filing a claim might arise. Luckily many wedding insurers allow you to start a claim over the phone or by filling out a form on their website. Note that no two claims are the same, however, they have to be processed on an individual basis.

During the event of filing a claim, you should expect to provide all important information. These include: 

  • An estimate of the damage or loss incurred or 
  • The reason behind the cancellation, 
  • Also, photos and receipts that help reinforce your claim

Afterward, your wedding insurance provider will carry out a thorough evaluation, and your claim should be sorted out swiftly. Or hopefully within 7 to 10 business days. 

Note: To hasten up the process, be sure you have all the information you require.

That is, collecting your policy number, the date, time, and location of the loss or damage, a written description of the claim, photos that prove your claim, receipts or proof of deposits that apply to your application, and other vital things that might help your claim processing.

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