7 Best Health Insurance Companies in Helsinki Finland

Since the call of time, Finland has always beckoned expats with its excellent quality of life, breathtaking countryside, and impressive economy. However, many expats settle in and around the country’s capital city – Helsinki. 

This city extends exceptional services, amenities, and beautiful attractions. Despite not being a budget-friendly destination, compared to countries like London or New York; the cost of living in Helsinki is still lower.

Therefore, just like every destination in the world, there are numerous things to change quickly, once you arrive. Also, having a good prior knowledge of how health insurance in Finland works will be one less hurdle to solve once you move!

Furthermore, Finland possesses one of the highest standards of living in the world. And with broad magnitude, Finland’s healthcare system is remarkable. 

According to the WHO survey, Finland’s healthcare system ranks 31st in the world. While this is a great ranking, there is room for more outstanding performance. 

Although, ranked higher in the education and childcare system. Hence, in this guide, we will explore the 7 best health insurance companies in Helsinki Finland. But before that, let’s have a look at “How The Finland Healthcare System Works.”

Understanding the Healthcare System in Finland

Finland isn’t named the Happiest Country in the World for brag! The country is known to have the best education system in the world, and the most pristine air, and talking about health and safety, Finland is found to be one of the most harmless countries to live in Europe. Moreso, the country provides free or discounted medical services to all its permanent residents.

Now to how their healthcare system works. This is based on the public healthcare services to which everyone living in the country has a legal right. Following the Constitution of Finland, the public authorities guarantee every individual efficient social, health, and medical services. However, several private healthcare services also operate in Finland.

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Finland’s public health system is also referred to as “the National Health Insurance System.” It is greatly broad and takes care of medical fees, dental bills, and even travel expenses to receive medical care. Furthermore, the system is divided into 3 levels of care which are: primary, secondary, and tertiary. 

The care received at the primary level centralizes on preventative care and standard physician appointments at civic health centers or terveysasemat (as called in Finnish). While the secondary and tertiary levels concentrate on advanced specialist care through diverse hospitals or sairaalat.

The private health services on the other hand consummate municipal services, by offering more than a quarter of all social and health services in Finland. 

Private service carriers, i.e. companies, independent medical professionals, industries, and foundations, are free to sell their services to various civil centers, joint civic authorities, or directly to customers. 

Private providers offer both primary health care and individualized medical care services. In Finland, private health services are substantially lessened with the help of public funds, since Kela offers reimbursement for medical expenses.

 What Does Health Insurance Cover

Just like every developed country, the health insurance in Helsinki Finland covers the most comprehensive medical expenses regarding treatment of illness and accident, management of medicines, and restoration up to a maximum reimbursement of €200,000. 

Therefore, with health insurance, you get quick access to treatment and the perfect possible treatment either in private or public healthcare. Additionally, health insurance helps you focus on recuperating from an illness or accident without having to worry about huge health or medical fees.  

Moreso, health insurance goes with you every day of your life, reimbursing the costs avail by diseases and injuries depending on the plan you choose.

It also gives coverage to your child right from infancy to death.

Hence,  Health insurance remains valid until the age of 100.

7 Best Health Insurance Companies in Helsinki Finland


OP is Finland’s leading non-life insurer, offering private customers, and corporate and institutional clients a broad range of extensive insurance solutions. The company’s Non-life Insurance divisions include Private Customers, Corporate Customers, Baltics, and Health and well-being. Moreso, their health insurance plan is quite affordable and efficient with customer’s interests at heart. Visit Website 

Phone: +358102536100


This health insurance firm provides a complete range of P&C insurance solutions and services to a diverse range of audience, from private individuals to big corporate customers.

IF insurance firm is part of the Nordic insurance group Sampo and it is managed by President Morten Thorsrud.

Additionally, IF helps you in securing the most vital things in your life with the best insurance. Being one of the 7 best health insurance companies in Helsinki Finland, customers are guaranteed to get the best claims service and no sudden price increases in insurance premiums. Visit Website

Phone:  +358 10 19 19 19

Nordic Broker 

Nordic Broker is an international insurance broker. which means they link you with the best health insurance carrier in Finland. Not only that, they do the hard work for you by underwriting your policy process so you have all the time to focus on your health.

Moreso, their partners take care of clients’ insurance needs in Finland and beyond. Nordic only specializes in companies with international exposure and comprehensive insurance solutions. Their partners are known to have been serving some of Finland and Europe’s biggest Corporations.

As an insurance broker, they assist you with the overall handling of your insurance needs, evaluating your existing insurance details and pricing. 

And thereby recommend very reputable insurance carriers with more competitive insurance packages through their risk network, management, and legal insurance support.

 Visit Website 

Phone: +358 40 6847388

Allianz Commercial (Allianz Global Corporate & Specialty SE)

Allianz Commercial is the home of expertise and the central line of Allianz Group for insuring mid-sized businesses, big enterprises, and specialist risks. Among their customers are the world’s biggest consumer brands, financial organizations, top industry gurus,  the global aviation and shipping industry as well as family-operated and medium enterprises which are the backbone of the economy. Allianz Commercial also covers special risks such as offshore wind parks, infrastructure projects, Asset Management, Casualty Insurance, as well as Health Insurance. Their services are known to be top-notch and guarantee peace of mind to customers. Visit Website 

Phone: +358 40 0214538


The Patient Insurance Center (PVK) takes care of all patient injury reports regarding health and medical treatment in Finland. According to the legislation on patient injuries, PVK decides whether it is entitled to patient injury, and if yes, it settles all expenses.

The company works to protect patients and healthcare professionals and gives information on patient injuries to support the operations of healthcare and insurance companies as well as patient safety work. The members of the organization are all insurance firms issuing patient insurance in Finland. Visit Website 

Phone: 040 450 4545


Coversure provides international insurance policies to both expatriates and local nationals around the globe.

The company offers protection plans created to meet the specific needs of customers. These plans are only available through Coversure only. Moreover, their health and individual accident plans are unique in both personal and group health and personal accident sections. 

Their plans have been structured based on years of experience to meet exactly the demands of clients. The company’s stand-alone global personal accident plan was second to none globally, thereby providing worldwide coverage that is not only efficient but cost-effective.

Coversure Unique Features 

Uninterrupted access to the best healthcare

Flexible products to fit individual needs

Highest standards of service

Get cover for you and your family

Visit Website 

Phone: +852 3113 2112


Nordea alongside its subsidiaries, is a leading provider of a diverse range of financial products and services. The company’s services include savings and current accounts, consumer and personal loans, vehicle loans, overdrafts, payments and cards, investment management, structured products, investment funds, asset management, pension schemes, private banking, life, health, non-life insurance, and so on. 

The bank also provides international banking, Internet and telephone banking, online trading services, investment banking, foreign exchange, money market, and debt capital market services. 

Additionally, Nordea offers domestic and cross-border payment services. The bank has operations in Europe, the US, and Asia and is also headquartered in Helsinki, Finland. Visit Website 

Phone: 358 2 0070000

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Health Insurance in Finland FAQs

Is Health Insurance Compulsory in Finland?

In Finland, health insurance is obligatory for all residents. This implies that outsiders living in Finland must have health insurance to enable them to have access to quality and standard healthcare services.

What is the State Health Insurance System in Finland

The state health insurance system in Finland is also referred to as the National Health Insurance (NHI). It is a public form of insurance program designed to take care of all residents of Finland, including expats’ health challenges. The NHI system is funded through taxation and social protection allocations.

What Does NHI Cover?

The NHI system offers extensive health coverage, including medical appointments, hospitalization, diagnostic tests, prescription drugs, and preventive care. The system also takes care of treatment such as maternity care, dental care, and rehabilitation services. Coupled with healthcare coverage, the NHI system also offers disability and life insurance advantages.

Is There Health Insurance for Non-residents in Finland?

Following the national healthcare in Finland, non-residents, tourists, and immigrants with less than 2 years of work visa will not be covered.

Although, there are exceptions to this. Check the national healthcare guidelines.

Can I Use The Public Healthcare System Rather Than Private Health Insurance?

Of course—in as much as you can withstand the long queues for your illness or condition to be treated. The only challenge is that some treatments and consultations may need urgent attention.

However, with private health insurance, you get to select your surgeon, as well as the place and time for your treatment.

Is a Workplace Health Insurance Scheme an Excellent Choice?

A workplace health scheme provides coverage just as private health insurance does. Therefore, you pay it through your regular income from work.

Initially, you have to know if the policy covers only you, your family, or both, as well as the benefits and exclusions associated with the plan. 

Knowing this will help you decide whether to subscribe to private health insurance for its broad coverage.

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