7 best health insurance companies in Ireland

This guide will explore the 7 best health insurance companies in Ireland and extensively cover each of your concerns about health insurance. 

When you or any of your loved ones fall ill or sustain an injury, you’ll want to get the best health care as soon as possible.

Health insurance offers you or your family protection both medically and financially – by taking care of the following:

  • Pays up your private medical and hospital expenses
  • Helps cover the amount of hospital accommodation and,
  • Offers quicker access to health services and treatment.

Although health insurance is not mandatory, getting it will give you extra peace of mind and take care of any unplanned costs when you lack funds or are most vulnerable.

What Does Health Insurance in Ireland Cover?

Health insurance firms provide an array of policies from basic plans to premium plus plans. The aids or advantages you get depend on the kind of plan you select.

Some of the benefits include:

1)In-patient services: 

This provides cover for general hospital accommodation, palliative care facilities, mental health treatment, and A&E overnight stays.

2) Out-patient services: 

This entails day-case surgery and other treatment that takes place in the hospital but doesn’t include an overnight stay.

3) Everyday medical expenses: 

This gives cover for emergency or non-emergency dental and optical care.

4) Online GP services: 

This enables you to have access to a GP through your phone, laptop, or PC. However, prescription expenses are not normally covered.

5) Integrative therapies: 

This provides partial costs for therapies such as acupuncture, osteopathy, and homeopathy.

6) Maternity aids: 

Covers expenses for scans, antenatal classes, and consultation bills.

7) Consultation fees: 

This features referrals from your GP and an alternative health opinion service.

8) Medical tests and scans: 

Partial coverage for any tests or screening that takes place.

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Note: To have a full grasp of your policy exclusions or specific advantages, information is often buried in the small print. 

Always ensure you carefully peruse your policy schedule to ascertain you’re covered for what you expect.

7 best health insurance companies in Ireland

Different Forms of Health Insurance in Ireland 

The kind of plan you select will affect how extensively you’re covered. Here are the three main forms of health insurance coverage.

A) Health insurance

This plan offers coverage for all or part of your in-patient bills, and hospital expenses and will commonly take care of other out-patient benefits.

B) Cash Advantage 

This plan provides fixed compensation for several medical expenses but does not include a claim back for in-patient bills.

C) Out-patient only

For this policy, all your outpatient expenses will be taken care of, such as online GP appointments or emergency dental care.

How To Select The Best Type of Health Insurance Plan

It is important to note that the best health insurance policy is one that’s cost-effective and perfectly covers the health needs of you and your family. 

However, due to over 300 distinct policies out there, locating the ideal plan can be time-consuming and misleading.

But with the following factors, you can decide which health insurance plans work best for you and your loved ones:

Age – This factor impacts the price you pay and the kind of coverage you require.

Affordability – That is, how much can you pay conveniently regularly?

Locality – what are the services Available in your location?

Lifestyle – Consider carefully what benefits you may need more, for instance, if you’re a passionate sportsperson, you may require physiotherapy.

Plans – if you are preparing to start a family Soon, you may require maternity services.

Note: It is crucial to give clear and accurate personal information when you are obtaining a quote.

Now before evaluating the top health insurance providers in Ireland, one most popped questions is:

How much does health insurance in Ireland cost?

As of March 2023, the average annual price of Irish health insurance paid by individual policyholders is €1,493.

However, monthly premiums paid by individual health insurance could be as minimal as €16 for a basic cash-only plan. 

Or could be hundreds of euros per month for an extensive plan featuring day-to-day advantages.

7 best health insurance companies in Ireland

7 Best Health Insurance Companies in Ireland

To give the best result, we analyzed various health insurance providers based on the following criteria: cost, customer service, and in-patient and out-patient benefits.

VHI Healthcare

Vhi is the largest, government-owned health insurer in Ireland. The company was established under the Voluntary Health Insurance Act in 1957. 

Aside from health and dental insurance, they give coverage for life and travel insurance. Vhi is the most affordable insurer that offers basic plans for adults known as PublicPlus Care.

Their in-patient benefits are not limited to mental health and maternity cover. They give up to 100 days of mental health facility admission. Additionally, the maternity aid offered by Vhi covers about €400 of the bills for public hospital delivery. 

Furthermore, another significant benefit they provide is Hospital@Home, which provides home care directed by a hospital general practitioner (GP). 

Although, this doesn’t imply that home treatment is available for all Vhi clients. It is only available for selected patients already admitted to a hospital but discharged early by their doctor to continue their treatment at home.

Vhi also gives access to SwiftCare facilities created to cater to individuals with minor injuries and illnesses. Visit Website.


  • Reasonably priced basic plan for adults
  • The basic plan with minimal individual excess
  • The basic plan includes emergency treatment abroad
  • Offers SwiftCare (this is an emergency care clinic for minor injuries and illnesses)


  • Have slight issues with claims
  • The basic plan has no cancer accommodation advantage 

Address: Vhi House, Abbey Street Lower, North City, Dublin, D01 DX77, Ireland

Laya Healthcare

This is another leading Irish health insurance provider according to market share. The company was formerly BUPA Ireland and QUINN-healthcare and is now owned by AIG. 

Laya is an acronym for “Looking After You Always, and was rebranded in 2012.” They offer a basic plan for adults known as Assure Protect which entails policy limits, implying there is room for out-patient expenses. 

This is helpful when you get hospital treatment that doesn’t need a long time stay.

Another prominent advantage of Assure Protect is that it offers cancer accommodation aid as well as total coverage for hairpieces and breast prostheses.

These provisions help enhance the courage of cancer patients who went through tormenting physical changes due to chemotherapy or surgery.

Laya has several Health and Wellbeing medical centers coupled with emergency care centers. 

This enables slight injuries and ailments treatment easily accessible for their customers. Visit Website.


  • The basic plan has cancer accommodation aids
  • High out-patient policy limits coupled with out-patient mental health care are also available in the basic plan 
  • Several medical centers clinics and emergency care centers are available 


  • Minor claim issues 
  • Appointments for slight injuries and ailments facilities may be more expensive than normal 

Address: Eastgate Road, Eastgate Business Park, Little Island, Co Cork, T45 E181, Ireland

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Irish Life Health

Irish is another leading health insurance firm in Ireland. The company was founded in 2016 by Irish Life Group Ltd, a significant provider of life insurance and pension. 

One unique feature of the Irish is their special health schemes for students, nurses, and teachers. Although these special schemes come at distinct costs, the students’ plan is the most affordable.

Another remarkable advantage is that some of the plans come with discounts and free travel insurance. Therefore, this insurance firm can be quite appealing to travel-lovers.

Like Vhi, Irish health care also provides a home service called Health in the Home. With a medical practitioner’s referral, your treatment may continue in the comfort of your home. Visit Website.


  • Provides a unique plan for nurses, teachers, and students
  • Discounts and free travel insurance on some plans
  • The basic plan has emergency dental care benefits coupled with urgent overseas treatment.
  • Health in the Home


  • Not too impressive communication
  • The basic plan might be more pricey compared to other insurers

Address: Irish Life Centre, Abbey Street Lower, North City, Dublin 1, Ireland

HSF Health Plan

HSF is a highly reputable trading firm of the charity known as “The Hospital Saturday Fund.” It has been assisting various individuals in periods of illness and medical need since its inception in 1873.

The company is approved and regulated as a 3rd country branch by the Central Bank of Ireland.

HSF has two main objectives:

  • To offer relatively copious health advantages with minimal fee health cash schemes 
  • Provides services to both corporate and individual clients and divides the huge return by donating it to various health care centers and individuals alike. Visit Website.

Address: Westgate Business Park, 5 Kilrush Rd, Cahircalla More, Ennis, Co. Clare, Ireland

7 best health insurance companies in Ireland

AIG Ireland

AIG has been assisting Irish individuals and families for over 4 decades. By providing a comprehensive array of quality insurance products and services which aren’t limited to health, travel, car, and property to mention a few.

Owing to their in-depth insurance claims expertise and outstanding financial security. AIG provides security to more than half of the country’s leading 100 firms as well as several public and private sector organizations. Not to mention the tens of thousands of individuals. 

The insurance firm is best at supporting your family in times of need, by offering exceptional insurance policies that suit the needs of customers. Visit Website.


  • Security to more than half of the country’s top 100 companies
  • Customized health care plan tailored to individual needs


  • Slight claim issues 

Address: 30 N Wall Quay, International Financial Services Centre, Dublin, D01 R8H7, Ireland

Pembroke Insurance Brokers Dublin

Pembroke is a prominent privately owned Commercial, Business, and health-related insurance broker. By understanding how significant insurance is, they give the best value available.

Pembroke’s excellent team of experts helps you every step of the way, to prove to clients that they have got the best-valued insurance available.

The company’s staff of insurance brokers recommend to you the best prices available and ensure you get the perfect health care plans that offer peace of mind to you and your loved ones. Visit Website.


  • Excellent and professional teams ever ready to assist you
  • Offers peace of mind with the best possible fee


  • Delayed claim processing (at times).

Address: 22 – 23 Pembroke Street Upper, Dublin 2, D02 DH02, Ireland

Lion Life Insurance 

As one of the top life insurance brokers in Ireland, Lion Life Insurance has been fulfilling the health needs of Irish customers since its inception in 1981.

The company helps you locate the best possible health insurance coverage with its friendly and highly personalized Services.

Lion Life possesses an unconquerable reputation for giving swift and cost-effective online quotes within minutes from several outstanding Ireland insurance firms.

Additionally, as a result of their top-notch services, the company was awarded the “Ireland’s Broker of The Year 2022.” Visit Website.


  • Hassle-free process and swift reply from support in case of any challenges
  • Unbeatable reputation for giving swift and cost-effective online quotes 
  • Professional teams 


  • None

Address: Patrick St, Tullamore, Co. Offaly, R35 F2X0, Ireland

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