Affordable Wedding Insurance in New York

As one of the largest, most populous, influential, and most international cities in the American metropolis, many wonder whether there is affordable wedding insurance in New York.

Yes! New York might be a bit expensive and you should be ready to spend a reasonable amount of money to bring your special day to life. 

It doesn’t matter if you plan to turn over tens of thousands of dollars or even more for your dream wedding. The question is – “can you guarantee the safety of your big day?” 

It only makes sense to take out insurance that can compensate you, should the day you have spent fortunes end up lurking with misfortune.

Wedding Insurance will serve as a safety net against any unexpected events and thus get you covered even if you need to cancel or postpone the wedding.

That said, having compared several reputable wedding insurance providers to break down the product offered. 

This guide will assist you in choosing the ideal product by listing a few of the most affordable wedding insurance providers in New York. 

These wedding insurers do not only meet your needs but also safeguard your expenses on your special day.

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How Do I Find Affordable Wedding Insurance Providers In New York?

Now you know what wedding insurance is, and believe it is right for you. We will evaluate some step-by-step plans for getting the perfect possible cover at an affordable price.

Before that, you need to be aware that several reputable wedding insurers have stopped giving out new policies. This is due to COVID-19 and the challenge of event cancellation, although cover is available.

However, following these steps will help you get affordable coverage even if you plan to have your wedding overseas.

Step 1: Make a thorough analysis of how much your wedding will cost 

Before you search for wedding insurance providers, create a list of all the items you will be spending money on. Doing this will make you stick to a budget and avoid irrelevant expenses. 

However, you need to note the amount you will be spending on insurance depends on the total cost of the wedding.

So it is vital to get it right so your event won’t be underinsured.

Another thing to note is, say you go over your initial budget (which you will be insured for), make sure to inform your insurer about the new development.

However, you might need to pay an extra fee to increase the coverage level. Additionally, ensure to steer clear of items you won’t need insurance for.

Affordable Wedding Insurance in New York

Step 2: Get a comparative price from a review site

A beneficial starting point is to use comparison or review sites to get the most budget-friendly insurance.

What these review sites do is forward your information to fee insurers and brokers to get you the best affordable quotes.

Consider the below two review sites for a broad selection of insurers.

  • ProtectYourFamily

Merits: You get a personalized quote once you provide every detail of your wedding.

Demerits: You might need to provide all your personal information before getting an online quote.


Merits: Features such as price, amount of cancellation, and vendor cover will be displayed.

Demerits: The only way to get a personalized quote is to contact the insurance company directly.

Kindly let us know if the comparison/review sites work for you 

Step 3: Ensure to diligently peruse the policy documents and COVID-19 restrictions.

Doing this will give you a full grasp of what is covered and what isn’t. And will let you know whether it meets your needs and budget for the wedding.

Step 4: Obtain quotes from brokers

If you have the resources to hire a broker, please do. Brokers can give recommendations on what policy to choose and usually have relationships with several insurers. Who might be able to provide you with a special deal?

Brokers from the British Insurance Brokers’ Association are the best bet and will help you get the right product.

Step 5: Check for money back or cashback 

A cashback site pays its members a percentage of money earned when they purchase products and services through its affiliate links.

After you have identified an affordable price, look out for any cashback deals. If you’re new to cashback sites, go here for the pros and cons before using them.

Affordable Wedding Insurance in New York

eWed Insurance 

eWed Insurance is the number one best-ranked wedding insurance company in New York.

It offers 24/7 Concierge Service for all policyholders in the wedding industry, by allowing getting cancellation and liability insurance to protect their wedding investment.

The company aims to make sure every wedding couple is secured from the unexpected financial loss of their investment in their wedding.

Being the only company powered by an AI algorithm, eWed can inspect your venue’s insurance needs and make sure you have the best coverage.

The services delivered are top-notch and highly guaranteed, this is because the company’s founder was a wedding planner and venue operator for over 27 years. With 50 years of hands-on experience in the wedding and special event industry. 

Hence they offer zero deductible event and wedding insurance that includes guest alcohol liability for both you and your venue. Visit Website.

Address: 246 5th Ave Suite 621, Brooklyn, NY 10001, United States

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Affordable Wedding Insurance in New York

Front Row Insurance

Front Row Insurance specializes in entertainment-related risks, with one of their focus being – designing custom insurance packages for special events, including weddings.

Aside from several other countries, Front Row has U.S. offices in LA and New York. And by using the coupon code NYWedding$25off you get $25 off your wedding insurance policy.

Protecting your New York Wedding with Front Row Insurance is a fast and simple process, hence there is this confidence that your big day is secured.

Obtaining wedding quotes from the company is quick and painless with no need to talk to an insurance broker. Visit Website.

Address: New York, USA

Reis Group

The Reis Group is a privately owned insurance agency with offices in Kingston, Saugerties, New Windsor, Latham, and New York. 

The company understands that the insurance market is constantly evolving, and does all possible to stay ahead of the latest developments in the industry.

Reis places a strong attention on education, hence, keeping their professional staff knowledgeable and well-informed to serve you better.

This ensures that clients are properly guided through any confusing process and thus offers comprehensive information regarding their wedding insurance policies. 

Additionally, with Reis’s client-centric mindset, they ensure to offer at all times competitive quotes/proposals for your consideration. Visit Website. 

Address: 475 Washington Avenue Kingston, NY 12401

Kneller Insurance Agency

Kneller Insurance Agency was established in 1976 which made them one of the oldest hands-on agencies due to its years of outstanding operation.

The company offers a personalized approach to life insurance, writing property, casualty, home, auto, health, and above all, wedding insurance. 

Safeguarding your big day is one of their underlying forte coupled with providing superior service irrespective of where their customers reside. 

Kneller is registered in New York, Connecticut, Massachusetts, New Jersey, New Mexico, South Carolina, Florida, and Wyoming. Visit Website. 

Address: 3030 Main St., Valatie, NY 12184

UG Insurance Brokerage, Inc. 

UG is a full-service brokerage firm and has been serving the individual and business community for over 30 years. 

The company offers wedding, property & casualty, pension products as well as life and health insurance.

Being a highly reputable broker agency in New York, it implies they represent you and not the insurance companies. By liaising with several  “A” rated firms, getting the lowest premium and identifying the best coverage for your special occasion is guaranteed.

UG Insurance Brokerage firm provides targeted insurance products customized to your personal and business needs. Visit Website.

Address: 11429 Lefferts Blvd South Ozone Park, NY 11420

Eli Cohen Insurance Agency Inc.

Eli Cohen Insurance Agency, Inc. was established in 2010, although not too long in the market but has been surpassing client satisfaction ever since. 

Owing to their determination, integrity, and reliability, the company relentlessly contends to give quality service to clients 24/7. Visit Website.

Address: 2003 Coney Island Ave 4th Floor, Brooklyn, NY 11223, United States

Affordable Wedding Insurance in New York

How To Register a Complaint When You’re Dissatisfied With Your Insurer

Facing reality, things don’t always go as expected. While some insurers might be awesome for some, it can be a nightmare for others. Aside from the insurance agency not having the best customer-service reputation. The common challenges encountered include the following:

  • Claims either not being paid out on time or at all
  • Unfair charges
  • Exclusions are hidden in small print. 

However, the first thing to do when you get wrapped up in any of these problems is to try calling your insurance provider first, but, if not, then…

You can make use of the free complaints tool resolver. This tool helps you manage your complaint, and if the company doesn’t turn up,  it can also take the case further by escalating your complaint to the free Financial Ombudsman Service.


There you have it, the most affordable wedding insurance providers in New York. Although we have done the assignment for you, ensure to take your time to carefully peruse each of their policies before taking out one. With affordable wedding insurance, you are aiming for two birds with one stone; safeguarding your big day from unforeseen circumstances and also saving yourself from out-of-pocket expenses.

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