20 Best Special Event Liability Insurance Companies in Canada

Special events aren’t easy to plan in Canada or anywhere. Here is why this post will evaluate the 20 Best Special Event Liability Insurance Companies in Canada.

It doesn’t matter whether you have organized an event before.  Even the most flawlessly planned occasion tends to go wrong. 

In order not to allow the array of resources you utilize to execute your special event to be a waste – it is important to take out Special Event Liability Insurance Coverage. 

This coverage is a unique tailored policy that protects and reimburses the event organizers, planners, and or the supplier (vendor). 

Special Event Insurance also provides you with maximum security from any mishaps and saves you from unplanned out-of-pocket expenses for all unfavorable circumstances.  

On average, all event venues in Canada demand every party host to get a minimum of $1 Million in liability insurance, which indeed is a huge amount of money. 

With these and other stakes, so, when is a perfect time to take out event liability insurance? No other time than NOW!

What Special Event Liability Insurance Covers

1) Honoree or third-party personal injuries/accidents

Event liability insurance will cover medical bills, even funeral expenses if your special occasion injured an honoree, supplier, or any other third party.

2) Honoree or third-party property damage/loss

It will cover or compensate the amount of damaged properties possessed by honorees, suppliers, and other third parties, that are damaged on your special occasion.

3) Advertising injury coverage 

This is an additional inclusion coverage that will cover legal practitioner fees, managerial costs, settlements, and other legal expenses. 

This happens when a guest sues the special event organizer for acts such as slander, libel, and other forms of advertising or personality harm

4) Rented areas liability coverage

This coverage will compensate the property owner if the area is damaged during a special occasion.

5) Public Liability Insurance

It functions like general liability insurance (which covers individual injury and property damage claims). 

But the only difference is that you can’t add an extra or additional policy to it. However, the premiums under this coverage are inexpensive due to the restricted security provided.

6) Special Event Liquor Liability Insurance

This coverage protects the event host from the havoc caused by guests due to the influence of alcohol served at your event.

20 Best Special Event Liability Insurance Firms in Canada

Below is a breakdown of the best special events insurers based on a comprehensive analysis of event companies in the Canadian market today.

Provided also are the companies’ pros, cons, pricing based on a day policy and short overview,

Sharp Insurance

Sharp Insurance is another fast-developing brokerage in Canada that gives clients support at the national level through its headquarters in Calgary.

The company partnered with several insurance companies to offer a variety of specialized services. With this exposure, Sharp Insurance can give your special event extensive coverage at low prices.


  • Their digital quoting process makes it convenient for customers to manage policies online
  • Comprehensive event liability coverage


  • You may get more affordable prices elsewhere


Marsh Insurance Canada is a world-leading insurance broker and risk bearer in event management. Due to its wide network of resources and expertise, the company effortlessly offers efficient coverage to what matters most to its customers.

Obtaining quotes from Marsh Insurance occurs in a matter of minutes due to their ability to leverage technology to streamline the whole process. With branches spanning across 130 countries, the company’s goal and mission remained unchanged. Which are, creative and data-driven solutions at cost-effective prices.


  • All-inclusive expertise and data-driven solutions
  • Customized insurance products tailored to clients’ specific needs.
  • Efficient and reliable support system


  • The claim handling process might sometimes be delayed.

Kase Insurance

Kase Insurance is one of the leading providers of special event insurance in Toronto, Canada.

It was founded in 2016, although not too long in the market but its client-centric approach has made it remarkable.

Kase ensures you get the best specialized coverage policy that will protect you from the challenges involved in the special occasions that you are about to organize. 

Irrespective of whether you are the host, event organizer, or even the venue owner, your safety is guaranteed with Kase coverage policies.


  • Exceptional and well-suited special event coverage
  • Swift, uninterrupted, and stress-free online service


  • To cover some activities or performances requires additional premium fees.

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Another strong root and uniquely independent event liability insurance company in Canada is CapriCMW. The firm was created through the merging of CMW and Capri, which has strengthened its expertise in insurance and risk management.

Due to the company’s remarkable and outstanding impact on serving clients, hence the title “the CapriCMW difference.

With over 450 professional staff and 16 branches across Canada, CapriCMW is well-equipped to offer solutions to your insurance needs.

Another unique quality of the firm is its provision of short-term protection for a wide array of events. This entails liability coverage (defense fees for claims of negligence against the event host inclusive) and third-party alcohol liability if required.


  • Momentary coverage for a broad range of occasions
  • Comprehensive liability coverage


  • Claim might sometimes be delayed

Netsurance (Policy Start Price @ $75)

Netsurance Canada specializes in offering online insurance solutions for wedding and event liability challenges.

Their online platform gives an easier way for customers to access different coverage options, get quotes, and take out policies. All these, at their own time and comfort.

To help clients with their questions or concerns, Netsurance provides extensive customer support services. Which are available through several channels such as email, phone calls, or live chat. 


  • Immediate online quotes
  • Digital policy documents
  • Trustworthy underwriters
  • Available for all event types


  • There is no coverage for fireworks & pyrotechnics

Front Row Insurance ($105 Policy Start Fee)

Front Row is well known for its specialty in entertainment-related risks. The company has made it easy for Canadians to book coverage for their Special Event Insurance instantly through its online program. Also, with well-tailored insurance packages, getting the best coverage at the lowest premium is guaranteed. This is attainable by bidding on your behalf through their connection with several insurance firms.


  • The best possible insurance policy for your project is guaranteed at the lowest possible price.
  • A solid relationship with several reputable and highly successful insurance companies. This is to meet your insurance needs quickly and efficiently.


  • Unstable premium fees

Easy Insure ($75 Starting Fee)

As one the biggest providers of event liability insurance in Canada, Easy Insure gets the best coverage for all your special events as well as a straightforward online quoting process. The liquor liability is only included provided the liquor would be served by a qualified server.


  • Up to $2 million liability coverage
  • Liquor liability coverage 
  • Up to 3 days event coverage


  • No coverage for fireworks & pyrotechnics
  • Doesn’t cover Injury to entertainers & performers


Alberta Motor Association Insurance’s wealth of experience makes them the ideal firm to talk to when it comes to your special event needs. With its roots in Alberta, Canada, the company is well-equipped to understand all that is required to make your occasion hassle-free.

There is also an option to customize your plan with the limit you need and get coverage for all the listed. However, to get alcohol liability coverage, a valid liquor license is required.


  • Up to $5,000,000 liability coverage 
  • Coverage for venue/property damage
  • Medical fees in case of Injuries to any guests
  • Liquor liability coverage 


  • Currently, there is no coverage for weddings

Travelers Canada ($160 Policy Start Price)

Travelers event insurance gives great coverage for event liability insurance. The company is created for private invitation-only events like weddings, family reunions, and holiday parties. Although there is no cover for events like corporate events or fundraising occasions that require a ticket. But, talking about customer satisfaction and exceptional services, Travelers Insurance offers the best.


  • Support available by phone, email, and web chat
  • Online quotes and policy management
  • Option to purchase online or work with an agent


  • The types of events covered are limited
  • Doesn’t provide standalone liability policies

DUUO ($70 Start Price)

Duuo Canada is an online insurance platform owned by The Co-operators, which is a group of Canadian collaborators and small goal industries. They offer a wide range of insurance products including special event liability. 

Duuo offers automated and instantaneous access to event liability insurance. This makes it convenient to get your special occasion covered in the cause of unexpected mishaps.


  • No hidden or service fees such as broker or advisor fees, deductible, or cancellation fees
  • Up to $5 Million liability standard coverage
  • Easy claim filing


  • Duuo may not be an ideal fit for clients who seek more personalized guidance

PAL Insurance (Policy Start Price @$50)

PAL Insurance is a distinct insurance broker known for its special event coverage insurance with fitted party alcohol liability coverage. 

Since its inception in 1989, the company has protected myriads of events throughout Canada. 

Aside from their exceptional services in giving property coverage and general liability insurance, 

The company’s services are affordable with an average price of $75 for one-day coverage.

Furthermore, PAL is also remarkable for having the adroitness to know the particular needs of every type of event.


  • Provides an Exhibitor Coverage that protects individuals or business owners with a stand at a market, mall, or outdoor event.
  • Gives coverage for contests and other ticket occasions and performances 
  • The general liability coverage includes a party liquor protection


  • The turnaround time for the standard quote is longer compared to other insurers.

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Markel (Policy Start Price @ $75)

Markel Canada is one of the top leading event insurance firms, with over 15 years of experience in the risk-bearing market. 

In a means to provide ease for clients, Markel has created two affordable special event policies which are Event liability insurance and cancellation/postponement coverage. 

Markel’s low-cost event policies include discounts for bundling coverage and free information resources, a better value than any other insurer

There is also an advantage of filing your venue under extra insured within the certificate of insurance without incurring extra fees.


  • There is a 15% discount if general liability and cancellation coverages are bought at once
  • Low deductible for postponement coverage as low as $25


  • Liability coverage doesn’t cover foreign destinations.
  • The limit payment on loss of cash gifts is $300
  • $1,000 deductible associated with property damage claims
  • There is a limit fee to lost or misplaced cash gifts, usually $300 


From Special events like weddings to corporate parties, InsureBC event liability insurance gives well-fitted coverage that completely safeguards your occasion. The company, formerly called The Intercity Group) and was founded in 1988 and located in British Columbia, Canada.

And has partnered with many reputable insurance organizations, some of which have been in the risk-bearing market since the 1920s. With its wealth of expertise and exposure, it effortlessly offers efficient and reliable coverage that meets every client’s needs and financial capacity.


  • About $10 Million Liability Limits
  • Tenants legal liability coverage which is created to cover damage to the property leased or rented.
  • Medical expenses coverage for third-party 
  • Non-owned Auto coverage 
  • Host alcohol liability
  • Excellent claim filing process 


  • No Fireworks & pyrotechnics coverage

Rogers Insurance Limited

Rogers Insurance is one of the trusted and biggest independent special events insurers in Canada. 

With over 40 years of experience, the firm has developed to be a highly sought-after expert in the field. Delivering cost-effective special event insurance quotes while also maintaining exceptional customer service and a hands-on approach.

Rogers ‘ professional and experienced teams are always there to source the best insurance resources tailored to your needs and budget.


  • Property damage, commercial general liability, and alcohol liability coverage
  • Customizable insurance tailored to your needs and financial capacity
  • Exceptional customer service


  • Claim Process might  be delayed

CHES Special Risk

CHES Special Risk Insurance is a trusted event insurance firm that provides top-notch service backed by underwriting expertise.

The company was initially backed by domestic Canadian insurers before becoming a verified Lloyd’s cover holder in 2009.

Through authentic cooperation with underwriters, CHES has identified various means to resolve customer’s monetary risks and challenges. That might be encountered while planning for their special day.

Additionally, CHES special event insurance coverage can be offered on a short-term basis for event planners or exhibitors. Or it can be provided yearly for event/meeting planners and other formal events.


  • Short-term/long-term event coverage
  • Coverage for guests’ bodily injury and property damage.
  • Alcohol liability coverage
  • Medical expenses coverage


  • There are a few limitations of coverage which apply extra fees

USAA ($56 Average Cost for One-day Coverage)

USAA stands for United Services Automobile Association. It is a highly reputable insurance company that provides coverage for active-duty and retired military personnel and their families. 

The policy provides cost-effective coverages fitted basically for the realities of life in the military. USAA service is available across the US, Canada, and Mexico (provided it is 75 miles from the United States territories and Mexico border). 

Their policies give coverage for all special events within these states and their environs and also feature celebrations on cruise ships. Additionally, you can take out USAA event coverage a day to your event.


  • Liability coverage that gives full security to the insured party during rehearsals which mostly occur two days before the occasion.
  • Engagement ring insurance coverage.
  • Full Money-back guarantee 


  • Only available for USAA subscribers, such as military figure, veterans, reservists, and their relatives 

Allstate ($70 Start Price)

Allstate is another special event insurance that provides coverage for weddings, parties, business meetings, and corporate occasions with $89 average cost for one-day coverage.

The company was founded in 1931 and is known to give 2 comprehensive products which are event cancellations and event liability coverage. 

Providing individuals with the hopes and dreams to conquer unforeseen situations is the company’s one underlying forte. 


  • Easy only quotes
  • Customizable and affordable services
  • $89 Average Cost for One-day Coverage


  • There is no one-day insurance coverage for sporting occasions or one with over 500 attendees 

USLI ($118 Average Cost for One-day Coverage)

USLI Canada provides coverage for weddings, main occasions, and golf events. Its extensive policy entails professional liability, alcohol liability, molestation, and abuse, and equipment breakdown

The company provides comprehensive coverage including liquor liability, sexual crime, abuse, and instrument breakdown.

Also, note that USLI Canada only offers coverage for events below twenty thousand guests. 


  • Special event insurance policy includes general and liquor liability as well as medical payments for bodily injury 
  • Gives protection for 10,000 guests upwards.
  • Easy terms depending on the length of the occasion
  • 15% discount for wedding special event insurance


  • USLI special event insurance can only be taken out through an agent or broker
  • Not perfect for smaller events 

K&K Insurance ($52 Average Cost for One-day Coverage)

K & K Insurance Canada was established in 1990 and has evolved to be one of Canada’s most sophisticated Managing General Insurance firms. 

The company’s exceptional online claims reporting has won them an A+ rating. Also, K&K partnered with several independent insurance agents to provide more quality services to its clients.


  • Provides special insurance for sports, recreation, and entertainment.
  • A broad range of reasonably priced products.
  • Gives coverage for general liability insurance providing tailored coverage such as liquor liability coverage, motorsports liability coverage, etc.


  • Unsatisfactory customer service 

Leibel Insurance

Leibel Insurance Group is an independent insurance brokerage that gives coverage for a wide range of risks including special events. 

The firm has been in operation for over 3 decades, and since then, is offering clients the best coverage at an affordable price. Which was achievable due to their partnership with several reputable insurance companies.


  • Same-day event insurance coverage and approval
  • Protection from event liability threats
  • Availability of event cancellation options 
  • 24/7 emergency insurance claims reporting


  • Liability coverage doesn’t cover foreign destinations.

Special Event Liability Insurance FAQS 

Is There a Certificate of Insurance for Special Event Liability Policy?

Yes! Special event liability insurance does come with a certificate of insurance. This certificate will show the amount of coverage given, as well as optional services.

Be aware that your certificate of insurance is only available in 2 formats; digital or paper document.

Who Is Special Event Liability Insurance For?

Special event insurance is important for event organizers, planners, vendors, and other similar bodies. It gives coverage for events such as sports events, musical concerts, graduations, camping events,  festivals, and more.  

Does Special Event Insurance Come with a Waiver of Subrogation?

This lies with the Insurer you decide to take out your policy from. Some special event liability insurers give the waiver of subrogation at an extra fee while some don’t have it at all.

Note: A waiver of subrogation is a contractual service such that the insured gives off the right to their Insurance holder to seek indemnity or compensation for the damages caused by a careless guest or third party.

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