5 most special event liability insurance companies in Calgary

In this article, we will explore the 5 most affordable special event liability insurance companies in Calgary.

Oftentimes, people prepare for special events like birthday parties, retirement ceremonies, or even weddings but leave out what could make the event run smoothly. 

The cost of an average wedding is around $20,000. Although we do not envisage anything going wrong in an event, in truth, several things could put you in financial constraints.

Numerous factors can impact the success of an event. 

For instance, when you prepare for an event, you put in a lot of expenses on things like venue, planners or decorators, and catering in advance.

But adverse weather or a natural disaster can cancel your event at a moment when you least expect it. 

There is a slight likelihood that you will get your money back. 

In cases like this and other similar scenarios, special event insurance can offer huge help and save you from unforeseen situations 

What is Special Event Liability Insurance in Alberta?

Special Event Liability insurance protects your event against unforeseen circumstances and their related financial onus. 

These situations usually include accidents and other forms of liability like personal injury, property loss or damage, or other calamities arising from the influence of alcohol. 

The provision of any insurance in Calgary be it special event is supervised by regulators on both the national and state level. 

Calgary has a high level of insurance that offers regulatory supervision on the insurance marketplace, making sure that consumers are protected.

All policies are created distinctly, with the size, revenue, and number of attendees of the special event in question. 

All these and more determine both pricing and the forms of protection included in the policy. 

Payments usually include a premium upfront, followed by the policy or coverage fees. 

Special Event Liability insurance policies will differ in their specifics but include the following form of insurance products:

Special Event Liability Insurance Policies Form Of Insurance Products

Coverage type What it entails
Commercial general liability insurance Often known as CGL insurance, commercial liability insurance protects your event against claims that allege third-party or attendees accident/injury or property damage.
Professional liability insurance Also often called Errors and Omissions Insurance, professional liability insurance provides cover for events against claims alleging misconduct (such as personality defamation), carelessness, or any failures to deliver a service as agreed upon.
Commercial property insurance Commercial property insurance offers security for your event in case of loss or damage to your property or venue due to unforeseen circumstances like thefts, fires, and other kinds of calamities.

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Why do I need Special Event Liability insurance in Calgary?

While there is no legal binding, it is highly encouraged that every event should get special event liability insurance or event insurance. 

This is to protect themselves against all forms of risks that are likely to occur and save you from out-of-pocket expenses. 

Special Event insurance goes beyond just protecting yourself, your guests, and your property in the event of a disaster. 

It is also about safeguarding yourself from the effects of an expensive lawsuit. 

Without the ideal form of security, most forms of legal proceedings end up draining you financially and most times leave you insolvent. 

In the case that a venue owner files a lawsuit against you, legal fees can rapidly spiral out of control, so you must have the ideal form of coverage.

Here is a good analogy:

Beverly, a young successful lady, arranges a grand party for her parents’ retirement party. 

She invested so much in the preparation, from booking an elegant venue to luxurious catering and event entertainment well fitted to her parents’ taste. 

Beverly didn’t leave anything to luck hence she took out event liability insurance. 

During the celebration, a few mishaps happened. Some of the guests accidentally caused significant damage to the venue. 

The venue thereby filed a lawsuit against the host to recoup a fee of $200,000 for the damages caused. 

The amount was settled by the insurance company with which she holds a policy.

The above scenario further buttresses how vital taking out insurance is 

What Does Special Event Liability Insurance in Calgary Cover?

Almost all forms of event liability insurance will include commercial general liability insurance (CGL) at the barest minimum. 

A well-detailed policy will generally protect you from the following forms of challenges:

  • Event cancellations result from natural disasters such as fire outbreaks, tornadoes, floods, and hurricanes.
  • Property damage
  • Lawsuits
  • Character defamation (slander or libel).
  • Injury or bodily harm to third parties or guests.

In most cases, special event liability insurance will entail CGL insurance alongside professional liability insurance, and commercial property insurance, with additional add-ons that are required depending on the event type.

How much is Special Event Liability Insurance in Calgary?

The most direct answer to this is, it depends. But to get a hint of what to expect. 

According to data from a leading event insurance broker, event hosts planning a special event in Calgary should expect to pay between $150 – $2000. 

Note that the price also depends on the level of coverage and the level of fundamental or built-in risks.

The underlying truth is the cost of special event liability insurance will count on a range of factors, such as your type of event, number of honorees, type of insurance firm, level of coverage, and its associated kinds of risks.

Other factors taken into account include venue, date and location, and additional add-ons. 

5 Most Affordable Special Event Liability Insurance Companies in Calgary 


PAL Insurance Brokers Canada since 1989, has been a family-owned Specialty Insurance Broker.  

The company provides a broad of insurance products which are listed below

  • Special Event
  • Host Liquor Liability
  • Weddinguard – Insurance for your Wedding Essentials
  • Exhibitor Liability
  • Contents in Storage
  • Event Planner Insurance
  • Performer & Entertainer Insurance
  • Prize Indemnity / Prize Insurance
  • Event Cancellation & Non-appearance, 
  • Server Insurance
  • ATM/Vending Machine Insurance, 
  • And Miscellaneous Property & Liability. 

The list goes on. At PAL, the team is always at its best and maintains excellence concerning customer satisfaction and support.

With the advent of innovative technology, the company’s advanced website offers automatic quotes and policy issuance on select programs/policies.


Sharp is another fastest-evolving insurance company in Canada. The privately owned brokerage firm has won multiple awards under its belt. 

And has been nurturing customers nationally through its headquarters in Calgary.

With their prolonged service hours and an employer of multilingual experts, clients’ concerns are evaluated and processed swiftly.

Sharp Insurance firm has over years built strong connections with several reputable insurers to ensure clients get a broad range of policy product packages. 

They also uphold high-quality services, and above all dignify themselves by offering effective event insurance coverage. 

This doesn’t only meet and surpass the expectations of clients but is also well tailored to their financial capacity.

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CapriCMW is a strong root and uniquely independent event liability insurance company in Calgary, Canada. 

The company was created through the merging of CMW and Capri, and this strengthened its professional tentacles in insurance and risk management.

Due to their excellent and exceptional contribution to serving clients, the name of the company made a significant wave. 

CapriCMW has over 450 professional teams and 16 branches across Canada, which makes them well-equipped to provide solutions to your insurance needs.

One unique quality of the company that makes it differ from other insurers is its arrangement of short-term coverage for a wide array of occasions. 

This consists of liability cover (including defense fees for claims of negligence against the event host) and guest liquor liability coverage if needed.


Collis Insurance provides both traditional and online means of availing its service. 

This option presents the client with the opportunity to select one which is more convenient.

Owing to their years of experience in providing outstanding insurance services to clients, the company ensures to balance price with high-quality products. 

It also presents you with numerous affordable quotes and coverage options. 

Collis’s team of professional brokers is available to help you every step of the way. 

From taking the time to understand your specific coverage needs to suggest the best policy well-tailored to your budget.

Unique Features 

  • Offers both traditional and online insurance applications
  • Fast and free quotation
  • Highly professional brokers
  • Strong customer service
  • Insurance coverage options specifically tailored to clients in Calgary 
  • 24/7 access to the client portal

First Foundation

First Foundation Insurance is another fast-evolving brokerage company that helps homes, businesses protect themselves, their investment, and assets from liable risk or loss. 

Although the firm was founded in June 2002, yet, it has gained strong credibility over the years. 

As a result of this, First Foundation was awarded a 5-Year Consumer Choice Award in 2022.

Their special event insurance including weddings has saved numerous clients from unforeseen mishaps. 

First Foundation is well known to always act in the best interest of its clients. 

The company’s other specialties include home security and possession for Canadians with savings and security associated, car insurance, travel insurance, and life insurance among others.

Wrapping Up: Special Event Liability Insurance Companies

Ultimately, your event liability insurance policy is only as excellent as the people providing it for you. 

We hope this list makes your special event liability insurance hunt easier.

As always, if you have any insurance questions, feel free to leave a message.

Or if you simply want more on this topic, check out our list of other blog posts. Happy Reading!

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