Cost of Wedding Insurance in Alberta: Affordable and Expensive

As an Albertan couple whose special day is drawing close, it is vital to consider one thing, “the cost of wedding insurance in Alberta; whether affordable or expensive.”

It’s no surprise that weddings are affairs that come with an exorbitant price tag. And if couples have learned something in recent years, that would be never to leave anything to fate.

There is a huge likelihood for a wedding meticulously planned to suffer from adverse circumstances beyond your abilities.

Owing to factors like location, number of attendees, food, financial capacity, coverage limits, and so on, the cost of throwing a wedding can double up quickly.

With all the tasks and preparational costs to be concerned about, the last thing you want on your big day is an unexpected expense.

However, wedding Insurance can cover you from the financial implications arising from numerous claims such as

  • liability claims made against you as the event host. 
  • Or cancellation needs owing to unforeseen situations like adverse weather conditions.
  • Wedding Insurance claims arising from calamities that cause property destruction, injury, or illness on special occasions 

The cost of wedding insurance cost, factors to consider before taking out a policy, or even whether it’s worth the investment, will all be evaluated as you read further.

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Factors Determining The Cost Of Wedding Insurance in Alberta

  1. Wedding Venue And Its Location

The choice of a wedding venue and where it is located play a vital role in evaluating the price of wedding insurance. 

For instance, a couple that chooses a venue with magnificent interiors and decor over another that selects an averagely decorated event center will have different costs. 

That is, the insurance premium for the former would be costlier compared to a more humble setting. Furthermore, some locations might come with greater risks, like venues liable to natural calamities or areas with increased crime rates.

Cost of Wedding Insurance in Alberta: Affordable and Expensive
  1. Wedding Budget Or Financial Capacity

Another factor that could influence the cost of insurance is budget. The greater your wedding budget, the more coverage you may need. 

This is because having an efficient coverage plan to protect your investment is important. 

And above all, cover up the risks if something goes wrong, especially with an expensive venue.

On the contrary, planning a moderate or budget-friendly wedding requires less coverage with minimal insurance premiums.

  1. Number of Attendees or Guests

The number of honorees or attendees gracing your special day can influence the cost of insurance. 

More attendees imply a greater probability of calamities like injuries or accidents happening during the celebration. This peradventure-ly could increase the insurance premium. 

However, this doesn’t mean you have to decrease the number of attendees. All that is required is that the insurance firm you plan to take out should consider this factor when evaluating the fee. 

  1. The Time And Season Of Your Wedding

The time of the year you decide to celebrate your wedding also impacts the cost of insurance. You might reason why so. 

This is because tying the knot in the period when weddings are at their peak (season) or on very popular dates may give rise to increased insurance premiums. 

Moreover, some months might have a greater risk of adverse weather conditions which could result in more insurance fees.

However, getting married during off-peak periods or less popular times could present more reasonably priced insurance choices.

 Affordable Wedding Insurance Coverage Options In Alberta

Firstly, you need to understand that no insurance is too expensive so far your security is guaranteed and your events run without any challenges. 

Albeit, there are ways to get affordable wedding coverage plans in Alberta. One best bet is to:

Subscribe for basic premium plans

A way to go about this is to consider plans that majorly offer security against challenges like vendor no-shows, venue cancellations, and unexpected situations resulting in the cancellation of the wedding.

Although, this might not wade off every liable challenge but can be a perfect option for couples on a budget.

Nevertheless, the price of affordable wedding insurance options in Alberta ranges widely based on some factors earlier mentioned. 

However, on average, the minimum coverage plan can vary from $200 – $500 or even less. It all depends on the tier of coverage and the insurance company. 

Another vital thing to do is to meticulously evaluate your needs and compare quotes from several insurers to make sure you get the best plan without leaving out on any necessary coverage 

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Expensive/Comprehensive Wedding Insurance Coverage Options In Alberta

Taking out a wedding insurance policy is very crucial for the success of your wedding. If your budget is high, seeking more extensive coverage for your special day will help avert additional risks. 

These include: lost or damaged wedding wear, gift items, and liability insurance coverage in case of accident or bodily injury during your event.

Even though taking out comprehensive cover offers broader security, they come at an elevated fee.

Cost of Wedding Insurance in Alberta: Affordable and Expensive

Factors That Determine Expensive Wedding Premiums

  • The price of the venue
  • Size and intricacy of the wedding, 
  • Quality of wedding wear and accessories 
  • The number of honorees, 
  • And any unique demands or needs

Wedding Insurance Companies take the above elements into account when evaluating the premium. 

Therefore, it is vital to be mindful of how they might influence the overall value.

Note that wedding insurance is like a safety canopy for your event, making sure that you have the financial security required in case the unforeseen happens.

However, it is advised to fully grasp the elements impacting insurance costs. 

As well as examining cost-effective options without coverage concession, you can get the perfect policy for your special day in Alberta.

Wedding Insurance Coverage and Restrictions

Important coverage includes:

Postponement or Cancellation Cover:

This policy offers coverage for unreclaimable expenses or deposits encountered as a result of unfavorable circumstances like adverse weather, vendor insolvency, or abrupt illness.

Coverage of Stolen or Damaged Wedding Wear: 

Wedding Insurance takes care of the costs incurred if the adorable wedding wear you have spent months to make ready gets misplaced, stolen, or damaged.

Other coverages include

  • Event Liability Insurance which also entails liquor liability coverage
  • Wedding Present
  • Transportation
  • Video and Photography
  • And more.

Exclusions and Restrictions To Note

One thing mostly overlooked by couples while taking out an insurance policy is taking time to peruse the policy documents and legal jargon. 

Though It might seem insignificant carefully going through could save you from future disappointment or pseudo-expectations. 

Endeavor to know what is covered and what isn’t before finalizing the whole thing.

Common limitations are:

  • Couples developing cold feet
  • Voluntary opting out by either of the parties
  • Damaged caused by pets
  • An already existing medical situation 
Cost of Wedding Insurance in Alberta: Affordable and Expensive

Some Reputable Wedding Insurance Providers in Alberta


DUUO is popular for its remarkable customer service and flexible coverage choices. 

It is one of the popular options for couples when trying to be cost-minded or prudent in their spending.

Policy Starting Price: $70


Netsurance provides extensive coverage for cancellation/postponement, and Liability. Their seamless online quoting process makes it easier for clients to inquire and get the best policy in minutes. 

The company pricing is quite affordable with customizable options that are well tailored to your unique needs.

Policy Starting Price: $75


Allstate has been giving peace of mind and protection to Albertan couples since 1953. 

As one of the largest insurance firms, the company offers its wedding insurance through Markel (which is best known for providing flexible wedding policies). 

Aside from giving numerous inclusions, the premiums you pay for your Allstate wedding insurance policy are tailored to your wedding’s financial capability.

Policy Starting Price: $70

PAL Insurance Brokers

PAL specializes in insuring weddings for couples getting married in Alberta. The company has been giving great coverage since 1989 that helps about-to-wed stay stress-free on their special day.

PAL is exceptional for offering liability coverage, 3 days of Liquor Liability coverage, Honeymoon cancellation insurance, and more for your selected wedding venue as well as all the features of your wedding.

Additionally, there is insurance coverage for other event participants, including caterers, performers, and ushers.

Policy Starting Price: $70

Front Row

Front Row Insurance offers as well as Canada large.  

With their easy and seamless quoting process, your special day is secured and saved from disastrous situations that could put your investment to waste. 

Although, the policy starting price might be a bit higher than the rest it is worth every penny.

Policy Starting Price: $105

Guidelines To Save Cost Of Wedding Insurance In Alberta

Wedding expenses are huge on their own, let alone taking out insurance for it. 

Below are pointers to save some of the money meant to take out wedding insurance:

Obtain and Compare Quotes From Several Insurers: 

Doing this will help evaluate and compare their coverage plan, fees, and deductibles. You will be awed at how the prices vary, and thus present the room to make an informed choice.

Modify Coverage Limits Carefully

Meticulously evaluating the exact needs of your wedding will help save costs. 

That is, if you plan on having a modest and close-knit celebration, the level of coverage you will need will be minimal compared to an elaborate grand ceremony.

Merged/Combined Insurance Policies 

Having an already existing insurance policy such as business or home insurance could give room for discounts. 

All you need to do is inquire if the same insurance company provides wedding coverage. If yes, this option is worth checking.

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