10 Best Special Event Liability Insurance Companies in Ontario

In this post, we will explore the 10 best special event liability insurance companies in Ontario.

When planning an event in Ontario or any other province in Canada, it is germane to consider special event liability insurance. 

Whether it is as little as a concert or as glamorous as a wedding, taking out the ideal insurance coverage guarantees safety against terrible situations and liable monetary risks.

To help make a prudent decision, one might need to have a full grasp of some important factors. 

Some of these are coverage options, limits, exclusions, and benefits provided by each insurer. 

All these and more will give the utmost protection to your event and help mitigate risks.

What is Special Event Liability Insurance?

Special event liability insurance is a type of coverage that offers protection if you or your attendee destroy property or get someone injured during your event.

The cost of securing a good venue will cost you around ten thousand dollars or even more aside from extra attractive fees. The last thing you wish is to have to pay for fees you had no plan for.

Owing to recent developments, venue owners now require event organizers to get event liability insurance.

The special event liability insurance also gives coverage for medical bills for third-party injuries or accidents during your event.

However, note that event liability insurance will incur damages and fees associated with the event venue; and not cover any guest equipment damage. 

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Factors To Note When Selecting the Best Special Event Liability Insurance Companies

Company’s Credibility and Solvency

Before choosing a special event liability insurance company, it is important to take into account their financial security and credibility. 

You want to make sure that the insurer possesses the monetary capability to reimburse for any claims that might surface. 

Analyze areas like their solvency ratings, client reviews and testimonials to measure their credibility amidst others.

Claims Handling and Customer Support

Another crucial factor to consider when choosing an event liability insurance company is to take into account how fast, accessible, and keen they can help customers throughout the quoting process.

10 best special event liability insurance companies in Ontario.

Level Of Coverage and Policy Agreements

The way the price from one insurer differs from another, the same applies to the level of insurance needs provided. 

Therefore, selecting a firm that provides policies that entail coverage alternatives well-suited to your unique event is vital.

Ensure to take out a policy that gives compensation for accidents, property damage, and even postponement or cancellation coverage.

10 Best Special Event Liability Insurance in Ontario

Front Row insurance

Front Row Insurance is an Insurance Broker specializing in entertainment-related risk. Their one unique specialty is creating custom insurance packages for unique events like weddings.

Front Row negotiates with top insurance providers on your behalf to obtain the best coverage at the lowest possible rate.

Unique Features 

  • Offers the best possible insurance policy for your project at a reasonably priced fee.
  • Front Row possesses the knowledge, experience, and influence of insurance companies to meet your insurance needs quickly and adequately.

Markel Canada

Markel Canada is one of the top leading event insurance firms, with over 15 years of experience in the risk-bearing market. 

In a means to make things more convenient for customers, Markel has made available two cost-effective special event policies which are Event liability insurance and cancellation/postponement coverage. 

Markel’s low-cost event policies include discounts for bundling policies and free information resources, a decent value than any other insurer.

Special Features 

  •  15% discount if general liability and cancellation coverages are bought together.
  • Low deductible for postponement Coverage 

Kase Insurance

Kase Insurance is one of the top providers of special event insurance in Ontario.

It was founded in 2016, although not too long in the market but its client-centric approach has made it remarkable.

Kase ensures you get the perfect policy that will protect you from the risks involved in the special occasions that you are planning.

Whether you are the host, event planner, or organizer, your special occasion is secured with Kase 

McDougall Insurance

McDougall Insurance has evolved to be Ontario’s Largest Insurance Brokerage and has been operating since 1946. 

There are no regrets about choosing this firm for your special event liability coverage. 

Whether you are seeking to get coverage for a wedding, festival, corporate banquet, party, or more, McDougall has got you covered. 

With their fast online quoting process, exceptional services, and cost-effective prices, your peace of mind is guaranteed, and also be saved from out-of-pocket expenses.

Special Features

  • Several flexible payment options
  • Comprehensive insurance packages 

Mackay Insurance

Mackay Insurance (formerly McCutcheon Insurance) has had a long history in the brokerage market. 

The company was founded by David Mackay who managed the business until his demise in 2016. The company is now directed by President Bruce Mackay. 

With over 45 years of successful operation, Mackay has proudly satisfied 12,000 clients and is still counting. 

Their event liability insurance is unique and simple to take out. And covers the following: Host Liquor Liability, Tenant Legal Liability, Medical bills, Property loss or damages, and Guest/Staff/Third-party accident/Injuries.

Additionally, Mackay brokers are always ready to help you evaluate your information if lost and suggest the ideal coverage tailored to your needs and financial capability.

Special features

  • Great customer support system 
  • Affordable insurance with the client’s unique needs in mind.

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W.B White Insurance

W.B. White Insurance is a long-standing Ontario insurance firm with roots dating back to 1929. 

They provide a broad range of insurance such as home, commercial, auto & car, financial, and even event insurance to thousands of customers. 

W.B. ensures you get the perfect policy that suits your unique requirements. 

For special event liability insurance, W.B. partners with the most trustworthy insurance company in the marketplace. 

One prominent one is PAL Canada, best known for giving great event liability coverage.

W.B. also provides 24/7 claims service, intending to make the reporting process as seamless as possible.

Special Features

  • 24/7 claim service
10 best special event liability insurance companies in Ontario.

Miller Insurance Brokers

Miller Insurance Brokers is an independent insurance brokerage providing a thorough suite of insurance solutions to protect you from the unforeseen.

The company was founded in 1899 as the Jackson Bros, Agency and started operating under the name Miller Insurance in 1985. 

And has grown remarkably to support over 45 employees in its 7 locations.

What sets Miller apart from its competition is the ongoing professional course and development undertaken by its teams. 

With this, they can give quality and data-driven information tailored to your specific insurance needs. 

For over 120 years, the company still strived continually to offer the best customer service and the perfect products for its customers 


Echelon Insurance is a specialty insurance company and part of the CAA (Canadian Automobile Association) Club Group family. 

They offer property, auto, and liability insurance for both individuals and businesses. 

One thing that makes Echelon one of the best event liability insurance companies in Ontario is its provision of comprehensive coverage which gives room to insure anything mechanical, electrical, and personal injury such as slander or libel. 

Echelon also offers personalized service and competitive pricing analysis.

Unique Features 

  • Free personalized online quoting
  • Easy and fast payment process and monitoring 

CHES Special Risk

CHES Special Risk Insurance is another of Ontario’s trusted event insurance firms that provides exceptional insurance service backed by professional underwriters

The company was initially backed by domestic Canadian insurers before becoming a verified Lloyd’s cover holder in 2009.

Through their connection with several underwriters, CHES has identified various means to resolve customers’ financial risks and challenges, which might be encountered while planning for their occasion.

Special Features 

  • Short-term/long-term event coverage

Duuo Insurance

Duuo Wedding Insurance offers a smooth and seamless quoting process that will get you insured in less time, and make you focus on other vital things. 

Irrespective of the event or occasion you are organizing, Duuo Insurance is always there for you every step of the way.

Additionally, Duuo has great connections with several reputable companies, platforms, venues, and even event planners who refer them to their clients.

10 best special event liability insurance companies in Ontario.

FAQs About the Best Event Liability Insurance companies in Ontario

What is the Best Event Insurance Company in Ontario?

The best Event insurance company in Ontario depends on your individual needs, budget, and situation. 

Different event insurance companies provide distinct and unique coverage, customer service experiences, and premium ratings. 

However, some of the top-rated companies in Ontario include Duuo, Front Row, and W.B. White Insurance which has some of the greatest ratings from customers on InsurEye.com.

Which Company Offers the Cheapest Event Liability Insurance in Ontario?

The cost of event insurance varies greatly depending on several factors, including the number of attendees, the coverage options, and your location. 

However, some companies that are known for providing relatively affordable rates include Kase, Markel, and Duuo.

How to Get the Best Event Insurance in Ontario?

To get any event Liability insurance quote, you will first need to provide some basic information. Insurance firms use data to calculate your rate, including the number of honorees, financial capacity, location, etc. 

Some insurers will unavoidably have higher rates than others. However, to get the best special event insurance, you can use online quote tools to evaluate rates or get in touch with an insurance broker.

Please note that a broker will often charge an additional fee.

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