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This article carefully analyzes Wedding Insurance Abroad and what you need to know before taking out one.

With wedding insurance, you can be assured that your dream wedding abroad doesn’t go beyond your budget.

Destination weddings are now a thing many couples plan. This is so because there is room to explore and have amazing fun. 

Imagine the thrill of jetting off with your partner for that most anticipated beach wedding. Or exploring the snow-themed winter wedding, not to mention the breathtaking hillside villa scenery.

Taking a destination wedding is worth considering. However, there are certain things to put to work.

Why Wedding Insurance Abroad?

Arranging for a wedding abroad is sort of more difficult than planning a wedding in the United States or the United Kingdom.

A lot of things can go wrong despite hiring a high number of wedding planners who can assist you in preparing for your big day. 

Your special day is one event in which you shouldn’t leave anything to luck. The common old saying “it’s best to remain safe than sorry” is quite suitable for this scenario. 

However, for quite a reasonably priced fee, I believe wedding insurance is worth investing in.

To make you focus on the more enchanting and fun-filled part of your wedding abroad. This article has helped curate distinct insurance policies and has gathered some vital information on Wedding Insurance Abroad.

The aim is to enable couples to make an informed decision as to why they should go for insurance coverage.

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Overview Of Wedding Insurance Abroad

With Wedding Abroad Insurance, you get financial security for one of the most pricey and significant moments of your life.

Destination wedding comes with its conditions. Notwithstanding, with insurance you will be protected against the charges for postponing, rearranging, or downsizing of your wedding. And also covers related issues that might arise.

This implies that you will be protected if you or your partner goes under the weather (sick). Or your venue vendors or suppliers can’t keep to the agreement or even show up.

You may even get insured against severe weather conditions. 

The insurance policy is always there to make sure your day of happiness runs smoothly without hiccups.

However, should something go wrong, with your wedding abroad insurance, you can be rest assured that you won’t be left out in the cold.

Insurance Policies

Mere looking, wedding insurance and wedding abroad insurance seem quite the same. However, for wedding insurance abroad policy, there are more extra options like:

1) Vital Document Indemnity (protection): This is a contractual agreement between you and the wedding insurance company. It marks out a type of insurance restitution for any losses or damages.

In this cover, the insurer will agree to provide financial compensation or restitution for any liable damages or losses caused at your end. And thus, takes on legal liability for all sorts of havoc caused.

2) Suspended Travel: This gives coverage for your wedding should there be a delay or hindrance to travel.

Note, the insurance doesn’t have coverage for:

Marquee Extension: This is an event equipment extension that covers the damage or loss of your rented marquee during the time of rent.

The insurance doesn’t cover this because it is an optional add-on to your policy. To get this option, you will need to pay an extra premium price.

Wedding Insurance Abroad Coverage 

Most of the insurance policies protect you for the following: 

Cancellation and Expenses

In situations where a very significant honoree can’t make it to your wedding due to any unforeseen mishaps such as injury, accident, illness, or even death.

The policy has coverage for this. But be aware that there won’t be any cover should you or your partner develop cold feet.

Rearrangement of Wedding or Reception

If you need to rearrange your wedding or reception because of some germane reasons, there is a cover for it.

Supplier Deposits

In situations where suppliers for your wedding go insolvent and deposits have been made. The insurance policy has coverage for this.

Failure of Suppliers

There is coverage should your suppliers or venue disappoint or fail with their agreement. The wedding insurance company will help reimburse the cost. You can thereby organize your wedding to a typical standard without going out of pocket.

Wedding Attire

If the bridesmaid’s dresses or groom’s tuxedos get ruined, damaged, or stolen. Wedding Insurance will pay out or cover for them.


Weather issues require you to get specialist insurance for weather coverage. Most insurers don’t protect you against pluvial-related issues on your special day.

However, weather-related conditions vary depending on the level of policy or specific cover.

Photographs & Video

The dream of many couples is to capture every moment of their glamorous day. But in situations where the videographer or photographer doesn’t show up or fails on the agreement. Or even the digital media got damaged by accident during production. The insurance will recoup for a retake.


This is many couples’ nightmares but should your wedding rings, cakes, or gifts get stolen or lost before your wedding day? The insurance policy got you covered.

Public Liability Extension

This is your responsibility to a third party or guests for any damages and costs resulting from an incident or injury at your wedding, or accidental death or injury to a third party. However, the insurance policy has coverage for you.

Personal Accident

This gives coverage for any injury or accident that happens to your guests. In other cases, it could be damage to your venue which you might be liable for. But you are insured for it.

Wedding Transport and Cars

Your Wedding Insurance Company has coverage for you in case the cars or transport you booked for your event fails.

Other Coverage Includes:

  • Wedding Items or Stationery
  • Property or Luggage
  • Wedding Florals
  • Passport and Documents
  • Legal Counseling
  • Legal Charges or Expenses
  • Suspended or Delayed Travel (this might be either to your wedding venue or destination)

Wedding Insurance Abroad Levels Of Cover

Several insurance companies provide different levels of coverage. Although the organization standard is three (3) levels many companies offer more than that.

The following analyzes how the level/tier of cover works:

The more the level of cover provided the higher the cost of each cover insured for.

For instance, if you subscribe for tier 1 cover, and there is a need to cancel or postpone your wedding. You are entitled to receive up to £ 5,000 for the cancellation process. 

Alternatively, if you took out tier 2 or 3 covers, you are entitled to receive £10,000 and £20,000 respectively for cancellation or postponement prices.

Therefore, the greater the level of cover taken out, the higher the policy prices.

The best way to discover the exact level you should take out is to consider your budget. And the expenses you have prepared to spend on each item or cover.

Another way to decide what level of cover to have is to carefully peruse each cover in the company’s policy. After which you endeavor to evaluate and match the cost of the item insured to your budget or amount you know you can handle.

I would rather minimally increase my budget to get the security I need than be underinsured. 

However, it is advised to pay a little bit more for your policy and receive a greater level of coverage. This is to avoid being paid a token, should you need to make a claim.

What Are Excess Charges?

This is the amount required to pay the insurance firm should you need to make a claim.

Many insurance companies charge an excess fee when you make a claim which is usually around £49.

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When To Take Out Wedding Insurance Abroad 

Most wedding insurance policies become effective as soon as you are sure of your wedding date.

Although, it is recommended to take out your marriage insurance abroad policy as soon as your wedding date is confirmed. This will give your event all-around protection even if any mishaps arise during the preparation of your wedding overseas.

Be aware that some insurance policies inflate their price if the date of your wedding is longer than 12 months. Ensure to read through the policy documents to know better.

Wedding Insurance Abroad Claims

From the statistics surveyed by The Insurance Emporium, more than half of claims received from weddings abroad in the year 2014 were all as a result of:

  • Postponement or Rescheduling cost
  • Videos and photography cost. 
  • Claims relating to vendors or suppliers’ deposits. 
  • Cost encountered from damaged or lost wedding rings.

Therefore, claims from cancellation and video costs result in 50% while failure of supplier and wedding rings represent 17%.


There are a lot of wedding insurance companies that can help you out in the process. However, planning a prosperous wedding abroad takes time.

Ensure to begin your preparation well in advance so there’s enough time for everything. For instance, the legal procedures can take some months to accomplish in some destinations.

Ultimately, know what to pack in terms of clothes and other items. Also, you may need to let your honorees be aware too. 

Perhaps they should avoid heavy wear and pack some light ones should the location you select for your wedding be hot and humid.

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