The Best Travel Insurance Companies in Italy

Italy remains one of the most visited countries in the world today. Although there are many reasons this is so, one of which is that the country offers a unique mix of culture, splendour, incredible food, and sporting activities to visitors and ex-pats from other countries.

A country like Italy makes traveling accessible for a lot of people. They also ensure that individuals who come to Italy have travel insurance policies. Given that there are lots of contingencies that might arise from traveling, it is only fortunate that a travel insurance policy is a requirement for anyone traveling to Italy.

In our list below, we explore the best travel insurance companies in Italy we believe provide the best deals for young travellers, international students, adventurers, everyday holidaymakers looking for wide but affordable coverage, and longer-term ex-pats.

The Best Travel Insurance Companies in Tuscany Italy

1.      AXA

Whether you’re visiting Tuscany, the Roman ruins, Florence, Naples, the Alps, or Milan, AXA’s Schengen travel insurance offers extensive protection for those traveling to Italy – as it can cover medical expenses up to €100,000 in Italy and other Schengen Area countries. It also allows you to obtain the travel insurance certificate required for your visa application.

What AXA Travel Insurance Italy Covers

Starting at 33 EUR per week of your trip, AXA Schengen Travel insurance covers:

  • Up to 100,000 EUR coverage in medical expenses.
  • Medical repatriation & transport.
  • 24/7 medical assistance in English or French in case of urgency.
  • Up to 180 days of coverage.
  • All Schengen and European Union countries as well as the United Kingdom (depending on the chosen insurance).
  • Insurance certificates are issued immediately and approved by the embassies.
  • No age limits.
  • Zero deductible – which will allow you to avoid some upfront and early costs with your claim.

2.      Schengen Visa Insurance

Schengen Visa Insurance is a must for travellers who want to travel to Schengen Area. Visitors must be prepared to handle any unforeseen medical expenses in case of accidents or injuries. Also, to ensure financial support and peace of mind during their journey, it is a must for travellers to obtain travel insurance when they for a Schengen visa.

What Schengen visa insurance covers

Medical insurance for a Schengen visa must meet the following criteria:

  • A minimum coverage of medical costs: at least 30,000 EUR (equivalent to 32,000 USD as of March 2023).
  • It should cover all member states of the Schengen Area.
  • Cover any expenses that might arise with repatriation for medical reasons, urgent health attention, and/or emergency hospital treatment or death.

3.      World Nomads

World Nomads policies are designed for travelers. They provide simple and flexible travel insurance. With World Nomads, you can buy travel insurance when you book your trip from home or while you’re already traveling around Italy.

What World Nomads insurance for Italy covers

World Nomads travel insurance plan offer cover (up to the benefit limits) for:

  • Overseas emergency medical.
  • Medical evacuation and repatriation.
  • Trip cancellation.
  • Stolen or delayed baggage.
  • Worldwide 24-hour Emergency Assistance Team.
  • Cover for some Coronavirus-related events.

4.      Globelink

Globelink is an independent insurance intermediary that has been serving the insurance needs of the travel community for over 20 years. They provide Travel Insurance and Car Hire Excess Insurance (sometimes known as Collision Damage Waiver Insurance). Globelink provides Travel Insurance for people up to age 89.


a.     Do I Need Travel Insurance to Travel to Italy?

To get into Italy, you must have valid travel insurance to apply for an Italian visa in the first place. Nevertheless, if you can travel to Italy visa-free, then travel insurance is not mandatory – although it is strongly advisable. Also, if you are applying for a long-term visa to Italy (for work or study) you may need international health insurance, rather than travel insurance.

b.     What Are the Requirements for Travel Insurance for My Italy Visa?

To obtain a Schengen Visa to Italy your insurance must meet the following criteria:

  • Minimum coverage for at least 30,000 EUR in medical expenses.
  • It should cover all member states of the Schengen Area.
  • It should cover any expenses which might arise in connection with repatriation for medical reasons.

c.      What is Italy Travel Visa Insurance Requirements?

Because Italy is part of the Schengen Zone, you must get an insurance policy that meets the Schengen travel insurance requirements. As such, it must be valid through the entire Schengen Zone and cover a minimum of 30,000 EUR in medical expenses.

d.     Where Do I Get Travel Insurance for Italy?

You can get an Italy travel insurance policy in one of the following ways:

  • Through one of the best travel insurance companies in Siena Italy listed in this article.
  • Through travel insurance brokers.
  • Through your tour agency.

f. How Do I Choose the Best Travel Insurance Companies in Italy?

Here’s how to pick the right travel insurance policy for a trip to Italy.

  • This is the maximum amount of money that an insurance company will cover in medical expenses for the duration of your trip to Italy or elsewhere in the Schengen Area. To get a Schengen visa, you need insurance with a policy maximum that’s at least 30,000 EUR, though you can get more.
  • Most the insurance companies have detailed explanations of their plans on their website. You can read how much they will cover for each item and under what circumstances.
  • It is important to know what the policy will not cover. This usually includes things like accidents related to driving under the influence, injuries due to adventurous activities, etc.
  • Your travel insurance must meet Schengen requirements otherwise the Italian Embassy will not accept it.
  • process of making a claim is explained sufficiently. That is, the documents required for a claim settlement and the rest. You can ask someone from customer service.

g. How Much Does Travel Insurance for Italy Cost?

The cost of travel insurance for Italy depends on:

  • The amount of Coverage you want: A travel insurance policy for Italy with coverage up to 30,000 EUR will cost less than a policy maximum of 50,000 or 100,000 EUR.
  • Your age: older individuals, especially those over the age of 60, pay more for travel insurance because of the increased risk of complications.
  • The duration of your trip: The longer you stay in Italy, the more your health insurance policy will cost. For a seven-day trip, on average, you can expect to pay somewhere along the lines of 20 to 30 EUR for travel health insurance for one person.

h. Importance of Italy Travel Insurance?

  1. Protect against high and unexpected costs if something happens to go wrong during your trip.
  2. Provide cover for a sudden accident that needs immediate medical attention. In this case, travel insurance will reimburse your medical bills.
  3. Trip disruption coverage. In this case, travel insurance reimburses part of your prepaid expenses such as hotel, flight tickets, etc.
  4. Evacuation or repatriation. For instance, if you fall sick while you are in Italy, and you need to be evacuated out either to your home country or elsewhere, evacuation coverage covers the cost of the air ambulance. Repatriation coverage refers to the transport of remains in the tragic event of death.
  5. Optional coverage. In addition, to travel health insurance, many insurance companies also offer coverage for the following: Loss/damage of personal belongings or Liability insurance.

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