Best Health Insurance Companies in Germany

Germany is known for having one of the best healthcare systems in the world. All residents in Germany have access to health insurance coverage including private health insurance plans and government health plans.‍ This is because, everyone living in Germany, as well as international tourists and expatriates must be covered by health insurance. Also, it does not necessarily have to be a comprehensive health insurance plan but at least, their insurance should cover hospital treatment – including pregnancy coverage and medical check-ups. 

Health care in Germany can be quite expensive due to high medical costs and demographic shifts. But with insurance coverage, one can enjoy the benefits of walking into a hospital without being worried about the cost of treatment.

That said, we have provided you with the 7 Best Health Insurance Companies in Germany offering the most competitive rates. But before we dive into that let’s look at the three options for health insurance in Germany.

The three options for health insurance in Germany are:

  • The government-regulated published health insurance system (GKV)
  • Private health insurance from a German provider
  • Private health insurance from an international insurance company.

7 Best Health Insurance Companies in Germany

1. Gothaer

The Gothaer Group is a German insurance company. Its core businesses are all insurance services and so, they offer all types of health insurance services. Their customers mainly consist of private clients and small to medium-sized businesses. Visit Website

2. AXA

‍The AXA Group is one of the largest primary insurers in Germany. It is also one of the world’s leading insurance companies and asset managers with a focus on Europe, North America, and the Asia-Pacific region. AXA Group’s business activities include pensions and insurance. These primarily include private pension, life and disability insurance, company pension schemes, health insurance, property and casualty insurance as well as investments and financing. Apart from the normal health insurance plans, this insurance company offers specific ex-pat insurance plans. Visit Website

3. DKV

‍DKV is a private health insurance and medical company in Germany that highly focuses on society and people. Also, they are committed to sustainable development. This company offers regular insurance services including a comprehensive medical directory, medical helplines, and health and wellbeing clubs. The company ranks high amongst the 7 best health insurance companies in Germany. Visit Website

4. BProtected

BProtected is a provider of Health insurance in Germany, There services include – Immediate, free insurance quotes, Friendly, knowledgeable service, Specific plans for employees, freelancers, and the self-employed, Assistance with form completion, Fast & simple processing, Guaranteed 48-hour turnaround for residence permit applications. Visit Website

5. AOK Baden Wurttemberg

AOK is one of the biggest and most popular health insurance companies in Germany having comprehensive health insurance services. The company gives you a personal customer experience and services that are perfectly tailored to students’ needs. Visit website.

6. KKH – Kaufmännische Krankenkasse

As one of the largest health insurance companies in Germany, KKH stands for more than 130 years of experience in the field of statutory health insurance. To ensure the health and precautions of their policyholders, around 4,000 employees take care of their concerns personally and easily – so that they do not experience any unpleasant surprises. Visit Website

7. Barmer

At Barmer, they believe health insurance in Germany should be easy. That’s why they create helpful content that explains the German healthcare system in simple words. Barmer is a public health insurance in Germany that guarantees your financial security and peace of mind in the event of illness. Visit Website

International Tourist and Expats Health Insurance in Germany

Anyone coming to Germany for whatever purpose or duration of time must be covered by adequate health insurance.

If you’re staying in the country without valid health insurance for Germany, you may be subject to penalties and will be asked to make back payments that will cover your entire stay in Germany.

For travelers and tourists in Germany, the type of insurance needed is travel health insurance. However, when it comes to travel health insurance for tourists and ex-pats in Germany, different criteria and requirements apply depending on the individual’s purpose of visit, length of stay, or country of citizenship.

There are different types of health insurance required before moving to Germany and a few have been listed below.

  • Travel Insurance for Visitors/Tourists in Germany
  • Health Insurance for International Students in Germany
  • Health Insurance for Guest Scientists & Researchers in Germany
  • Health Insurance for Foreign Employees in Germany
  • Health Insurance for Freelancers in Germany
  • Health Insurance for Au Pairs in Germany
  • Health Insurance for Refugees/Asylum Seekers in Germany


a.     Does Germany have universal healthcare?

Yes, they do. All German citizens and residents are required by law to have health insurance. Everyone, regardless of their income, has healthcare coverage and access to affordable healthcare.

b.     What does health insurance in Germany cover?

Health insurance will cover most of the cost of doctor’s visits, medical and dental treatment, surgery, and prescription medication.

c.      Can I get both public and private insurance?

There are two types of health insurance systems in Germany – public health insurance and private health insurance. The type of health insurance you are eligible for depends on your income. If you are employed and earn above the ‘compulsory insurance limit’ of €64,350 per year (2022), you can enroll in the private health insurance scheme. But if less, then you should go for public health insurance.

d.     Does Germany have free healthcare?

The public health insurance system in Germany is funded by national contributions. This contribution is automatically deducted from your salary every month, whether you visit a doctor or not. So, this allows you to be mostly exempt from paying for medical treatment if the need arises.

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