Westland Insurance Calgary reviews

In this Westland Insurance Calgary Review, we will explore all about their insurance policy and why it is worth giving a try.

Westland Insurance, formerly Tredd Insurance Brokers Inc. industries, has been in existence since 1980.

It is a family-run insurance brokerage company headquartered in Calgary, Canada.

Irrespective of your budget and needs, Westland staff of professional insurance agents are patient to help you.

And importantly, they ensure you get the ideal policy to completely meet your demands.

Understanding Westland Insurance Calgary 

Westland Insurance has evolved to become the broadest and most independent Canadian-owned insurance firm in the country.

They are reliable and have proved to be exceptional in leading customers towards the best insurance coverage. 

Despite its enlargement across Canada, the company still upholds its focus on giving clients, people, and the community at large the best service.

Ranging from individual insurance to business, Westland’s team of professional advisors execute the hard work and give you recommendations tailored to what you really need.

Additionally, the broad network of Westland insurers implies clients always get excellent rates and options. Aside from providing insurance, they are dedicated to fostering uninterrupted business deals plus integration processes.

Westland Additional Unique Features

  • Insurance is available in most Canadian districts.
  • Flexibility to purchase and submit claims online
  • Ideal solutions for individual and business
  • Over $2.5 billion of insurance premium trading 
  • Highly ambitious, and approachable team of experts
  • Over 2,200 employers and 200 locations relayed across the continent.
  • Open to partnering with others to achieve more tremendous success.

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Westland Insurance Calgary Types Of Coverage 

The types of coverage offered by Westland Insurance include home insurance, travel insurance, auto insurance, and boat and marine insurance. Other areas include condo insurance, farm insurance, RV insurance, and motorcycle insurance.

All the aforementioned insurance types by Westland are classified as either home, auto, business, or travel insurance. 

Now let’s delve into them one after the other:

Home Insurance

Indeed home is where happiness lies and it is no doubt one of the most significant investments one will ever create.

Be it owned or rented, it is vital to find the best insurance to secure your investment and properties as you venture through the journey of life. 

Westland understands why your insurance needs to fit your lifestyle, objectives, and budget. Thus they provide you the perfect coverage at a reasonable fee to help ease your burdens.

Below are areas embedded under home insurance with their coverages:

House insurance

There are several areas of coverage to a house insurance policy. This policy ranges from physical house makeup to Coverages that guarantee your safety even when you are away from home.

House insurance covers the following:

Damages or havoc caused by fire, water, wind, theft, and vandalism.

Aside from these, Westland ensures you get the best house insurance products or services in Canada. Irrespective of what extra security you seek, there is coverage for you.

Other house insurance coverage includes:

Personal Property Covers: This covers all of your beloved properties, furniture, and accessories ranging from clothing, electronics/appliances, jewelry, and even musical and sports equipment.

Additional Structures: This provides cover for any detached parts of your home such as the garage.

Personal Liability: This is one of the most significant coverages in the house insurance policy. It covers you for things like medical bills and repair fees that result from damage to a third party or neighbors’ properties.

Living Expenses: This covers alternative home arrangements should your home not be occupied due to damage.

Condo insurance

This gives coverage for the following: Personal property covers, Upgrades or Improvements, Personal liability, Living expenses, and Loss assessments.

Below are factors that determine the cost of condo insurance: 

  • Property Type
  • Location
  • Claims History
  • Credit Score
  • Building Construction
  • Upgrades and Improvements

Tenant insurance

Coverage under this insurance includes:

  • Protection for your properties or belongings
  • House renovation or improvement 
  • Liability Coverage: damages incurred by you
  • Living Expenses
  • Rental property insurance

Furthermore, this policy covers Identity theft, Home-based businesses, Watercraft, Overland water, Sewer backup, Service line coverage, and Claim protector.

Note: The most frequently occurring claim under tenant insurance is “water damage”. The damages arising from this are usually much, 

Also depending on the quality and quantity of your belongings, the damages can cost around $5,000. 

However, with the Westland tenant insurance policy, all risks will be covered.

Rental Property Insurance

Coverages under this policy include: 

  • Damages or dangers arising from water, wind, fire, theft, etc
  • Personal Liability
  • Property and Structures
  • Personal Property Covers
  • Rental Income Loss
  • Damages incurred from commercial use of property.

Other insurance under home insurance are cottage and cabin insurance and mobile home insurance.

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Auto insurance

With over 150,000 accidents happening on Calgary roads annually, getting an insurance policy from a credible company like Westland is crucial.

The following are the insurance under auto insurance with their coverage:

Car Insurance

Coverage policies under car insurance are as follows

  • Third-party liability insurance 
  • Accident benefits which entail Medical fees, Rehabilitation payments, Occupational therapy charges, Loss of income, Complete disability, Funeral fees, and Death advantages or benefits 
  • Physical Damage: This entails bodily or parts damage to your vehicle including Collision Coverage
  • Comprehensive coverage like hailstorms, collisions with animals, or windstorms 
  • Other Perils which entail cover for both comprehensive and collision fees

Motorcycle Insurance

Coverage under this policy includes: 

  • Third-Party Liability
  • Accident Benefits
  • Damage to Vehicle
  • Riding Gear

Rental Car Insurance

Coverage under this insurance is similar to that of car insurance.

Off-Road Vehicle Insurance

The types of off-road vehicles that can be insured are:

  • Snow bikes
  • Dirt bikes
  • Snowmobiles
  • All-terrain vehicles
  • Three-wheelers and trikes
  • Dune buggies

Coverages available for off-road vehicles are:

  • Third-Party Liability
  • Comprehensive cover
  • Accident Benefits
  • Damages caused by collision 

Optiom Auto Insurance

What does optiom mean?

Optiom is an insurance that allows vehicle replacement programs. It gives protection for your new or used vehicle which is in line with the real price of replacement.

Replacement insurance coverage policy gives up to 5 years and 7 years protection for used and new vehicles respectively. 

And to be eligible you must have subscribed to the auto insurance policy and have both comprehensive and collision coverage.

Commercial Auto Insurance

This policy gives protection for vehicles outside personal usage.

The following are coverages under Westland’s commercial auto insurance:

  • Third-Party Liability, which also entails legal defense fees
  • Accident benefits cover medical, disability advantages, death, funeral, and no-insurance protection resulting from a vehicle accident.
  • Collision and Comprehensive coverage 

Business Insurance 

Running a successful business requires a lot of hard work and sacrifice. However, it is advised to get a business insurance coverage policy. Westland insurance agents will hold you by hand, give your business a detailed review, and help you structure an ideal insurance protection program. Your business will not only get insurance but also be connected to the best products or services at the perfect time.

The following are covered under business insurance:

Payments & Expenses: 

This covers all costs should your business suffer a considerable loss which leaves it destroyed or damaged. 

Lost gross profit: 

This will cover several risk exposures when your business income stream is insolvent.

Type Forms for Revenue 

These are forms created to settle the bills accrued from your business losses. It is done till your business bounces back to normal and the complete pre-loss of the revenue stages or the indemnity (repayment for loss) period is completed. Whichever of the two comes first.

Additional Expense Forms

Conversely, extra or additional payment forms are created to settle additional fees encountered while keeping up operations. For instance, leasing a temporary apartment during the period your business location is under repair. Financial losses can entail the following: 

Loss of turnover, loss of rental income, or additional turnover could be encountered to keep up operations.

Travel Insurance

Westland travel insurance policy is very important coverage for every traveler. 

From a health insurance point of view, a travel insurance plan must have medical coverage, either through your employer or an alternative means. 

With this insurance, you can be rest assured of your protection as well as your family. 

This policy is worth thousands of dollars including treatment expenses, hospital stay, and even transportation fees to return back to your home country. 

Furthermore, the insurance is eligible for emergency travelers, fun or adventure seekers, snowbirds, study purposes, and all-inclusive voyagers.

Below are the types of travel insurance coverage by Westland:

  • Impromptu medical insurance
  • Accident coverage
  • Trip postponement or cancellation
  • Luggage insurance
  • Interruption or hindrance coverage
  • All round packages
  • Student plans which are available for both Canadian and foreign students

Pros And Cons Of Westland Insurance


  • A team of professional brokers is available for you to evaluate your needs (you get this treatment in all Westland Insurance local offices).
  • There is complete information on your insurance options to help you understand the risks associated.
  • There is more value in the policies purchased than the policy provides.
  • There are expert brokers available to help me during your claim-making process.
  • Seamless access to Westland support online or via phone call.
  • Flexible billing and payment plan. 


  • The insurance bundles might not be precisely affordable to people of all groups.

How to apply for Westland Insurance coverage

To apply for insurance coverage, the first step is to get a quote from the company, you may do this through an online application.

Alternatively, contact Westland’s brokers and speak to them directly about your needs. Or if their office is around your location, you may just go there to get a quote manually.

How To Contact Westland Insurance Calgary

Visit here to contact the Westland insurance contact page. Fill in all required information, then input your query. Your messages will be attended to promptly.

In case of emergency, you may contact their support at 1 (800) 899-3093.


Ultimately, the significance of taking an insurance policy can save you from all sorts of risks and uncertainties. Westland Insurance provides risk coverage in many areas with affordable prices tailored to your budget and needs. Although the policy might not be easy to take up for everyone.

 However, it is worth considering.

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