Wedsafe Wedding Insurance Review

Wedsafe is a wedding insurance company that provides wedding insurance coverage with the goal of preventing couples from suffering large financial losses due to unforeseen events that may disrupt their wedding day. The company was founded in 1999 and underwritten by K&K Insurance Group, Inc., and Nationwide Group insurance companies.

Wedsafe offers a wide range of coverage to couples across the US. Their policy covers event gifts, wedding cancellation, special attire, postponement, liability insurance, special jewellery as well as photographs and videos.

The company also offers an instant online quotes and enrolment. Because their website is easy to navigate, you can file your claims online at any time of the day.

In addition, Wedsafe stands out from other wedding insurance company because they extend their services to wedding providers such as wedding planners, caterers, DJs, photographers, and anyone who may become liable for damages due to accidents or financial losses that may occur during services.

Advantages of Using Wedsafe Wedding Insurance

  1. They offer affordable and comprehensive coverage.
  2. You can purchase your insurance up to the actual day of your wedding.
  3. You get an instant online quote with no obligation or personal information required.
  4. You can obtain coverage online in minutes while your certificate of Insurance will be mailed directly to your venue.
  5. If there is an incident and a loss occurs, WedSafe policy pays their client’s covered claim fast.
  6. You can purchase liability coverages alone or as a discounted bundled package which comes with cancellation and postponement.
  7. They have dedicated customer service support.
  8. Wedsafe offers 15% bundle discount if you purchase cancellation and liability coverage at the same time.
  9. They also offer more than one coverage amount for property damages.
  10. They can cover weddings outside the U.S.


  • Most coverage is not offered for California wedding events.
  • There is $1,000 deductible
Event Damages & Injuries Special Items Services Cancellation Option
Wedding ceremony Venue Damage Attire Catering Change of heart
Reception Medical Coverage Gifts Photography Illness/Injury
Honeymoon Liquor-related accidents Jewelleries Videographer Weather
Rehearsals     Florist  
      Makeup Artists  
Wedsafe Wedding Insurance Coverage

Coverage Limits

Wedsafe wedding Insurance have a coverage limit that starts at $500,000 up to $5,000,000.

Covered Locations

Wedsafe cover all events taking place in Canada, Puerto Rico or a territory of the United States and all cruise ships departing from these locations. They can also cover events in the United Kingdom, Mexico, the Bahamas, Bermuda, and the Caribbean excluding Cuba with an additional premium surcharge of only 10 percent.

Wedsafe Wedding Cancellation Coverage

The Wedsafe wedding cancellation insurance covers any deposits lost, fees incurred, or contracts made due to events covered by the policy. Their policy covers for any cancellation-related costs, including reception costs and hotels for honeymoons, up to the deductible. This includes things like unique clothing, jewelry, and flowers. The policy also covers entertainment such as photos, videos, and entertainment.

Wedsafe Wedding liability insurance

Wedsafe insurance plans include liability coverage which pays for things like unintentional injuries and third-party property damage for which the couple would be held responsible. For instance, if the maid of honor trips over a candle and sets it on fire, WedSafe wedding insurance will pay for the injuries and property damage.

Wedsafe Contact Information

If you NEED TO FILE A CLAIM? You should contact Wedsafe Claims Department at K&K Insurance Group, Inc. You can also reach them toll-free at 1-800-237-2917, Monday – Friday, from 8:00am to 5:00pm ET. In an emergency, there is an after-hours service available to assist you, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Frequently Asked Questions

a. What Is Wedding Insurance?

Wedding insurance is special event insurance that helps wedding couples recover from financial loss should something go wrong on their wedding day. There are two main types of wedding insurance:
liability insurance and cancellation. Each of these types of insurance protects against wedding perils as explain in this article.

b. How Much Coverage Does Wedsafe Offer?

WedSafe offers up to six coverage levels for liability policies, which starts at $500,000 and goes up to $5,000,000.

c. What Does Wedsafe Wedding Insurance Not Cover?

  • Jewellry such as engagement rings or other jewellery not purchased for the course of the wedding preparation.
  • Cancellation based on cold feet.
  • Injury or damage resulting from self-injury, military activities, and dangerous sporting activities.
  • A minor weather problem, such as rain, which occurs on the day of the event (as opposed to an extreme weather event)
  • Lack of capital (except for lack of capital due to voluntary unemployment)
  • Weddings involving steam castles, zoos, guns, and other “adventurous” activities
  • Covid-related concerns.

d. How Much Does Wedsafe Wedding Insurance Cost?

Wedsafe policies can start as low as $125, but average around $200.

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