This article will analyze Wedinsure Wedding Insurance history, quotes, programmes, & FAQ.

Wedinsure is one of the most sought-after wedding insurance companies.

They offer necessary coverage and peace of mind for couples or clients who are preparing for a wedding or civil matrimony in the United Kingdom or abroad.

Wedinsure utmost concern is to ensure your event goes smoothly without any problems.

History of Wedinsure Wedding Insurance

Wedinsure is a brand name of Insuremore which began operation in February 2017. 

It grew rapidly to become one of the biggest wedding insurers in the UK and abroad. 

Their remarkable performance earned them an award in 2019 at the Insurance Choice Awards, for being the Best Wedding Insurance Provider. 

Wedinsure is still working tirelessly to ensure exceptional and quality service is provided every time to all clients. 

And as well as transform the client’s perception of insurance at large. 

Wedinsure event insurance has associated with White Horse Insurance Ireland dac to generate outstanding coverage or service for couples planning weddings in the UK. 

White Horse was founded in 1999 and is based in the Republic of Ireland. The organization functions as a broad insurer offering several couple security products.

However, Wedinsure’s partnership with a highly professional body as White Horse Insurance, has not only brought them credibility but also enabled that quality and the best of service is rendered to clients.

Wedinsure Wedding Insurance: History, Quotes, Programmes & FAQ

Overview Of Wedinsure Wedding Insurance Programmes

The type of insurance offered by Wedinsure makes sure that customers are paid for all costs encountered if there is a need to postpone or cancel.

However, the reason for cancellation has to be involuntary for insurance to hold. There is also financial security against failure of wedding services like wedding attire, video and photography, and catering.

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Programs Insured By Wedinsure Wedding Insurance

The services offered are as follows: 

  • Downsizing, Postponement & Reordering
  • Insolvency Of Wedding Service Providers
  • Wedding Wears
  • Videos & Photography
  • Wedding Bouquets, Rings, Cakes, Honoree’s Presents or Gifts
  • Ceremony Cars & Transport
  • Counseling Service
  • Legal Charges
  • Individual Obligations 

Alternative Choices

  • Honoree Public Liability (Optional): This is an insurance cover option in a situation where there’s an accident for a guest or Honoree.
  • Extension due to COVID-19
  • Wedding Abroad Extension (Optional)

Programs That Are Not Insured By Wedinsure Wedding Insurance

1)There is no coverage for misplaced deposits or payments made to wedding service providers. If payments are made 3 months before the purchase of the policy. And also when claims take place within 6 months of the policy book date.

2)Wedinsure won’t cover any loss incurred due to vendor insolvency if it occurs within a month of the actual policy purchase date.

3)There is no cover for postponement due to direct or indirect situations like pandemic or epidemic (COVID-19 inclusive). Only if listed as a cover in the wedinsure policy.

4)No cover for excess. Unless you purchase the optional excess waiver.

5)Wedinsure offers no coverage for events or conditions that the host is already aware of either to any of the couple or very close family members. Such situations could be: 

  • Having a medical situation in which a terminal prognosis has been received before purchasing the policy.
  • Going against medical advice during the period the policy was purchased. 
  • Being in a medical situation in which you or your close relative has been added to the hospital waiting list. Usually a year before purchasing the policy.
  • Cancellation of already booked supplier services and such supplier wasn’t notified.

6)There is no coverage for any form of frivolous or intentional havoc caused by a close relation or any honoree.

7)There is no coverage for events that occur when your insurance period is over.

8)Only if stated in the policy, there is no cover for claims arising directly or indirectly from government regulation or act or any form of government directives.

Wedinsure Wedding Insurance: History, Quotes, Programmes & FAQ

Wedinsure Programmes Restrictions

  • The coverage must be booked at least 30 days before the wedding celebration and/or the date of reception.
  • Wedinsure policy will only give coverage for events taking place in thirty months following the purchase date 
  • For the policy to cover the reception, it must take place 31 days before or after the wedding date.
  • One of the partners must be a United Kingdom permanent resident or a British Citizen, for the policy to hold.
  • For a wedding taking place outside the country, one of the partners must be a UK permanent resident on the wedding date.
  • To make a successful claim, all necessary documents must be provided as evidence that there is actual legal binding with suppliers and that the possessor of products or services is in existence.
  • To prevent casualty/damage or loss to properties, the host must adhere to all safety measures and maintain all actionable steps.
  • Claims can only occur under the postponement, re-arrangement, and downsizing section of the insurance policy. All cover under this policy will discontinue if the claim has been processed under the above section of the policy.
  • As it is in the policy guideline, the coverage for cancellation, re-arrangement, and downsizing is available for certain situations only.
  • All reports regarding loss or theft should be made within 24 hours of discovery. To ascertain you have done so, you will be asked to give a crime reference number.

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Wedinsure Quotes

The quote is an assessment of the value given by an insurer, carefully analyzing all possible costs of getting wedding insurance coverage. 

Wedding insurance is a form of insurance that gives security or protection to ensure your special day runs smoothly without hiccups. 

However, you must understand the policy involved in getting a quote.

Wedding Insurance Companies like Wedinsure offer you an insurance quote to weigh several factors that help determine the cost of coverage you will need. Some of the factors include:

Limits Of Coverage: The more the coverage limits the higher the price and also implies a higher premium.

Level Of Coverage: Different insurers have distinct levels of coverage. There are 10 different levels of coverage at wedinsure ranging from £5,000 up to £50,000, with a minimum starting price of £43.99.

Deductible: This is an upfront requirement to be paid before your wedding insurance coverage can be approved. There is no deductible at wedinsure but an excess fee of £100 due to vendor or supplier’s insolvency.

Risk Evaluation: This is a fee regarding the risk of your wedding and its details.

Wedding Components: Various components of the wedding influence the cost, some of which are: the number of honorees, the venue for the wedding, and the general value of the ceremony.

Wedinsure Wedding Insurance: History, Quotes, Programmes & FAQ

Wedinsure Wedding Insurance FAQs

When Is It Ideal To Get Wedding Insurance?

At Wedinsure, you can get insurance 30 months before the wedding date or 30 days before the wedding. 

However, it is advised to make a purchase as soon as the date of the wedding and venue are arranged.

Who Can Buy The Wedding Insurance?

Anyone can get a policy on behalf of the couple or civil partner. However, the policy must be obtained in the names of the potential wedding or civil partners. Also, it should be noted that any future claims must be issued in the name of the couple if bought on their behalf.

Will There Be Coverage For Fees Already Made Before Getting Wedding Insurance?

Absolutely! Wedinsure will cover payments for all valid claims and deposits made to your wedding services providers. But in situations where a loss or claim happened 6 months before the starting date of your policy. There will only be coverage for payments or deposits made to vendors paid within 3 months before when the policy was purchased.

Does Wedinsure Has Coverage For Pregnancy?

There is no coverage for postponement or cancellation due to pregnancy. But in situations of pregnancy complications, where the expected date of delivery is 5 months after the wedding date. A claim of postponement or cancellation might be considered.

Is There Coverage For Civil Partnership?

Absolutely. Wedinsure has coverage for wedding ceremonies, receptions, and civil partnerships.

Is There Coverage For Non-legally Binding Events?

Yes. There is coverage for events that celebrate wedding ceremonies. Also for other ceremonies such as civil partnerships, religious ceremonies, interfaith blessings, and others. This necessarily does not need to be legally bound.

Is Payments One-off?

Yes, there are no extra payments or renewals. The price made represents a one-off payment.

Do Wedinsure Offers Cancellation Due To COVID-19?

There is coverage for COVID-19 Cancellation provided that the optional COVID-19 cancellation policy was purchased.

What Is The Process of Making A Claim?

To make your claim process fast, you must provide all necessary documents and information to keep things fast and easy. For further guidance visit the website claim section.

What Is The Process If There is a Need To Postpone/ Cancel Your Wedding?

If you need to file a claim to cancel or postpone your wedding as a result of unforeseen circumstances. Contact support at 0800 005 1261 as soon as possible. Do this before making any plans with your vendors and avoid any cost that might arise due to re-arrangement or cancellation.

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