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This post will open your eyes to amazing information about Wedding Insurance Canada.

Canada is known for its diversity, beauty, rich history, and culture at large. However, it is vital to note that not all weddings happen the same way.

According to statistics, the average cost of a Canadian wedding is $31,110, including the honeymoon. Imagine spending an average of such a huge amount, yet you cannot guarantee the safety of your special day.

Having checked every item on your wedding list, one thing that must not be ignored is wedding insurance.

The great news is that Canada has made wedding insurance easily accessible for couples. How to get it, what it entails, the cost, and policies will be analyzed in detail. Happy Reading!

Why Does Wedding Insurance Matter In Canada?

One of the best and most special moments of your life is the day you and your partner interchange marriage vows.

Aside from the fact that you are making a forever commitment to the person you hold dear. You are also sacrificing wealth, tremendous value, and most importantly, indispensable time to the unique day.

Just like in many countries, Canadians book insurance to secure their day from destruction and unpredictable circumstances, such as liability and cancellation policies.

Numerous situations are greater than what you can handle, both before D-Day and the day of your event. However, it is greatly advised for you and your partner never to leave out wedding insurance, to avoid unfavorable situations. 

Wedding Insurance Options In Canada

Wedding Insurance in Canada embraces loads of coverage options suited for different weddings.

In the same way, no two weddings are the same, it is important to be aware that the policies offered differ from insurer to insurer. But, generally, Wedding Insurance in Canada offers the following coverage: 

Wedding Liability Coverage

Liability insurance also known as a third-party policy is a form of insurance product that offers security over claims resulting from accidents and damage to other individuals (specifically guests) or property at your wedding.

It thereby provides all legal costs and payment that the hosts of the event ought to be liable for even when considered guilty. 

Contrarily, clients need to be aware that voluntary damage and liabilities on the contract will not be covered in the wedding liability policies. 

Below is a breakdown of what the liability insurance policy covers:

  • Event liability: This entails damages incurred by guests be it from the wedding ceremony, formal dinner, or the reception.
  • Host Alcohol Liability: This gives coverage for alcohol-based damages even when you serve liquor at your home or venue which necessarily might not be part of the coverage purchased. 
  • Misplaced deposits: Oftentimes, to guarantee a booking from your vendors, you might need to make non-refundable deposits. However, in situations where there is a loss of deposit as a result of vendors’ insolvency, and thus, result in products and services not being provided. The liability insurance policy covers this.
  • Venue or extra coverage: It gives the couple the option to include the wedding venue in the insurance coverage.

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Wedding Cancellation Coverage

This is usually purchased alongside the wedding liability insurance and thus, provides coverage for non-refundable payments or installments as a result of cancellation or postponement.

Cancellations under this coverage include:

  • Cancellation For Honeymoon: The policy provides coverage for losses incurred due to fixed travel-related fees brought about by the need to cancel the wedding itself.
  • Videos and Photographs: The cancellation insurance policy gives coverage for situations where there is a need to retake videos or photos as a result of no-show vendors.

Wedding Miscellaneous Coverage

This policy provides coverage for the following items:

  • Wedding wears: This coverage is highly encouraged for expensive bridal gowns or groom’s tuxedos and thereby covers for damages or losses to wedding wears that are already in your possession or care.
  • Gift items: A lot of valuable gifts or presents are given to couples on their special day that many might depend on to start their life, and the price to replace them can be much. Hence, this policy covers all misplaced gifts or damages that happen be it at the wedding, reception, at the couple’s home, or in between movements to their destination.
  • Rented materials: There is always a need to secure rented equipment such as tables, chairs, tents, shelters, or even audiovisual material for your wedding. This policy provides coverage for these equipment should there be loss or damage to them.
  • Damaged cakes and flowers: Wedding insurers also give coverage for items such as ruined cakes, flower arrangements, and other things meant for your event. The price to purchase these items is expensive so getting it all covered is crucial to your special day 
  • Wedding rings and bands: There is coverage for any misplaced or damaged wedding rings or bands.

Factors To Consider Before Choosing Wedding Insurance In Canada

Selecting the right Wedding Insurance Policy in Canada is a very crucial task. Doing it right will give you financial security and peace of mind for your big day.

Below are a few elements to weigh before choosing a wedding insurance policy:

  • The Coverage Options: Carefully peruse the coverage options offered by different insurers. Then go for the policy that covers vital features like liability and cancellation protection, vendor disappointment, property damage, misplaced or stolen items, or gifts.
  • Policy Cost: Before settling for a policy, endeavor to compare the price of other wedding insurance. Access the premium price and the deductible (that is, the deposit you need to make before securing the insurance) related to each policy. Note: Make sure that the premium policy is satisfactory and matches your budget.
  • Coverage limits of the policy: Go through the coverage limits offered by each policy. This is because some policies have the highest limit for various sets of coverage. Subscribe for a plan that covers the primary cost related to your wedding. These might include venue, decors, catering services, and other related expenses.
  • Ensure the insurer offers cancellation and postponement policies.
  • Go through the policy guidelines if there are any exclusions and limitations that are not covered such as adverse weather conditions, already existing medical situations, etc.
  • Extra services or benefits: Some insurers offer additional services or advantages like helping in rescheduling events in case of postponement, legal favor, vendor services, etc. Compare these extra benefits if it matches your needs.
  • Policy duration: Determine the duration of coverage provided by the policy. Make sure the coverage goes well in advance of your wedding date and extends through the entire event.

Also, do well to study the policy documents, and seek clarity before agreeing to a policy.

Importantly, choose a wedding insurance policy that meets, and above all, guarantees maximum security over your special day.

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Canada Wedding Destination & Seasonal Factors

Irrespective of your dream wedding destination (be it the splendor rocky mountain or the fanciful admiration of a coastal arena). Having insurance for your wedding guarantees security over any problems or hiccups that may arise

Another issue is season, this is why many couples don’t consider having a winter or fall wedding. Oftentimes, engaged couples prefer to have their wedding in the summer or spring. And thus, explains why wedding seasons usually fall between May and October. 

There are rare benefits to having your wedding in the middle of the lively autumn air.

Not to talk about the values you get by choosing a cold-weather wedding. These include affordable venues, extra wedding wear choices, fairytale photos, and so on.

Seasonal factors shouldn’t bring limitations to celebrating your wedding any time of the year.

This is because wedding insurance offers protection against any weather hindrance. Be it rain, or unexpected snowfall, their policy gets you covered.

Things Wedding Insurance Doesn’t Cover

Wedding insurance doesn’t have coverage for voluntary decisions such as change of heart or having pre-wedding jitters. This is why you and your spouse must have a unanimous agreement to tie the knot on your proposed wedding date.

Also, wedding insurers will not cover you for damages or losses that result from identified or familiar situations. For instance, if any close relatives have a health issue that could affect the date of your big day, and warrants you to cancel or postpone due to this reason.

How Much Does Wedding Insurance Cost In Canada?

The price of Wedding Insurance In Canada fluctuates due to factors such as the wedding size, location (be it Ontario, Quebec, or Montreal), date, the number of honorees in attendance, and the choice coverage. Despite these factors, there are a lot of event insurance companies that give absolute coverage to your special day without having to go over your budget.

Here is what to expect:

  • In Canada, wedding insurance can cost as little as $105 and as much as $2000, all depending on your preference (note, this is liable to change).
  • About $5 million in general liability policy that gives coverage for wedding venues and accidents to third parties or honorees.
  • There are also unrestricted extra insurance certificates for your wedding venue and vendors without paying any extra fee.


Ultimately, for most couples, planning a wedding ceremony is synonymous with planning a lifetime of joy together. The things to make provision and account for, for the special day are limitless. However, Canadian couples need to consider wedding insurance, this is to safeguard their budget and above all, protect their wedding day from loss and uncertainty.

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