10 Trusted Wedding Event Insurance in Alberta

Finding trusted wedding event insurance providers in Alberta, Canada takes time and adequate research. There is no doubt that the joy of every special occasion is to run smoothly, without hiccups, and free of unfortunate circumstances.

Aside from this, locating an event insurer tailored to your needs and budget is also crucial. Here is why we have made it easier, doing the hard work for you by evaluating several insurance companies and their policies.

However, not all event wedding insurance can be trusted. Imagine being disappointed last minute for insurance you believe has been finalized. This means you will start worrying about unexpected bills and basically can’t keep your event running.

Even if event insurance isn’t needed for your impending occasion, an insurance policy is still worth taking to protect your glamorous day from unforeseen mishaps.

Fortunately, there are numerous exceptional event insurers in Alberta to select from, with credible and trusted reputations. We have reviewed over 15 of the most remarkable event wedding insurance companies in Alberta. And selected the top 10 trusted ones for you based on their experience in the insurance market, level of coverage, and top-notch services.

Top 10 Trusted Event Wedding Insurers In Alberta

1)PAL Insurance 

PAL Insurance is Canada’s foremost specialty event insurance provider. They have provided great event/wedding insurance coverage and helped nearly married couples attain peace of mind on their special day since 1989.

This exceptionally trusted company gives a liability coverage policy for your selected event venue alongside other vital aspects of your event. Visit Website.

With PAL’s trusted wedding guard insurance bundles, your wedding is insured for the following and more:

  • Three days of Liquor Liability coverage (mostly required by most venues).
  • Coverage for wedding outfits, gift items, bouquets, cake videos photography, etc
  • Honeymoon postponement option; this gives protection for everything in the case of travel hindrances
  • Extra insurance packages for other event participants such as caterers, entertainers, and servers. 
10 Trusted Wedding Event Insurance in Alberta

2) Front Row Insurance

As one of the trusted event wedding insurance companies in Alberta, Front Row gives protection to entertainment-related risks. They are unique in providing tailored insurance bundles for your special occasion. Their professional team of brokers bid on your behalf to get you the perfect insurance policy at the barest minimum cost. 

One amazing thing about their policy is the ability to instantly make your bookings through online applications, which some insurers don’t have.

Protecting your event wedding with Front Row is straightforward, leaving you self-assured that all are in trusted hands.  Visit Website.

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3) Sharp Insurance 

Sharp is one of the fastest-developing insurance companies in Canada. The independent brokerage firm has won multiple awards under its belt and has been supporting clients nationally through its headquarters in Calgary, Alberta.

They have partnered with several credible insurers to ensure customers receive a wide range of product packages, and yet retained high-quality services, and extensive Coverages, all at reasonably priced fees.

Sharp Insurance dignifies itself by providing efficient and impressive wedding insurance coverage that meets and beats couples’ expectations. With their extended service hours and a team of multilingual experts, clients’ queries are evaluated and processed swiftly. Visit Website.

4) Liebel 

Liebel is another trusted guru in the game of specialty event insurance. For being in the market for over 40 years the firm had garnered the expertise. And the technical know-how needed to locate the perfect deals that might be tough for clients to discover on their own.

With the company’s reliable insurer brokers, all the hard work will be done for you. Liebel understands how demanding surfing through policies can be, therefore you will be provided with a coverage policy that meets your needs and budget.

The company is so transparent that you get every detail of your policy in an easily grasped manner. And above all, know what to expect during the unforeseen situations. Thus the peace of mind you seek for your special occasion is guaranteed. Visit Website.

Other exceptional qualities include:

  • Highly recommended with 4.9/5.0 on Google
  • Experienced and client-centered insurer
  • Received an award as being among the top 10 insurance companies in the whole of Canada.

5) Rogers Insurance 

If you seek event/wedding insurance as reliable as your favorite raincoat, consider Rogers Insurance. The company has been delivering top-notch insurance services and products for over 4 decades.

Rogers is one of the biggest autonomous hospitality and event insurance brokers in Alberta, Canada.

With access to a diverse range of special event insurance firms, they can provide cost-effective insurance quotes.

Roger Insurance completely understands the havoc that comes with having a problem-free wedding/event. So their team of vast and intelligent advisors ensures you receive the best possible coverage yet tailored to your budget. Visit Website.

6) First Foundation 

First Foundation Insurance is an independent brokerage firm helping homes, businesses protect themselves, their investment, and assets from potential loss. Despite being established in June 2002, the company has gained enough credibility and was also presented with a 5-Year Consumer Choice Award in 2022.

Their special event insurance including weddings has saved numerous clients from the unexpected. This is because First Foundation always acts in the best interest of its customers. First Foundation’s other specialties entail home ownership for Canadians with savings and security attached, car insurance, travel insurance, and life insurance among others. Visit Website.

7) Marsh 

Marsh has been a world leader in risk management and special events insurance since 1982.

With branches in over 130 countries and 35,000 experts in all areas of insurance, the company focuses on helping clients understand, evaluate, and measure the extent of risks encountered. 

Marsh’s depth of insurance experience and working relationships with numerous event planners have been their strength in delivering exceptional services to clients.

Their policies are structured in such a way that they meet the specific needs of customers. Marsh insurance coverage is very budget friendly and they possess an online-based quoting and purchase system for more flexibility and ease of booking. Visit Website.

8) Netsurance

Netsurance is another leading online-based insurance provider that offers a broad range of coverage options to fit various wedding/event needs.

They have the best working relationships with several reputable insurance organizations. This is to ensure clients have the best policy at a very affordable price. Netsurance stands out by proffering online solutions which entail quotes, digital payments, applications, and signatures. With its straightforward services, you can secure your booking fast, it is just one or two clicks away. Visit Website.

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9) Duuo Insurance

Duuo is a trusted online insurance company that also offers protection for weddings. It was established by collaborators in 1945 to make getting insurance seamless, and simple. The company is highly dedicated to providing modern, swift solutions to fulfill the unlimited demands of Canadians.

Duuo event/wedding insurance is unique and distinct with no service fee, 0$ deductible for all coverages, no cancellation fees, and a swift online claim application. Visit Website.

10) AllInsure

AllInsure is the short form of All Insurance LTD, an independent insurance firm with a very humble beginning. It was established in 1994 with just two staff and no customers or markets. But now, it has developed impressively, offering comprehensive insurance packages for events, homes, and businesses.

They partner with several insurance companies to offer customers a broad variety of coverage options. With the company’s connections and expertise, you are guaranteed to get every value for your penny including a perfect blend of service, coverage, and price blend.

AllInsure serves as your risk bearer and solicitor, ever ready to listen and understand your individual needs. Additionally, their insurance agents are always at your beckon should you have a payment or claim issue or need to change your coverage, make a cancellation, or reschedule. Visit Website.

Things To Consider Before Selecting A Wedding/Event Insurer In Alberta

1) Coverage Provided

It is vital to look out for event insurance that offers a broad range of coverage. This specifically entails coverage for postponement or cancellation, liability (usually event and host liquor liability), vendor no-shows, losses, and damages to wedding wear gifts, flowers, videos photography, etc.

2) Available premiums and payment methods

Choosing an insurance provider that provides customized premiums and payment options that align with your budget is vital. This is because the excess of insurance is to help you avert risk. And give compensation for your loss by managing your expenses.

3) Limits offered by a policy and deductible fees

Carefully perusing the policy documents and legal jargon will help you make an informed decision about whether to take out a policy or not. While some insurer offers Zero deductible and affordable policy options, others may be too high for your budget. The only way to know is by checking and making inquiries where skeptical. Because you don’t want to go out-of-pocket before and even after your special day.

4) Restrictions and special terms and conditions

Ensure you take enough time to evaluate the restrictions and policy terms to have a full grasp of what is covered and what is not by the policy. Not doing this might bring surprise or unplanned expenses along the line. Which you might not have planned for.

5) Making claims and Customer support system

Taking out insurers with prompt responses to your queries and one-time claim handling will be very helpful. You don’t want to consider an event insurance provider with poor customer relationships and a slow claim-handling process.


Selecting a trusted and efficient wedding/event insurer will help you focus on other vital aspects of your wedding. Above all, it gives you peace of mind and prepares you to create wonderful memories of your special day. Following the aforementioned factors before taking out an insurer will save you from unnecessary worries of the unforeseen.

All the 10 event/wedding insurance analyzed in this post have been carefully surveyed and thus meet those factors. All you need to do is pick anyone you wish and sit back while they perform their magic on your upcoming event or wedding.

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