Overseas Wedding Insurance Providers In UK

This post will discuss extensively overseas wedding insurance providers in the UK.

The way couples envisage their wedding day over the years is quite fascinating. 

This comes as no surprise why UK couples are greatly attached to the foreign scenery to exchange their vows.

Traditional venues and locations are now being exchanged for a tropical paradise, desiring the elegance and beauty of overseas weddings.

Weddings are memories of a lifetime, and who wouldn’t want to have their special day in a charming environment that flawlessly applauds the romance of the celebration?

However, with wedding insurance, you can be assured that your event is free of all uncertainties, especially in a foreign territory.

Things UK Couples Should Consider When Planning Overseas Weddings

Setting off on a destination wedding quest from the UK comes with a distinct form of factors. It is crucial to be mindful of the difficulty that might happen.

Below are some vital elements to be mindful of:

1) Legal documentation and procedures

Conducting the necessary legalities for both the UK and the desired destination can be a challenging process.

Therefore, ensuring all necessary things such as visas, marriage licenses, and other lawful processes are accurate is important.

2) Financial and Currency Management

Wedding Insurance policy that caters to currency-related concerns gives inner peace. This is because budgetary control across various currencies needs proper planning. Other finance aspects to note include foreign transaction charges, exchange rates, and overseas fee budgeting.

3) Travel procurements for honorees

Overseeing travel plans for honorees coming from the UK can be demanding. From flight arrangements to getting accommodation, visas, and transport. In essence, guaranteeing an easy trip for your guests is paramount.

4) Choosing suppliers or vendors

Selecting suppliers from somewhere far away can be a lot. 

To make things easy, ensure your communication is clear and take into consideration time differences. Also, taking out time to research and pick reliable local suppliers or vendors or evaluating the services of overseas wedding planners can be highly favorable.

5) Weather factors

It is important to understand the climatic conditions of your selected location and prepare in accordance.

This is because weather fluctuations are a huge determinant of the success of outdoor events.

 6) Language differences

Although in many countries English is generally spoken. However, there are some locations where language differences might occur. Therefore, having a backup plan for clear and smooth communication can be helpful.

7) Alternative arrangements for unforeseen events

A lot of mishaps such as bad weather or travel hindrances may happen. So, having a strong secondary plan alongside thorough wedding insurance gives protection for any unforeseen circumstances.

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Prominent Overseas Wedding Insurance Providers In The UK


Wedinsure Wedding Insurance is under the brand name Insuremore Ltd. It began offering wedding insurance in February 2017. Ever since the company has grown to become one of the top wedding insurers both in the United Kingdom and beyond.

Due to their credibility and dedication to giving remarkable service to clients, Wedinsure was able to acquire under its belt the “Best Wedding Insurance Provider” at the Insurance Choice Awards. 

In their attempt to give more quality service, Wedinsure partnered with White Horse Insurance Ireland. A well-known insurance company founded in 1999 and situated in the Republic of Ireland. They offer a broad range of services suited to couples looking for thorough protection for their wedding.

Wedinsure partnerships with White Horse not only award them more credibility but also increase their clientele base.

The company’s goal goes beyond giving exceptional insurance; it targets changing the way customers see insurance at large. With their detailed coverage policy, easy claims process, and a commitment to unbeatable customer service, Wedding stands to recreate the wedding insurance industry. Visit Website.

More core benefits of wedinsure include:

  • Whooping ten different levels of coverage which is the highest any wedding insurance company has offered. 
  • Reasonably priced policy flexible enough to meet client’s budget.

Wedinsure is one insurer you can trust that gives your special day the protection it requires, be it in the UK or overseas.


Another remarkable overseas wedding insurance provider in the United Kingdom is Dreamsaver. 

Dreamsaver provides insurance for destination weddings and weddings taking place in the UK.

They also give a comprehensive variety of insurance coverage ideal for your needs.

Dreamsaver has a broad range of packages to select from, whether it is a civil ceremony, military wedding, or even public liability for foreign weddings, there is coverage for all.

Backstory About Dreamsaver

Dreamsaver is trading under the umbrella of Voyager Insurance Services Ltd, a firm controlled and approved by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA).

Their policies are insured by Acasta Europe Ltd, (a top-notch company offering insurance products for over one and half decades.

All these affirm that Dreamsaver Wedding Insurance is credible enough to handle your big day, with over 50,000 weddings insured so far. They were also awarded the best wedding insurance provider by ICA in 2016 and 2018. Visit Website.

John Lewis

John Lewis wedding insurance is a trading name under John Lewis PLC and is sponsored by Royal & Sun Alliance plc (an insurance organization also approved and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority).

It is a renowned UK-based company that provides a broad wedding insurance policy with several distinct levels of cover for both destination weddings and weddings in the United Kingdom.

Their coverage policy entails Public liability cover which was included as standard and cover for marquees (at an additional premium).

John Lewis Wedding Insurance is quite reliable and offers affordable coverage. 

At the moment, John Lewis is not insuring for weddings but is still in the business of general insurance. 

We hope they add back the wedding insurance policy to their services soon. Visit Website.

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How To Go About Claims Process For UK Couples

Below is a claim process guide on the cause of a wedding hiccup:

Step 1: Inform Your Insurer

Immediately you notice or encounter a wedding hiccup, reach out to your insurer. Promptness is important in the claim filing process.

Step 2: Assembly every critical data and document regarding the challenge. 

This entails payment receipt, invoice, and communication with suppliers. You must collect this information using videos, images, and writings where necessary.

Step 3: Fill claim forms

Carefully study then accurately fill the claim form given to you by your insurer. Make sure you address all sections. It is advised to be thorough and sincere when giving information on the claim form because any discrepancy might render the claim void.

Step 4: Forward the completed claim forms alongside all related documents to your insurer.

For some insurance providers, there is an option to carry out your claim process online. Note: In situations when you are sending hard copies of all documents, ensure to use a reliable and registered logistics company. This is to ascertain it reaches its destination successfully.

Step 5: Reach out at intervals for effective follow-up.

Keep up clear and open communication with your insurer and follow through on all developments regarding your claim. Provide additional information if required. It is crucial to keep a record of your encounter with your insurer that is note the dates and names of agents you speak with. This should be a delay or misunderstanding in the future.

Step 6: Evaluate the settlement provided by your insurer. 

As soon as your claim is processed, evaluate it and make sure it is in line with the policy terms and conditions which you are filing the claim for.

Feel free to ask questions or seek clarity on parts that are not clear.

Step 7: Accept it, if the outcome is satisfactory and go ahead with other paperwork to complete the claim. 

Conversely, should you not be okay with the outcome, discuss it with your insurer for a possible solution.

Step 8: Seek professional advice where applicable. 

This may come in handy should there be any misunderstanding or difficult claims. You can do this with the help of a solicitor vast in insurance issues.

Overseas Wedding Insurance FAQS For UK Couples

What Does Destination Wedding Insurance Cover?

Overseas Wedding Insurance coverage includes Individual liability, postponement or cancellation cover, vendor no-show, lousy weather, and medical situations. Extra options may include travel procurements and accommodation.

Can I Get Wedding Insurance After Securing Venue and Vendors?

Yes, you can. But it is advised to book your overseas wedding insurance on time. This is to make sure you are protected from any unforeseen circumstances.

Does Destination Wedding Insurance Cover previously diagnose Medical situations?

There is no coverage for already existing illnesses. It is important to state any medical situation should you, your partner, or close relatives have. Situations like this might require you to seek additional coverage usually travel insurance for medical challenges.

Is There Coverage For Overseas Weddings According To Standard Travel Security?

No. It is important you know that overseas wedding insurance is suited to tackle challenges relating to weddings abroad. Standard travel insurance, as it implies, doesn’t give sufficient coverage for wedding-related circumstances.

How Can I Select The Ideal Coverage For My Destination Wedding?

To ensure you are not underinsured, subscribe to a policy that efficiently secures your investments. These may include your total expenses for the wedding, extra fees like travel and accommodation, and the amount of irredeemable fees.

Does Overseas Wedding Insurance Cover For My Honeymoon?

There is no coverage for honeymoon under destination wedding insurance. For your honeymoon, you may consider buying additional travel insurance.

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