markel weddding insurance review

Markel Wedding Insurance Review

Markel excels in protecting your wedding plan with reliable insurance and with the Markel Wedding Insurance Review, you’re one step ahead.

Amid the realm of joy of preparing for your dream wedding, the significance of detailed insurance coverage can’t be overemphasized. 

One amazing thing about Markel Wedding Insurance is that it gives room for flexibility. And above all, helps couples decide the ideal coverage that is a fit to their budget.

Why Markel Wedding Insurance?

Markel is popularly known for its expertise as one of the top insurance providers. This has earned them A+ ratings from AM Best; a global credit industry with a focus on the insurance industry.

Markel Wedding Insurance provides covers for both liability and cancellation/postponement. These two coverages can be bought separately to ease things for clients.

Markel event insurance does not only cover weddings, but they also give coverage for other events like:

  • Retirement parties
  • Birthday celebrations
  • Anniversary events
  • Housewarming parties
  • Baby showers
  • Quinceaneras
  • Baptisms
  • Special achievement receptions 
  • Bar or bat mitzvahs
  • And so on.

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Markel Wedding Insurance Review
Markel Insurance Wedding Review

Markel Wedding Insurance Arrangement Details

Wedding Cancellation Insurance

This coverage offers 10 levels of cancellation options ranging from $7,500 – to $175,000, with every option covering additional funds, videos & photographs, and extraordinary jewelry to mention a few.

The Wedding cancellation/postponement option is only offered in selected states, this is as a result of contagious diseases such as COVID-19.

In addition to the traditional wedding venues, the event cancellation insurance also includes customized weddings and seafaring/cruise weddings.

Cruise ships leaving its authorized ports are covered as well as weddings taking place outside of the United States which enclose destinations like: (the UK, Bahamas, Mexico, Canada, Puerto Rico, Caribbean Islands and, Bermuda).

Another amazing feature about Markel Wedding Cancellation Insurance is that you get compensated for non-refundable payments and deposits if there is a need to suspend or cancel your event as a result of unfavorable situations like

  • Adverse weather 
  • Illness/Injury of either of the couple or close relatives
  • Vendor insolvency
  • There is also coverage for misplaced or stolen items/gifts, special wears, videos & photographs, and a lot more.

Note: Clients have a period of 2 weeks to purchase the coverage before the event.

Markel’s wedding liability insurance 

This policy gives coverage for financial loss, suppose any of the wedding guests gets injured or there is property damage at the wedding for which you are answerable. 

Main coverage features include:

  • About $2 million in coverage for accident or property damage
  • Free certificate of insurance for venue name with no extra charge
  • Availability of host liquor liability
  • There is an avenue to book coverage even a day before your wedding.
  • Markel Liability policy offers you eligibility to add on $5,000 which will only cost you $50 –  even when you don’t subscribe to the full package. 

Note: Be aware that since this option isn’t a full one, certain extras are excluded from this option which includes stolen items, injuries/damage, vendor no-shows, and misplaced or damaged photography, among others.

Also, it is important to know that getting both Markel’s Wedding Liability insurance and the cancellation insurance will save you 15% of your money.

Markel Wedding Insurance Review
Markel Wedding Insurance Review

Markel Wedding Insurance Coverages, Deductibles, & Extras

Coverage  Deductible  Common Exclusion Events covered
1. Liability policies cover for accident/property damage up to $1 million per occurrence and $2 million in total. Deductible fee of $1,000 under the liability policy for property damage For liability policy: accident or property damage caused by the organizer or host. Wedding party
Wedding setup and teardown (but must be within a day of the event)
2. Cancellation/postponement policy ranges from $7,500 – $175,000 $25 deductible for cancellation policy  For cancellation policy: Change of mind by the host, willing decisions, diseases or pandemic, and adverse weather or mother nature in the range of 15 days to when the policy is purchased.  Reception
Rehearsal dinner (within 2 days of the event)

Markel Wedding Insurance Benefits and Drawbacks 


  • Coverage of weddings beyond the United States.
  • Best for bundling liability and cancellation policies – with a 15% discount.
  • 100% money-back guarantee if the certificate of liability does not meet the venue’s requirements.


  • There is a $1,000 deductible for stolen/damaged property liability claims.
  • Cash gifts losses restricted to $300

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Markel Wedding Insurance Review
Markel Wedding Insurance Review

Markel’s Wedding Insurance FAQS

In situations Where I Am Getting Married In Canada, Outside The United States, Does Markel Wedding Insurance Have Coverage For Me?

Of course, weddings planned to take place on cruise ships leaving the US, its environs, and Canada are eligible for the liability policy.

Also, wedding scheduled to occur in the following states aside from Cuba has access to the cancellation coverage policy (the UK, Bermuda, Mexico, Canada, Puerto Rico, the Caribbean, and the Bahamas). 

Is There Coverage For Me If Military Leave Is Declined?

Yes. Markel Wedding Insurance provides coverage if the host or honoree is on active duty in the military and thus declined an already approved leave or there is any form of unfavorable circumstances.

When Is The Ideal Time To Buy A Wedding Insurance?

For the liability policy, this can be bought a day before the wedding while the cancellation policy can only be purchased 2 weeks before the event. 

However, it is advised to secure a policy the moment you start making deposits.

In Situations Of Adverse Weather Conditions That Warrants We Delay Our Wedding, Will There Be Coverage For This?

Yes, there is coverage for severe or bad weather such as hurricanes, tornadoes, or storms that prevent special guests of honor or most honorees from gracing the occasion 

Is Deductible Available For Wedding Insurance?

Yes, for liability policy, there is a $1,000 deductible for property damage while the cancellation policy has a deductible fee of $25 for every aspect of coverage.

Will Markel Wedding Insurance Cover For All The Gifts I Might Receive At My Wedding?

Yes, but it comes with conditions. Gifts lost before and after 7 days of the wedding are covered with the appropriate limit put forward in your policy. It should be noted that there’s a limit of $300 applicable to checks, gift cards, and cash.

Is There Coverage For All The Special Wears Brought Purposely For My Wedding?

Although, there are limits. But Yes, there is coverage for special wear that is damaged, stolen, or lost before the event.

Will There Be Coverage For Photographs Loss?

Yes, so far this happens before you receive them. Therefore, Markel Wedding Insurance under the cancellation policy provides coverage for digital documents or film damage or loss. It should be noted that the policy will not hold if the error comes from the photographer.

How Can I File A Claim?

To file your wedding insurance claim, either call the office line at +1.800.236.2453 or fill out the online wedding insurance claim form 

How Long Does It Take Markel Wedding Insurance To Process My Claim?

Though, there is no specific timing for how fast the processing can be. But it can be hastened, provided that all relevant documents all required documents are submitted such as proof of payment, photos, and estimation of the damages incurred. Once investigation is complete, the claim is paid within 7-10 working days.

What Can Be Done To Help Fasten The Claim Process?

Providing the following information will help speed up the claim process:

  • Time, location, and date of damage or loss
  • Proof of payment for your event including goods and services related to your event
  • Policy number
  • Detailed analysis of loss or damage
  • Images of the damaged item or location where the special wedding wears or items were stolen
  • You will be notified by your Markel claims examiner if any other items or information are required.

Will There Be Coverage If Any Member Of Family Gets Sick Or Injured Before The Event?

So far the absence of a close family member or honoree  is not a result of the following there is coverage:

  • Contagious disease, epidemic, or pandemic
  • Going against the law
  • An already-known medical situation
  • Accident that is self-inflicted, drugs or alcohol effects, or mental health problem
  • Pregnancy that has started before the issuance of the policy. Except that the date of delivery is over two months after the event 

Will There Be Coverage If A Government Official Or The Venue Itself Doesn’t Allow The Wedding To Take Place?

The loss will not be covered if the event is restrained due to an epidemic or pandemic, contagious diseases, and other related acts.


Ultimately, Markel Wedding Insurance is an excellent choice for couples seeking a reliable policy that presents great coverage for both cancellation/postponement and liability insurance.

It offers coverage for different weddings Viz: specialty weddings such as cruises and destination weddings (which has cancellation policy only) and weddings within the United States (which covers cancellation and liability policies).

Markel Wedding Insurance is indeed an excellent bet for couples looking for reasonably priced wedding insurance products and extra assurance that will be taken care of on their beloved day.

The additional coverage in the cancellation policy makes sure your wedding is secured irrespective of any unfavorable circumstances.

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