dreamsaver weddding insurance review

In this Dreamsaver wedding Insurance Review, you will be equipped with the right information to ensure your big day remains as glamorous as you have imagined.

There is no doubt wedding day requires a significant dedication of time, money, and emotions. For it is every couple’s dream to have a blast of a wedding. But facing the reality of life, the unexpected can ruin even the most flawlessly planned occasions. 

Amidst the wide range of wedding insurance out there, choosing can be a challenge. 

With this comprehensive guide, you will be able to make an informed decision, right from the features, benefits, and experiences provided. Keep reading!

Backstory About Dreamsaver Wedding Insurance

Dreamsaver Wedding Insurance is located in Guildford in the heart of the United Kingdom and has won multiple awards under its belt as one of the best Wedding Insurance providers with over 15 years of experience on the market and still counting.

With over 50,000 weddings protected in the UK and abroad, the company guarantees peace of mind for couples’ special days.

Dreamsaver stands out as one of the first UK wedding insurance providers to give coverage for coronavirus-related concerns by offering policies that enable cancellation or rescheduling of your wedding, provided one of the couples or relative contract COVID-19.

To enable customers to compare the best coverage right for them and above all, suit a range of requirements and needs, there are 8 different coverage levels available for weddings.

dreamsaver wedding insurance review
Dreamsaver Wedding Insurance Review

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Why Should You Choose Dreamsaver Wedding Insurance?

Owing to the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic, many insurers have left the market, and this as a result has left couples with few options regarding favorable wedding insurance policies. 

However, Dreamsaver Wedding Insurance has bridged this gap and made it easy for clients to find the ideal fit for them, with fluctuating budgets and necessities, alongside Cancellation coverage within the range of £6,000 to £80,000.

Other covered options include Cars and transport, Wedding Suppliers’ Financial Failure, Photography & video, and even Ceremonial wear.

Understanding Dreamsaver Wedding Insurance Level of Covers

As mentioned earlier, there are 8 levels of covers which include silver, pearl, gold, amber, platinum, sapphire, ruby, and diamond packages.

With the price starting from £53. Although the price might be a bit high compared to other providers, it is worth it for the benefits the plan entails.

A premium price of £150 is paid at the advanced level, which opens you to a wide host of benefits such as public liability cover worth £2 Million, up to £10,000 Wedding wears, and £30,000 worth of Cancellation cover among others.

The policy limit of the level of coverage varies, you may check the full analysis here.

Overview of Dreamsaver Wedding Insurance’s key Features

Be it a civil or wedding ceremony Dreamsaver offers coverage for both. With the ability to cover up three events – from wedding ceremony to reception and even extras such as minimal get-together events the next day.

There is room for cancellation of up to £80,000 with the diamond package policy in situations of unforeseen circumstances or due to bad weather that restricts guests from gracing the big day.

Also includes:

  • UK and Overseas Weddings and Civil Ceremonies cover 
  • Cover for deposits to wedding suppliers, even if you have paid them before buying cover
  • A standard cover of £2m Public Liability for the Marrying Couple.
  • 2 years of coverage even before the ceremony
  •  COVID-19 Cancellation Coverage 
  • Ability to cover 2 or 3 events 

Note: To enjoy all benefits all policies should be bought 14 days before the wedding ceremony.

Also, in case of any uncertainty, you may visit the help section (enquiries@voyagerins.com) of the website for details on any technical terminology.

Dreamsaver Wedding Insurance Review

How to Make a Claim

Creating a claim on your Dreamsaver Wedding Insurance policy is like a walk in the park. Any client who experienced a dismissed claim might have done that during the coronavirus outbreak when providers were not giving such type of cover. 

However, all that is required to create one is to either write through email: claims@acastaeurope.co.uk or call 0345-040-5975. It should be noted that claims made over a month after the incident might be filed invalid. This is why it is vital to notify the company in question on time.

For issues like wedding cake damage, clients have about 2 days to drag the attention of Dreamsaver. 

So far, customers’ experience with making a claim has been seamless, and no negative reviews in that regard.

Pros and Cons of Dreamsaver Wedding Insurance 


  • Covers UK and overseas
  • COVID-19 Cancellation cover (optional)
  • Great level of covers with amazing extras
  • Great customers experience 
  • Simple means to create a claim 
  • Up to £80,000 cancellation policy provided.


  • The amount made to start a policy might be quite pricier compared to other providers
  • Additional £100 spread across the policies
Dreamsaver Wedding Insurance Review

Dreamsaver Wedding Insurance FAQ

How Many Levels Of Cover Does Dreamsaver Provide?

The level of coverage offered by Dreamsaver Wedding Insurance is 8, with the prices for the premium plans ranging from £55 to £420. There is also an avenue to purchase additional options such as Coronavirus and cancellation cover.

Why Should You Consider Dreamsaver Wedding Insurance?

Dreamsaver Wedding Insurance takes it upon itself to make sure you are secured should the unforeseen happen.

Dreamsaver offers cover for any bills made in advance when about to use their policies. There is payment coverage even. In situations when the venue has been booked or made deposits for planners – absolutely nothing to lose.

Is Making A Claim Available If One Of The Couples Is No Longer Interested In The Wedding?

Unfortunately, there is NO claim for such. What wedding insurance covers are things you have no power to control. However, if any of the couples back out, that is considered a willing act, and no coverage for that. 

Is There A Right Time To Take Out Wedding Insurance?

There is no specific timing but it is advised to remove it as soon as any form of deposit or signing of a contract has been made. Hence, you might lose money if plans are made under duress. Insurance can be set up anytime like 2 years before the celebration.

Does Dreamsaver Wedding Insurance Cater For Your Wedding Trip Abroad Or Honeymoon?

Dreamsaver Wedding Insurance does not cater to the expenses for the trip abroad or the honeymoon. However, you will have to arrange a new travel insurance for your honeymoon, with the plan comprising cancellation coverage if there is a need not to travel anymore.

Moreover, if it is your dream to tie the knot overseas, Dreamsaver has got you covered.

Aside from the cost of a trip abroad which is not included in the plan, the policies take care of the coats and things strictly important for the event such as wedding wear, and rings.

Also covered are documents crucial for the marriage that has the possibility of getting tampered with.

How Much Will Wedding Insurance Cost Me?

The amount you pay for wedding insurance depends on the following: 1) the extensions of the policy you subscribed to and, 2) the level of the cancellation cover policy you purchased. 

The following are recent prices, without an extension, for Dreamsaver Wedding Insurance:

  • Silver package – up to £53 starting price
  • Pearl – this cost £70,
  • Gold package cost – £89
  • Amber package is up to – £98
  • The platinum package starts at – £145
  • Sapphire package – £245
  • Ruby package is up to – £380 and lastly,
  • Diamond package cost – £420.

Will There Be A Cover For Me If Any Arranged Services Or Deposit Has Been Made With My Wedding Suppliers?

Of course, Dreamsaver Wedding Insurance offers cover for any payments or deposits made in ADVANCE to taking out any of the policies. In as much as there are no situations that warrant you to make a claim when taking out the policy.

Therefore, even in circumstances whereby the venue has been booked for or a deposit made to the caters – the insurance policy has coverage for you.

Does Dreamsaver Wedding Insurance Cover For Me If I Have Two Events On Separate Days?

In situations like this, you might need to get a different coverage for extra dates, this you can do by contacting the insurer to make known your requirements.

The Dreamsaver policy will only cover a wedding and either a reception or after-partying brunch event with conditions that they have to occur within 21-day intervals.

Will Dreamsaver Still Cover For My Wedding If My Partner Is Not A UK resident?

Dreamsaver is a UK-based company, and all that is required is that one of the couples is a UK resident in order to get covered by the policy. So either you are or your partner is.

Is There Coverage For Any Existing Medical Situation?

Oftentimes, there is coverage for any medical situations that you already know of. But in cases of being diagnosed with a serious prognosis or expecting treatment, there won’t be coverage for this.

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