Affordable Wedding Insurance in Berlin Germany

If you’re planning a special event in Berlin, then in this post we will explore a list of affordable wedding insurance in Berlin, Germany.

Germany is an amazing diverse country when it comes to location variety. 

Amidst them is Berlin; the capital city of Germany, which is famous for its magnificent range of landmarks, vibrant cultural scene, and way of life that many visit to unwind.

Irrespective of what taste you seek, you will surely find the perfect backdrop for your special occasion in Berlin. 

A wedding is an important event that carries with it elevated emotions, sentiments, desires, and tradition. 

Above all, it marks the beginning of a new era in the life of the couple. And no beginning should be tainted by difficulties. 

Whether your wedding budget is $30,000 or $300,000 or as high as $2,000,000, taking all measures possible to protect your event should be paramount.

In a world of regularly unpredictable major events, one needs to take into account any form of natural calamities, and thefts. 

As such havoc doesn’t depend on the size of the wedding, they just happen.

However, depending on what type of wedding you are hoping to create, and the location where this auspicious day takes place. 

You will likely receive varying price tags from insurer to insurer.

Having evaluated a few providers, and as well putting into consideration factors like policies provided, financial stability, convenience, and customer satisfaction. 

We have come up with the five most affordable companies for wedding insurance. 

But before evaluating them, let’s analyze what wedding insurance covers, and its common exclusions (that’s what is not covered).

What Wedding Insurance Covers in Berlin, Germany

Wedding insurance covers a variety of wedding-related challenges. 

Most importantly, it protects against the potential of having to postpone or cancel the wedding due to unforeseen circumstances. 

This might happen when any of the couple, or a close relative is sick or involved in an accident. 

Other typical circumstances include abrupt venue closure due to financial insecurity, a fire, or property damage.

In situations where you had to postpone the wedding due to any of the listed scenarios. 

Most insurance companies would reimburse you for all you have spent on deposits in booking vendors and venues up to the amount insured.  

Affordable Wedding Insurance in Berlin Germany

And also all you are legally bound to pay for in the cause of cancellation. 

Before taking out a policy, ensure that you are satisfied with the price you choose to insure (typically the total cost of the wedding in the event of a last-minute cancellation).

Aside from the event cancellation, several (minor) things could potentially go wrong on your wedding day that would be covered by wedding insurance. 

When it comes to the loss or damage of items or properties, the insurer would cover the necessary costs.

However, every wedding policy is slightly different, so we recommend reading through their policies before signing up. 

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List of Wedding Insurance Coverage Options

Postponement Due to Illness, Accident, Injury, or Death: 

This option covers you, your partner, or a close relative as stated in the individual policy. The same also applies when unexpectedly called for military service or posted abroad for military duties. Note that very few insurance firms cover this. However, ensure to check with your providers.

Postponement Due to Adverse Weather Conditions:

If half of your honorees can’t make it to your wedding due to intense weather, you will be covered. However, ensure to peruse the policy documents to know if this is involved. This is because several insurers’ policies vary slightly on this.

Furthermore, if your wedding will take place outdoors, be sure to consider some add-ons. For this will cover you should bad weather ruin the merriment on your special day, e.g thunderstorm.

Venue damage or abrupt closure: 

This covers you if your wedding venue can’t be used as a result of damage or closure. For instance, owing to fire outbreaks, floods, or financial insecurity. However, this policy does come under “cancellation cover” in the policy documents and would pay for booking another venue.

In addition, it covers damage to wedding marquees owned by the venue, alongside damage to the permanent area of their property.

Guest or Third-party Marquee Cover: 

This is an optional policy that gives coverage to a damaged marquee placed on land that belongs to an individual different from the marquee owner. It compensates for the marquee itself with other items in it such as tables and chairs.

Vendor Insolvency or Failure:  

This covers you if your vendors fail to provide the contractual services due to financial failure, and would pay for a refundment. This entails damaged wedding cake, though only when it’s destroyed in your care (in contrast to if the caterer delivered a damaged cake). Getting a written agreement with your vendors when seeking out their service is crucial in the event of making a claim. Also do well to check the kind of vendor issues your policy covers, because this can vary.

In situations like vendor no-shows, most insurers don’t give coverage for this. This implies that if a vendor cancels your agreement at the last minute and there is a need to hire someone else (possibly at an increased price). 

Corrupt Photography or Video: 

This protects you against damage in situations where your wedding photos or videos developed a technical fault. And as such, it can’t be printed or processed. If such an incident happens, most policies will pay to reshoot your photos or footage. Be aware that there is no coverage for not liking the outcome of the photos or videos.

You may check if your policy includes coverage for the following: wedding attire hire, venue booking, travel fees, accommodation, and meals.

Misplaced, Stolen, or Damaged Items: 

This includes your bridal attire, wedding bands, wedding cake, flowers, and decorations. Note that it does not cover your engagement ring, which you will need to add to your home insurance policy if you intend to take it out. Additionally, be sure to review your policy for any exclusions. Flowers and cake, for instance, might not be covered following the reception.

Damaged gifts: 

Wedding gifts are frequently disregarded when it comes to wedding insurance, but they are incredibly valuable and should be insured for peace of mind. Therefore, to file a claim for stolen gifts specifically, you need to report them to the police.

Personal liability: 

This covers you and your partner in the case of accidental damage to the wedding venue (such as red wine spillages on the venue’s carpets, or fire breakouts from cigarette ends), or injury to a guest (like falling on the dancefloor). Note that it doesn’t cover accidents or injuries caused by your attendees.

Public liability: 

This is typically an optional add-on that requires an insurance upgrade. It functions similarly to personal liability, but it also covers casualties caused by your honorees.

Affordable Wedding Insurance in Berlin Germany

Wedding Insurance Exclusions

Some of the basic exclusions or policies not insured include:

Cold feet: You will not be covered if either you or your partner have a change of heart.

Flimsy reasons: You will not be covered for trivial occurrences or problems. For instance, if you aren’t satisfied with your wedding photos, or if you have a disagreement with a guest.

Pre-existing Medical Situations: This includes any preexisting medical conditions (though you might have to upgrade your plan to cover this). 

Financial Challenges: If you can no longer afford the wedding, you will not be covered. The exception is redundancy, although your policy may stipulate that you must have been laid off within a certain time frame after purchasing it. If you are in a basic insurance plan, you will not be covered for suffering from a pre-existing illness. However, you can make an upgrade to include this coverage.

Damage as a Result of Carelessness: There is no coverage for damages caused due to your negligence. For instance, if you leave your wedding present unattended for a long time till they get damaged.

Deliberate acts of damage: You will not be covered if you intentionally cause harm to your wedding venue or other wedding items (such as slicing your wedding cake before the official cake-cutting).

Affordable Wedding Insurance Firms In Berlin, Germany


The Allianz Group is one of the biggest risk bearers in the globe. It was established in Berlin, Germany in 1890 by Carl Thieme and Wilhelm Finck.

The company has proudly offered insurance to over 126 million private and corporate clients in over seventy countries. And has over 155,00 employees worldwide.

Allianz provides event insurance, property and casualty insurance, travel insurance, and life and health insurance to mention just a few. Their services are further enhanced by several brands and subsidiaries.

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AXA is a French-owned Insurance company that offers distinct insurance services in over 200 countries across the globe, They also have an office in Berlin Germany.

It was founded in 1816 and provides numerous types of insurance, including policies for weddings. 

These entail event cancellation or postponement, public liability, contingent liability, and a lot more.


HUK-Coburg is well-known for its extensive range of insurance products and solid customer support. 

The company was founded in 1933 by Wilhelm Schänzle and Walter Heinkel.

Ever since it has sprouted its roots in offering outstanding and cost-effective insurance solutions to various businesses and individual alikes. 

Their high level of dedication over the years made it convenient for HUK-Coburg to broaden its services. 

Now they offer numerous insurance products not limited to auto insurance, home insurance, health insurance, legal expenses insurance, event and liability insurance, to mention but a few. One key feature of HUK-Coburg insurance is affordability.


ERGO is a top insurance group in Germany and Europe. The company was established in 1997 and is represented in more than 25 countries globally. It provides an extensive range of insurance services, investments and products well fitted to clients’ financial capacity. ERGo is customer-centric and financially efficient with a total premium of 20 billion euros. Hence, you can’t go wrong choosing them as your risk management provider.

Affordable Wedding Insurance in Berlin Germany


Hiscox is an international insurance provider with expert knowledge and skills. With over 100 years of serving clients, the company has worked with reputable insurers worldwide. And has been active in Germany for 25 years with branches in Hamburg, Berlin, Munich, Cologne, Frankfurt am Main, and Stuttgart. throughout Germany. They offer top-notch insurance solutions and excellent coverage on liability risks, high-value private property, event insurance, etc.

Hiscox is exceptional when it comes to claims service. And has been rated 4.6 out of 5 stars following the 2022 customer survey.

Wrapping Up/ Conclusion 

Ultimately, the significance of taking out insurance for your special day can’t be overstated. Hence it is advised to start thinking of taking out insurance right when you begin making your wedding plans. Irrespective of your location, there are a lot of trusted and reputable wedding insurers that will ensure your day goes smoothly without any challenges. We hope this guide on affordable wedding insurance in Berlin, Germany will help Berlin couples in their search for a cost-effective insurance plan. May your auspicious day be filled with peace, happiness, and free of unfortunate circumstances.

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