Here, we will explore the 5 most Affordable Special Event Liability Insurance Companies in Ontario

You’ve picked the date of the event. You’ve booked the venue and even hired an event planner and vendor. 

It’s finally time for the part every event host doesn’t find easy: the hassle of sifting through Special Event Liability Insurance Companies in Ontario.

While not as fascinating as arranging and negotiating with party planners, taking out an event liability insurance policy is just as, if not more, crucial. 

At its best, a special event liability insurance policy offers maximum coverage for your upcoming event at a reasonably priced fee. 

At its worst, it will leave you vulnerable if you fail to consider it. 

Many people see taking out an insurance policy as excess baggage, but when they battle with the mishaps and losses incurred. 

They regret their inaction. Why leave your special day to luck when there are numerous affordable event insurance to sift through?

Below we have compiled a list of 5 most affordable special event liability insurance companies in Ontario.

But first…

What’s the difference between special event insurance and special event liability insurance?

What Is Special Event Insurance?

Special event insurance is a set of policies that offer financial coverage when you have to reschedule or postpone an occasion. 

Aside from natural havoc, it also covers fees for accidents or injuries.

If you accidentally damage the venue property, or if a guest or third party gets injured at your event, you might find yourself in the middle of a lawsuit or face legal obligation penalties. 

In such situations, your insurance policy will not be of any assistance. You will need special event insurance

This form of insurance provides two types of coverage, one of which is Special Event Liability Insurance.

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Special Event Liability Insurance

This will cover all expenses if you or your guest is held accountable for property loss or damages.  

Or if someone gets hurt during the event. 

The recent development is that most venue managers will need you to have taken out event liability insurance.

The special event liability insurance also covers all medical bills for people if they get injured during the event. 

The second type of coverage is Event Cancellation Coverage; this covers last-minute charges or lost deposit fees should there be a need to postpone your event. 

As a result of adverse weather conditions or if one of your close family members got injured or severely sick.

5 Most Affordable Special Event Liability Insurance Companies in Ontario


Mackay Insurance was founded by David Mackay before being taken over by his successor President Bruce Mackay in 2016.

The company formerly known as McCutcheon Insurance has a long history in the brokerage market. 

Mackay has been in the risk management service for over 45 years, gaining numerous satisfied customers (12,000) due to its remarkable operations. 

The firm event liability insurance is unique and easy to explore. 

It covers the following: Host Liquor Liability, Medical bills, Property loss or damages, and Third-party accidents/Injuries.

Furthermore, the team of Mackay professional brokers is committed to helping you evaluate your insurance needs. 

And recommend the best coverage that aligns with your needs and budget.

Insurance Hero

Insurance Hero is a privately owned Ontario insurance brokerage founded in 2011. 

Over the years, they have partnered with many top Canadian insurers.

Irrespective of the occasion, insurance hero teams offer easy access to cost-effective plans and evaluate your event coverage needs in detail. 

Their team takes time to understand your needs and to present you with the ideal coverage for your event or other insurance needs. 

The company is so transparent in that you only pay for coverage that you need, with no unnecessary excesses. 

Here is the reason why Insurance Hero sits down with you to help you choose the perfect coverage. 

Their customer support is there 24/7 to answer any inquiries and provide you with a hassle-free experience.

Duuo Insurance 

Duuo is designed by Co-operators.

A team of professional experts who developed integrated insurance solutions to meet the needs of their partners and clients alike.

The company derives joy by helping its partners create new revenue by providing top-notch insurance to their clients.

Directly through their app, platform, or website. 

Also, Duuo customizes pricing and coverage options to meet the demand of customers’ specific needs.

Which has thus improved customer experience and satisfaction.

The company as a means to always give the best service, works with event organizers, and venues. This is to provide their customers with direct access to reasonably priced service.

As well as online insurance that can be checked out in minutes.

KASE Insurance

KASE Insurance is an award-winning specialty insurance brokerage and one of the Three Best Rated Insurance Agencies in Ontario.

Since its inception in 2016, the company has proved to be a reputable partner of choice for customers.

Kase makes sure you get the best coverage policy that will protect you from the risks involved in the special event you are organizing.

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Netsurance was founded in 2015.

And has been working earnestly to make the process of setting insurance and surety bonds easy and simple through its online quoting process. 

The company provides comprehensive and highly Innovative insurance coverage that is financially efficient for clients. 

It doesn’t end there, Netsurance designs best-in-class products, services, and technology for event hosts and stakeholders.

Through their extensive customer support services, they help clients with their concerns and also give the best policy required.

Special Event Liability Insurance FAQs

Is There Coverage For Property Under General Liability Policy? 

The general liability policy rules out property that you own, rent, lease, or property that is in your custody.

This exception exists if you possess property that fits the above description, there are separate property policies that are available to cover such exposures.

Do I Need Liquor Liability Insurance?

You will need liquor liability coverage if you are selling, serving, producing, furnishing, or distributing any form of alcohol (beer, wine, spirits, etc.) at your events.

Note that the standard general liability does not include alcohol-associated claims if you are in the business of selling, serving, or producing liquor. 

This restriction is applicable if you are “in the business” even if it is temporarily (for instance a day event where alcohol is served), and it counts even if you don’t make a gain from the sale of alcohol.

Also, charging an entry fee to an “open bar” event is regarded as being in the business of selling alcohol.

You have to understand that not all general liability policies include third-party alcohol liability. 

Third-party liquor applies when event organizers serve alcohol without a charge.

How Can I Get Affordable Special Event Liability Insurance Coverage In Ontario?

The simple way to get an affordable policy is by sifting through various insurers available in Ontario, evaluating their policy, and level of coverage. Also don’t forget to compare prices too, though this might not really matter unless you are on a budget.

What Does Contractual Liability Mean?

This is usually regarded as part of the general liability coverage. 

It protects you from loss that happens in situations where you have taken liability under a written contract.

That is, for instance, you agree to keep the facility under many facility rental agreements safe for any accidents resulting from your rental of the location.

Therefore, Contractual Liability Insurance would offer you security from a claim against you concerning your rental policy.

Is There an Ideal Time To Purchase Event Insurance?

It is highly recommended to buy a policy immediately when you start to pay deposits. 

Usually, photographers, caterers, and other suppliers require you to pay a non-refundable deposit upfront, with the remaining payment settled on the day of the event. 

What Does It Imply By The Statement; “This Insurance is Primary and Noncontributory”?

This statement is usually required by facilities to get the assurance that the policy you are offering is a primary against excess policy.

Unless stated otherwise in your quote, all liability Policies are primary and noncontributory aside from a terminal deductible ($250-$500) on some products.

In some cases, the facility rental agreement widens this definition and will need your policy to be primary and noncontributory with any other insurance coverage under the facility.

The reason for this is that the facility is trying to make your policy pay wholly for any claim that arises, irrespective of whether the fault is from the policy or not. 

Your risk of a claim is thereby significantly raised and several insurers will not agree to such a situation. 

Those that do will charge you an additional premium for the increased risk.

What is a Waiver of Subrogation?

This is associated with losses arising from someone’s negligence. Therefore the negligent team is responsible for such carelessness.

Your insurer might decide to sue a third party to regain the fee of the claim they paid if the loss was caused by that individual. This is known as subrogation.

Additionally, some contractual agreements, involving some facility rental agreements, need you to waive your right of subrogation (and hence, your Insurer’s rights) against them in the cause of a claim.

Several general liability policies though not all allow you to waive your rights of subrogation so far it is done in writing and before a loss.

What Does Fire Damage Legal Liability Mean?

This coverage is found in most but not all general liability Policies. 

However, it gives cover if you are legally responsible for any fire damage to a building or property you rent, borrow, or lease.

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