10 most affordable special event liability insurance companies in Canada

Ever wonder what the 10 most affordable special event liability insurance companies in Canada are? 

Read on! Because you are about to find out.

First, you should know that organizing an event without insurance exposes you to a host of financial risks. 

However, with Special Event Liability insurance, you can lessen the chances of facing financial difficulties.

As it can cover damage to your occasion and other phenomena in which you would be responsible for paying medical bills and other expenses.

That said, selecting the perfect Special Event Liability insurance provider is crucial – and should be based on much more than cost alone. 

10 most affordable special event liability insurance companies in Canada

Here are the 10 Most Affordable Special Event Liability Insurance Companies in Canada.

Easy Insure

EasyInsure is Canada’s first-ever full-service online insurance broker. Founded in 2007 by Grant Belanger and Leen Meyer.

The company is managed by Belyer Insurance Limited. 

And has experienced rapid growth and is proud to be one of the fastest-developing insurance providers.

EasyInsure has also proved to be one of the largest providers of event liability insurance in Canada. 

With their easy and seamless online quoting process, getting the ideal coverage for all your special events is guaranteed.

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Duuo is an online insurance platform founded in 1945 by The Co-operators. 

This is a group of Canadian collaborators and small goal industries. 

They provide a broad range of insurance products including special event liability. 

Duuo also gives automated and instantaneous access to event liability insurance. 

This makes it easier to get your special occasion covered in the cause of unexpected mishaps.

As a 21st-century version giving exceptional insurance solutions, Duuo perceives insurance uniquely. 

This is the reason behind the creation of new, on-demand solutions that fulfill the needs of clients.


InsureBC formerly known as “The Intercity Group” was founded in 1988.

The company offers comprehensive coverage for special events be it weddings or corporate gatherings.

Their liability insurance policy provides coverages that are tailored to the exact needs of clients.

Over the years, InsureBC has partnered with several credible insurers. Many have been in the risk management service since the 1920s.

Through their wealth of expertise and experience, they easily provide adequate and trustworthy covers that fulfill customers’ requirements and budgets.

InsureBC is one of the biggest insurance groups with over 80 locations.

As a result of their exceptional service, they were chosen by the Insurance Business Canada (IBC) as one of Canada’s leading insurance brokers (2016).


Netsurance is a rapidly developing firm founded in 2015. 

They have extensive experience structuring innovative, all-encompassing, and cost-effective strategies for our clients. 

Designing superior products, services, and technologies for engaged and well-informed stakeholders.

Through its online quoting system, Netsurance Canada seeks to make the process of acquiring insurance and surety bonds simple. 

Netsurance offers extensive customer support services to assist customers with their inquiries and concerns. 

Which are accessible via multiple possible channels.

10 most affordable special event liability insurance companies in Canada

KASE Insurance

Kase Insurance is one of the top providers of special event insurance in Toronto, Canada, despite being founded in 2016.

The company is quite remarkable due to its customer-centric approach and provision of the best-customized coverage policy. 

Kase is highly exceptional and has won numerous awards to its belt. Some of these are:

Globe and Mail Canada’s fastest evolving companies & Top Insurance Employer – 2022

Top Insurance Employer (Insurance Business Canada Magazine) – 2021

Insurance Brokerage of the Year (Insurance Brokers Association of Ontario) – 2019.


Rogers Insurance is one of the most reputable and largest independent insurers of special events in Canada. 

With over 40 years of experience, the company has become a highly sought-after authority in its field. 

Delivering cost-effective special event insurance quotes while maintaining exceptional customer service and a hands-on methodology.

Rogers’ professional and experienced teams are always available to locate the most suitable insurance resources for your requirements and budget.

Rogers Insurance has access to over ninety global insurers and underwriting facilities, as one of Canada’s leading brokerages.

Seven times since 2006, the company has been recognized as one of Alberta’s Top Employers. 

In Calgary alone, Rogers has over 200 professional experts in Red Deer and Fort McMurray offices. 

And it’s one of the last genuinely independent Canadian brokerages that is thriving!


McDougall Insurance is a highly successful insurance brokerage that offers a variety of Insurance and Financial Services to a diverse clientele. 

Due to their knowledgeable, dependable staff and strong community connections, they can provide you with the coverage you require at the most reasonable price.

 Since 1946, the McDougall Insurance team has consisted of real individuals who work on your behalf. 

There are no regrets regarding your decision to obtain special event liability coverage from this company. 

McDougall provides coverage for a variety of events, including weddings, festivals, corporate banquets, and parties. 

Your peace of mind is ensured and out-of-pocket costs are covered by their quick online quoting procedure, superior services, and affordable prices.


Markel is a prominent global specialty insurer with a distinctive focus on people. 

The company is renowned for providing clients with reasonable discounts to alleviate their financial burden.

Their dedicated underwriting team provides customers with market-leading insurance solutions. 

Markel Canada works with all licensed brokers in Canada, distinguishing them from their competitors.

With more than 15 years of experience in the risk-bearing market, Markel’s approach to growth and service excellence is innovative.

While being approachable and human, you can trust your decision to partner with them every step of the way.

To provide clients with convenience, Markel has developed two reasonably priced special event policies. 

Event liability insurance and cancellation/postponement coverage.

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CHES Special Risk

CHES Special Risk Insurance is a reputable event insurance company that offers superior service supported by extensive underwriting knowledge.

Before becoming a Lloyd’s Cover holder in 2009, the company was initially supported by domestic Canadian insurers.

Through genuine collaboration with underwriters, CHES has identified a variety of solutions for customers’ financial threats and challenges. 

That may arise during the planning of their special day.

In addition, CHES can provide event organizers and exhibitors with short-term special event insurance coverage. 

Or it can be provided annually to planners of events/meetings and other formal events.

Today, they offer products in over 300 distinct categories, such as property and general liability, construction, high-end homeowners, landlord, transportation and cargo, and many others.


Zensurance is a Toronto-based technology corporation and Canada’s foremost provider of small business insurance. 

The company has made it easy for new businesses, independent professionals, contractors, and small businesses to obtain insurance quickly and affordably 

And with minimal effort through its organization. 

Owing to their highly regarded customer service team and network of over fifty insurance providers, made them remarkable.

Zensurance offers customers industry-leading premium savings and the confidence to prosper in today’s market.

10 most affordable special event liability insurance companies in Canada

Special Event Liability Insurance Companies in Canada FAQ

Does Special Event Liability Insurance Policy Cover Everything?

Standard event insurance policies don’t cover everything, but coverage riders can be added to standard policies to help cover additional risks. 

However, if you want extensive coverage, ensure to ask your agent about premium special event liability insurance.

When Planning a Wedding, Do I Still Need to Get Another Insurance Aside From Special Event Liability?

Yes, even if you have a Special Event Liability, you should have wedding insurance. 

In case there is a need to cancel your event, you might need to take separate event cancellation coverage which isn’t directly under special event liability insurance.

What Should I Do to Reduce My Special Event Liability Insurance Costs?

Obtaining the services of an insurance broker is one method for reducing the price of Special Event Liability insurance. 

They will be able to advise you on how to make the most of your insurance coverage, and they may even suggest an excellent choice that you have probably overlooked.

What Isn’t Covered Under Special Event Liability Insurance?

With event insurance, it would be difficult to refute certain claims.  

Due to the potential increased risk of insurance fraud, this results in several insurance companies excluding coverage for certain situations.

Examples of situations typically excluded:

Cold feet –Markel does not cover cold feet if the bride or groom changes their minds during wedding planning or at the altar and decides not to proceed with the ceremony.

Known Circumstances – Issues that were previously identified as having the potential to impact the event (e.g., a medical procedure that delays or cancels the event).

Lack of Funds – If the event host is unable to pay for the event, this reason also applies.

Non-Appearance – If certain individuals (such as parents, the fiancée, etc.) do not attend the event, the performance must continue as this is not covered. 

If either the bride or groom changes their minds during the wedding planning process or at the altar and decides not to proceed with the ceremony, Markel does not provide coverage.

Now you have it! We hope this guide on the 10 most affordable special event liability insurance companies in Canada helps you in choosing the perfect firm for your upcoming event.

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